Town sets cellphone ban in gas stations


LA TRINIDAD, Benguet: Local officials of this strawberry-producing town have crafted a measure banning the use of mobile phones and similar electronic gadgets in gasoline refilling stations for the safety of motorists and employees.

Ordinance Number 24-2015 prohibits the use of cellular phones, and other similar electronic gadgets such as tablets, i-pads, among others, while refilling at the fuel stations or depots.

Officials found it urgent to pass the legislative measure to prevent any possible incident that may pose danger from the improper use of cellular phones and other similar gadgets.

Accordingly, mobile phones are radio transmitters – the radio frequency energy from a phone, although tiny, still has the potential to induce a spark if the conditions are right.

A four-meter radius will be observed as the distance to the gasoline, diesel and kerosene pumps of the gasoline station.

The operation of electronic loading business within a four-meter radius from fuel pumps is not also allowed under the measure.

The ordinance has been referred to the Provincial Board’s Committee on Legal Matters for further study and recommendation.


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