• Traffic problem on Edsa cannot be solved like magic –PNP chief


    (Follow-up report to PNP-HPG takes control of Edsa traffic woes)

    THE horrendous traffic chaos along the 23-km stretch of Epifanio Delos Santos Ave. (Edsa) cannot vanish into thin air even as the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) takes over in managing the traffic situation along Metro Manila’s major thoroughfare, a high ranking PNP official said on Monday.

    PNP chief, Director General Ricardo Marquez said that solving the traffic problem of Edsa, a highway described as having the 5th worse traffic situation in the world wouldn’t be solved with a flick of a finger.

    Expectations are running high for the PNP to solve the traffic situation along Edsa after the HPG was tapped by President Benigno Aquino 3rd to solve the traffic woes of Edsa, a problem that the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has failed to address.

    “Our main objective here is to make the traffic flow much better by decongesting those six chokepoints. Even If you put the HPG on Edsa, the high volume of traffic still remain[s]there,” Marquez told reporters in Camp Crame after the sendoff ceremony for the 96 HPG personnel.

    The PNP chief implied that making the traffic flow at Edsa would mean eliminating road hindrances such as colorum buses, clamping down on illegal terminals and removing all the obstructions on the roads especially along the six choke points.

    “The traffic volume at Edsa will remain [and]let’s not expect that once the HPG starts manning the traffic, it would lessen. Of course not, we will just improve the traffic flow,” the PNP Chief stressed.

    The HPG director Chief Superintendent Arnold Gunnacao told reporters, in a separate interview, that they aim to sustain what the HPG had started on its first day of taking over the traffic situation at Edsa.

    Traffic was visibly light in most areas of Edsa, particularly in Balintawak, Shaw Boulevard, and Ortigas Ave. However, in areas outside the choke points, traffic started to build up particularly on the northbound lane of Edsa from North Avenue to Santolan.

    “If we would not be successful in easing the traffic, we will make adjustments. If our measures were not effective, we will adjust so we could fulfill our mission to reduce traffic congestion on Edsa,” Gunnacao said.



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    1. Don’t need magic just need a competent government with money to address the problem years ago.

      What we got the past 5 years were incompetent clowns running agencies who are qualified to even work there much less be in charge. Sadly Pnoy appointed his friends to run all the major agencies instead of finding experienced professionals to run the departments.

      Didn’t help that the current government steals as much as they can but that’s expected since the Dept of Justice and the Ombudsman shield them from investigations and charges.

      Didn’t help that Aquino and Abad gave away billions thru the pork barrel and DAP funds to corrupt senators, house members and Dept heads that wound up being given to fake non government agencies and back to their pockets.

      Even when given funds donated from foreign governments to help the people of the Philippines after Typhoon Yolanda they stole those funds as well. 2 years after the typhoon over 100,000 people still living in tents.

      The government abandoned the SAF 44 to be massacred and they abandoned the Yolanda survivors just the same.

      The only thing this government has done the past 5 years is steal as much as possible, shield each other from charges and send out their paid liars to say they are making superhuman efforts to address the problem.

    2. I primarily see the Metro Manila traffic mess as an infrastructure rather than a managerial problem. There is only so much we could do in a situation where an overwhelming number of vehicles travels through roads who have long surpassed their carrying capacity. I am strongly in favor of developing a mass transport UNDERGROUND rail and road system. And we have to start thinking and doing something about it now.