• Toyota Vios Cup 2016 a great success



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    You can be forgiven if you think that the just concluded 2016 Toyota Vios Cup Championship was just the same as the past seasons since it started 2 years ago. I had heard this comment from many laymen especially those who are not into motor sports. Sorry to say, I don’t agree with their assessment.

    The 3rd season of Toyota’s best selling subcompact vehicle, the Vios, was very exciting and memorable. It has made the Vios more appealing not only to the public utility operators, but also to the racing enthusiasts that idolize their new heroes in the sport. There is a new group that had impressed me with their driving and I will present my top drivers soon.

    With the Vios Cup growing every year, here are some of the best moments and developments that I saw this year.

    New race classes
    The Vios Cup Championship had grown to 3 race classes this year, namely the Promotions/Celebrity Class, Sporting Class and Super Sporting Class. The first 2 classes were the same as before except for the good drivers, like Celebrities Sam YG and Phoemela Baranda, who were elevated already to the Sporting Class.

    The organizers had to move them to give chance to the new drivers that were joining the series. This created a logjam in the Sporting Class, so the Super Sporting Class was formed. The past champion, Andres Calma, and other faster drivers were all grouped together in this premiere class.

    New race venue
    The tight but flowing streets of Filinvest Festival Area in Alabang, Muntinlupa City became the newest addition to the championship. The track had good straights with nasty, tight corners that saw a lot of accidents even before the event.

    Some of the top contenders, like Daniel Miranda, got involved in a barrier-wrecking incident that severely damaged his car during practice. He was suspended from competing in the Festival event by the officials. Estefano Rivera damaged the side of his car but got only grid penalties for it.

    The sad thing though after the Festival track, the Vios Cup had its final 2 races at the Clark International Speedway. There were huge plans to bring it to Bacolod, where it would have been the first ever race there. Another venue in Metro Manila would have been the championship leg.

    However, this change of venues turned out to be better for the drivers and the motoring fans like me, as the battles they did inside the track was a site to behold!


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