Traffic apps to help daily commuters


METRO Manila traffic is a continuous problem being experienced by commuters who travel everyday, be it in their own vehicles or public transportation, to get to their respective workplaces, schools, and other locations.

The two most popular traffic applications in the Philippines today are Waze and the MMDA Traffic Navigator. Traffic applications are useful for both commuters and drivers. They utilize the GPS function and format to show commuters and motorists the heavily congested roads and highways so they could prevent them as much as possible, and also guide them to the easiest routes to their destinations.

The MMDA Traffic Navigator, which was launched in 2011 by the traffic arm of the government, the Metro Manila Development Authority, features traffic situations in major routes within the Metro, indicating whether it is light, moderate, or heavy.

Along with this, they also developed the MMDA Traffic Mirror, which features a real-time feed of the major roads and highways in the Metro via on-site traffic cameras. On the other hand, the Waze app also has the same features. It was developed by an Israel-based company and was acquired by Google in 2013 for $1 billion.

Unlike the MMDA app, Waze also serves as an interactive map, which shows the commuter or driver the easiest possible routes to their chosen destination, and also shows the estimated time of arrival.

“The MMDA app only shows the current traffic in specific roads and highways. Waze already has that indicator and would also suggest the best route to take. It also provides an estimated travel time and shows icons of different food or service establishments,” a commuter and HR Coordinator from IBM said.

According to commuters, although Waze, or any traffic app with the same features, “sometimes leads to a more [congested]route,” commuters and motorists alike still find them extremely helpful in their everyday travels to somehow lessen the long enduring waiting in Metro Manila’s heavy traffic scenarios.



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  1. hindi ang application ng technology ang makakatulong sa traffic congestion esp sa EDSA. Gumawa pa kayo ng isa pang hiway parallel to EDSA or elevated hiway with trains below. Ito ang solusyon sa traffic congestion sa manila…Make an urban planning for 5 years.. siguro ibinulsa ninyo ang pera para sa infrastructure.. kaya ganyan… dahil masyadong magaling ang Presidente ninyo na mga dilawan..