A 53-year-old businessman was found dead inside his car with a bullet wound on the chest by a security guard in Makati City, Metro Manila, police said Thursday. Security guard Nario Elic was in roving routine along Barangay Bel-Air when he noticed a parked Mercedes-Benz (WLZ-717) on the street with a man on the driver’s seat. Further check revealed the body of George Diploma with a gunshot wound from an M-16 riffle bullet. His car was parked a few meters away from his residence. Responding members of the Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) said Diploma’s death was self-inflicted having found no sign of struggle inside the car. The victim’s relatives told police Diploma was distraught over family woes.

    Michael Joe T. Delizo


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    1. Dear Mr Delizo,

      I`m writing to you from Athens,Greece in regards to your article.
      I knew the deceased since 1981 when we were roomates at an
      International University in Germany.
      We shared the same room from 1981-1983.Although we depated we never
      stopped communicating .In the summers of these years he followed me
      in Greece for vacations at our summer house.
      At our late years, he visited me twice .
      As you can understand he had already become a full member of our family and the Greek society in general.
      Last time we got in touch was Dec`20th announcing methat Miss Phillipines
      is the new Miss Universe and then ….silence
      The actual reason of my contacting you is that a 34 yrs close brotherly friendship
      cannot be forgotten and will never be.
      For that matter can you be kind enough to clarify few questions ?
      Was the M-16 rifle found?, the bullet shell as well ?, why there wasn`t a driver as
      always used to be ? what time did the incident take place ? any witness ?

      Due to distance and because I have no feedback from the family,namely his
      daughter , I plead with you for the shake of this eternal friendship to provide me
      with any additional info at the level you are alloud to,so that I would be in the position to bid fairwell to my friend as well.

      Thank you in advance for your time,

      Miltiadis ( Milton ) Degleris
      36-38 Aidiniou str
      17122 Athens