Toyota Vios Cup 2016 a great success



(Second part)

Top dog fights
The best part of watching the races live is you get to know some juicy inside stories before, during and after the races. The best battles always produced the best intrigues and there were many of them.

The top dog of 2015 was Andres Calma and his winning ways continued in the first round of this year and a 2nd in race 2 at Clark. Talks about his engine being very powerful were ripe and he was again at the center of the intrigues. However, nothing was seen during post scrutineering and Calma rightfully kept his points.

Quezon Avenue’s and past MP Turbo karter Allan Uy won race 2 and Toyota Alabang’s Estefano Rivera took 2nd in race 1 in Clark. These two positioned themselves as Calma’s worst nightmares for the remainder of the year.

Andres added a lot more points in the Festival rounds when he won both races in a masterful display of driving prowess. Sad to say, the others couldn’t do the same in that tricky track. Uy suffered from the winner’s weight penalty and complained of low engine power which netted only 3rd and 4th places.

The biggest let down though, was Estefano Rivera. With already damaging his car in practice, he was on his way to a great run when he lost control again and Did Not Finish (DNF) his first race. Estefano salvaged a measly 6 points in the 2nd race where 60 points was taken by Calma’s perfect run.

Celebrity and Super Sporting driver Dominic Ochoa was able to break his duck since last year and took two 2nd places in Festival. R33 owner and car lover Raymond Ronquillo surprised all by taking superb 3rd and 4th finishes along with a very confident Carlos Loinaz following Ronquillo.

Sporting duels
Clark showed the great battles between Paolo Rodriguez and Miguel Diaz. These 2 drivers would win one race each and would set the tone for the Sporting class at the start of the season. Miko Maristela and Cebu’s Sean Velasco finally made good on their improving forms from last year and both took podium places in round 1

Velasco of Cebu finally made good on his threat by posting 2 superb wins in round 2 at the Festival Grounds. This showed greatness in his driving as it wasn’t easy to pass guys in the track especially with Miko Maristela hounding him all the way. Senator JV Ejercito also relished in the non-permanent track and gave his best performance to date with two 3rd places.

Young guns
For the newbies class, Marc Martinez and Oscar Suarez split the honors in Clark by winning one race each. Their great runs were matched by Bobby Pangilinan and lady driver and wife of our multiple time touring car champion, Evelyn Coseteng. These two came in 2nd and 3rd then swapped places in the final race.

Martinez was going to be the toast of the crowd but lost a lot of places in race 2 when he over drove and got into bumping incidents with other drivers. Coseteng was the favorite at the start to inherit the lead at Festival but had a major accident in practice before the race in Batangas Circuit. She couldn’t drive with pain in her ribs and that made her miss the Alabang race.

Everyone though had to take their hats off to the young lady driver of the series, Aira Medrano, who took her first ever win in the Promotions Class in the very demanding Alabang track. In only her first full season of racing, the Batangueña karter showed that she can dish it out with the boys and didn’t give them an inch when the fight turned rowdy.

Next week, we wrap up the series review and name our top 10 drivers in the process. Hope you all stay tuned and Godspeed!


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