• Traders offer to restore Laguna lake water quality


    Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) officials offered to help the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) formulate a master plan that will address domestic waste, urban run-off and agricultural pollution.

    George Barcelon, PCCI president, and Felipe Gozon, PCCI director-in-charge for environment and climate change, said that while reducing the number of fish pens and fish cages will ensure sustainability of aquatic resources, a comprehensive plan is necessary to effectively carry out joint efforts to save Laguna de Bay or Lake Bay .

    Bay is a town of the southern province of Laguna.

    Data from LLDA shows 70 percent of pollution comes from the domestic sector and only 30 percent from industry.

    The country’s largest business organization lauded the government’s move to restore the water quality of Laguna de Bay for its intended use by implementing initiatives including reforestation, addressing domestic waste and reducing the number of large fish pens in the bay and other lakes in the country.

    Laguna de Bay is an important resource in the county, providing livelihood to fisherfolk and serving as source of potable water for domestic use and irrigation for agriculture, among others.

    It is a shallow freshwater lake of about 90,000 hectares.

    As a watershed, some 21 rivers converge into the second largest inland body of water in Southeast Asia.


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    1. Ms Lopez is right to restore Laguna the Bay to its previous prestine. A collector channel or pipes whatever design to remove or divert all gray and black water coming in to Laguna the Bay is the main concern. This Eeffluent shall be diverted to WTP for treatment then release to Lake as treated effluent. Goverment agency will require any industries around the to put up thier own Mini WTP. Two WTP south and north of the bay can cater all wastewater coming in to Laguna the Bay through a series of inter conected channel or pipes with the the use of intermedtiate pumping station at every strategic location within Laguna the Bay periphery. A modest budget will be more or less 80B + A 6 lane super highway along Laguna Western side to decongest traffic from Calamba to Taguig route.