Traffic enforcers slam non-payment of salaries


Hundreds of traffic enforcers in Manila are up in arms over the non-payment of their salaries.

The workers under the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau said they have not been paid since June.

“We cannot understand why our salaries were not released since June. The mayor said the city hall has enough funds,” a traffic enforcer told The Manila Times on Thursday.

He asked not to be named for fear that he may be reprimanded or dismissed.

“We are calling on Mayor Erap to please have mercy on our families. We barely can provide food on the table. Our children are suffering,” a worker who hid behind the name Lito Bagatsing, 38, said.

Another enforcer, who also requested not to be named said they have been asking for an explanation from MTPB head Dennis Alcoreza but no clear answer was given them.

“As traffic enforcers, we contribute millions of pesos monthly to the coffers of the city. How come we are not being compensated?” he told The Manila Times.

There are at least 500 MTPB personnel who receive salaries raging from P6,000 to P8,000.

When reached for comment, Alcoreza urged his workers to be patient, saying their salaries will be released soon.

“Their salaries were delayed because we applied for their Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) and Pag-IBIG numbers which for the first time we are adopting here at MTPB for their own financial security,” Alcoreza told reporters. Pag-IBIG is the Home Development Mutual Fund, a government housing fund agency.

Alcoreza added that his office is “cleaning” the list of traffic enforcers. Informed of But some enforcers did not buy Alcoreza’s explanation.

“Four months is too long to finish those documentations. If they are truly concerned, they can release our salaries while applying for TIN and Pag-IBIG numbers,” they said in Filipino. JAIME PILAPIL


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  1. michael schneider on

    So typical of heads of Government departments in Philippines. much talk, no action and no sense of responsibilty toward their job or their fellow workers. Disgraceful and 3rd world