Torre de Manila 90% sold – DMCI


The property group now in the eye of a storm over an “eyesore” of a building in Manila believes that the company will be “vindicated” because it secured all the needed permits and did not violate any regulations in the construction of the Torre de Manila, which it said is “almost complete.”

In a news briefing over the weekend, DMCI Holdings Inc. president Isidro Consunji said the 46-storey building behind the Rizal Monument in Rizal Park (Luneta) is 90 percent sold.

He added that the building should be completed so that it will not remain an “eyesore.”

“The Supreme Court only asked na pwede pag-usapan natin [if can we talk about it]. We believe that we will be vindicated. As of now, the building is more than 90 percent sold. It’s a beautiful place. Actually, we studied that area. There’s no new building in the last 30 years there. And we’re solving people’s problem in housing,” Consuji told reporters.

“Almost complete [is the]structure. All floors also almost [done]. [If we don’t finish it], it’s a tremendous eye sore. We hope that we can continue [the construction],” he said.

The Supreme Court issued a temporary restraining order last week stopping the company from proceeding with the construction of the structure.

Consunji said most of the buyers were “doctors, City Hall employees and the Chinese of Binondo [district in Manila].”

He admitted that a few buyers “backed out” because of the controversy.

“A few backed out. Most believe that we will be vindicated. Once the Supreme Court gets the necessary information, probably the temporary suspension will be lifted,” Consunji said.

“This experience is a little bit unsettling to foreign investors because when people start to meddle, it creates unnecessary anxiety. I hope… this case will be resolved,” the DMCI president added.

He noted that his group also secured a permit from the National Historical Commission and urged the government to stick to its “rules of the game” instead of “changing” them.

“The more monumental issue here is the changing of the rules in the middle of the game. You have to be consistent,” Consunji said.

Last week, DMCI said it is “studying remedies” amid the issuance of the TRO, “including the filing of a motion to lift it as soon as possible so as not to compromise our completion target and protect the interest of our condominium unit buyers.”

Torre de Manila is set to be completed and turned over to buyers by November 2017.

“We will do our best to minimize any damage or inconvenience while we comply with the TRO. DMCI Homes is committed to undergo the judicial process, and we will vigorously pursue all legal remedies to obtain a fair and just resolution of the issues raised about the Torre de Manila project,” the company said in a statement.

The High Court will hold oral arguments on the case on June 30.


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  1. Leun B. McQueen on

    I say, let the Torre de Manila be completed and be a home to hundreds of families.

    Yes, Jose Rizal is a hero, but Andres Bonifacio was the true hero who fought for our independence and be free from any foreign rule. Sad that he was executed by a traitor who grab the power from him. Rizal never wanted to be free the Spanish rule, and in fact, consider Spain as his mother country. Rizal was enshrined as our national hero during the American colonial rule, as they don’t want us rebelling against them if Bonifacio was our symbol of independence and inspiration, True, Andres Bonifacio was inspired by Rizal’s two novels, but those books only highlighted the abuses of the friars and the Spanish administration in the islands.

    Least expensive solution is to revolve the monument 180 degrees facing Torre de Manila or transfer it to the Quirino grandstand area. Destroy the grandstand and the structures behind it. Manila Bay should be the background of the monument and will have an unimpeded vista.

    Btw, that monument is not where Rizal was executed. Even if the Monument is surrounded by skyscrapers in the future, our respect for Rizal as a hero will never diminish. We can have progress without diminishing our heritage.

  2. Dapat demolish na yan!! Kaya lang di mangyayari yun kasi sina mismong Serena at
    Curfew ang mga lawyers nila!!!

  3. Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right. To pursue the structure further shows not only greediness but also the callousness of the developers.

  4. Concerned Citizen on

    di naman po tama na ipagiba ang building first of all, isipjn niyo nalang yung mga taong nakapag avail na ng condo unit sa DMCI. pano kung yun nalang yung magiging bahay nila na stable tapos gigibain lang. let’s say people don’t want to continue the making of torre de manila dahil sa pangit na yung view ng luneta. iniisip niyo nanaman yung tingin ng iba? foreigners? mas important naman siguro yung mga tao na titira dun na papaasahin niyo lang. para kang nagyaya ng mga kaibigan mo na lumabas tapos papunta na yung tao pero di naman pala itutuloy. please don’t be selfish naman. after a few years marami naring building nakatayo diyan pustahan tayo. and to think na binigyan na nga ng permit eh tapos nag aabide naman yung company sa paggawa ng building. ang irrelevant naman po kung biglang ipopostpone. isipin niyo po yung mga nagipon ng ilang taon para makabili ng condo dun tapos babalewalain niyo lang. sad naman ng ganun.

  5. Lyrelle Spec on

    Dr.Jose Rizal is our National Hero, Yes, we respect him and what he has done,
    but it does not mean you guys start worshiping him, his not everything of what Filipino is.
    He’s already a Hero, he already has a monument, and already has a big park,
    but he is not the owner of everything that surrounds him, even the sky.
    He didn’t die having a goal to have a monument with clear skies, he died hoping that Filipinos be free, evolve and have a better future and community.
    wake up, this is development, we have more issues here in the Philippines that we should prioritize.

  6. Look up Universal Leisure Club and Consuji
    You will understand why this happen

  7. Allen V. Mangaoil on

    He said it himself, city hall employees are among the buyers of the units in this building. Don’t know if there is a conflict of interest in this or whachuma call it in law terms. – I rest my case.

  8. Victoria Tim on

    It should be taken down. Despite 90% accomplished, let the world will see how serious we are in battling corruption. Let us show the world, enough already! Never settle for less. This will also for the Filipino people to learn, not to pay off their way to success. No short cuts, work you way up like the rest of us. This will not only benefit us now but the generations to come.
    A great Moral lesson for all of us!

    • WhoSaidThereWasCorruption? on

      Corruption? Sez who, you? The article clearly noted they secured all necessary permits. It was given the go signal by the NHCP, no less. You are raising,no, inventing non-issues where there are none. Stories like this scare away investors who can help alleviate poverty in this forsaken country of hypocrites.

  9. Just because we haven’t acted on Bonifacio monument doesn’t mean we should not act on Luneta as well. Isa isa lang. Torre de Manila lands within the visual corridor of the Rizal Monument and is obstructing the view. Letting it to proceed will set a very bad precedent on the preservation of historical buildings. Kahit Kumpleto na ang permit nila, they still violated the zoning law, it just means the Manila city hall officials erred on their judgment. The remedy should apply on both DMCI and the city hall officials. Besides, ngayon lang nag-react ang DMCI ng ganyan, nung NHCP ang nag issue ng TRO di nila pinansin. That’s arrogance on their part, they should have remedied it right there and then tapos ngayon sa sabihin nila 90% complete? It’s their fault and they should suffer for it.

    • WhoSaidThereWasCorruption? on

      Check your facts first. City Hall consulted with NHCP which had no objections since the property was OUTSIDE the monument. The city council then approved the extra floors added to the original plan. NHCP can never issue a TRO. The TRO was issued by the Supreme Court.

  10. Too much BS… No solution… No one is wrong or right, everyone is just making the flame more bigger

  11. sonny dela cruz on

    I think DMCI wants the Rizal Monument to move out of the area because 90% of their units are already sold and they are going to loose money if the project is demolished. If the Monument is move, it will better for them, that is why they are fighting for it, and besides maybe the tenants are mostly from the Communist Mainland China because China buys everything that they can buy. THIS IS A MATTER OF MONEY. RIZAL MONUMENT DON’T MAKE MONEY FOR DMCI, FOR THEM IT IS A LIABILITY AND NOT AN ASSETS.

    • ano ba ang mga pwedeng suggestion?
      I-move yung Monumento ni Rizal, paharapin elsewhere,
      or i-move sa place ni Lapu-lapu, si Lapu-lapu, i-move somewhere,
      reason, kc affected sa building is 90% na buyer or 600M more or less na project, eh ung monumento, di naman magsasalita yan.
      oh, diba, ung mga National Hero ang mag-adopt sa DM Consunji, San ka pa?
      or maglagay ng matataas na Puno sa paligid ng Rizal Monument, yung as in matatakpan ung background,
      or pinturahan ng 3D effect na mukhang langit lang,
      or tadtarin ng Salamin ung building, para lahat ng magpicture ma-turn off na kc Against the light – masisilaw ka sa sobrang liwanag.
      or takpan nalang ng malaking Dome ung Rizal Monument?
      kahit ano, basta di lang si DM Consunji ang dehado. diba?

  12. Sa mga kumokontra sa itinayong building sa likod ni Rizal, pakitingnan nyo nga po ang monument ni Bonifacio sa Caloocan kung ano ang nakapalibot. National Hero din naman c Bonifacio diba, dapat gibain din ang lahat ng mga nakapalibot duon sa munomento ni Bonifacio.

    • Naghihintay lang yata na maglagay ng DMCI sa mga namumuno sa Knight of Rizal, letse.

    • Boifacio is a Hero, Yes! but RIZAL is declared as our NATIONAL HERO, not Bonifacio… there’s a difference.

    • HIndi katulad mo, hindi mukhang pera ang mga taga-Knights of Rizal. Magkano ang pinapakain at ibinabayad sa iyo ng DMCI?

  13. DMCI project should not be stop since it abide with all the necessary government permit without any objection. why now after the company invested so much in infrastructure and
    Time . After many from the Public was made to invest because they trusted the company. Those who are complaining now is either sourgraping or a bunch of commissioner to say the least. This building in fact is a sign of progress and not what those idiot trying to project. Let us not take advantage of this DMCI investor . they are here for progress are you with them or are you for regress?

  14. Eliseo Jr. P.Tenza on

    If the building has been given a building permit by the authorities, it has the right to proceed with the construction. If there is any complains from any institution, they should address their complain to the approving authority who issued the permit and not to the developers.
    If in any case that the supreme court decides against the developer, the cost of all expenses incurred by the developer should be paid by the government authority who issued the building permit.
    Building permits should only be granted as long as all concerned agencies have given their clearance. If the Government authority concerned did not obtain all the cllearance , and still issue the building permti, then the government agency is negligent in their duty, and they bear the cost of the damages.

    • WhoSaidThereWasCorruption? on

      The city council consulted with The National Historical Commission of the Philippines which gave it the green light. Thereafter, the city council en banc approved the extension; there was no fault on the part of the developer but I agree with you, the approving authority shall bear the cost of damages. The Bill of Rights in the 1987 Constitution protects private property against confiscation by an incompetent or corrupt government. It is the supreme law.

  15. “Almost complete [is the] structure. All floors also almost [done]. [If we don’t finish it], it’s a tremendous eye sore. We hope that we can continue [the construction],” he said.
    What a stupid reasoning coming from a DMCI official. With the on-going construction and if it is finish, it will still be an eye sore, simply because that stupid building is an obstruction to the monument of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. The Rizal monument owns the landscape of all the area surrounding it.

    • Kaya hindi umunlad ang Philippines dahil sa ganitong reasoning. Dr. Jose Rizal is our national hero and the Rizal monument owns the landscape surrounding it but he doesn’t own the space above it. So what if there’s a building behind the monument. Do you think you can feed a beautiful background of Rizal Monument to those people who are already working and will be working at Torre De Manila.

    • Jose explained that people may be expressing their nationalism in the wrong way. “Respect for monuments, obeisance to the flag — these are the obvious and superficial manifestations of nationalism. Sure, the Luneta Monument marks the spot where Rizal was executed, where his remains lie. Hundreds of Rizal monuments are all over the country; some in obscure locations, in random states of maintenance. Are they less important,” he pointed out.

      Jose argued that patriotism lives in the heart and “not in hortatory pronouncements, not in marble statues, but in deeds.”

      –National Artist F. Sionil Jose

  16. Johnny Ramos on

    The Knights of Rizal are barking on the wrong tree, they should charged the National Historical Commission instead that issued no objection to the construction of Torre de Manila building. DMCI did not broke any laws but followed every legal step before they started to construct. In the aged of modern photography using the new digital cameras and I pad tablets they can even make the monument of Rizal taller than the Torre de Manila.

    • Bonifacio Claudio on

      “To protect a national shrine” … My eye !!! Look at the Bonifacio Monument for comparison. Yet Gat Andres Bonifacio fought for freedom and INDEPENDENCE whereas Gat Jose Rizal advocated only REFORM in the Spanish governance of Las Islas Filipinas. The Rizal Park is a glaring window case of a double standard treatment between the rich and the poor. Correct me but without any attempt of today’s history educators to revise history, please.

    • DMCI should volunteer to reconstruct the Rizal Monument so that when a picture is taken Torre de Manila will not be seen

    • WhoSaidThereWasCorruption? on

      A row of tall trees behind the monument is the easiest and most economical solution to the problem of people who cannot take pristine selfies for their Facebook page.

      My God, we are spending a lot of time about vistas and sight-lines and landscapes while China is taking away our territory, the rebels are carving out Mindanao for delivery to Malaysia, and a thief who would probably be the next president of this effing country. Jeezus!