Traffic, and rude and lewd leaders



Traffic has become even worse under Digong, dictating the tempo of our lives. Or is it only me? Giving priority to Joker Arroyo’s first death anniversary last week in his Dasmarinas crypt left me no time for the Senate Centennial and a get-together for Steve Psinakis, who cares passionately for a country not his own. He was our Lafayette in the anti-Marcos struggle. No time for the Senate and Steve, because of traffic, for which Digong may have no time, given his sorry seeming Leila monomania.

Steve may be a Yellow. I, 77, certainly am a Yellow. And proud of it. But, I/we may not count. Nothing to fear from me/us. It may be the military, concerned over cutting off ties with the US, where millions of Filipino-American live.
Or the police. Police State then? They have the hardware and may be leery too of the tilt to communism.

Fighting us is easy, even the Church, but not the two at the time IF supported by the military-police. And Reagan abandoned Macoy in the end. Digong now kicks Obama in the teeth for breakfast while stroking the AFP-PNP, China and Russia.

Last Sunday, FVR flunked Digong. FVR is so formidable the Palace had to say it understood, instead of telling him where to go or what it thinks of his mother.

To retain and maximize support, the Dutertards should ease, not worsen, our traffic problem. Far worse, is my own biased opinion, since last June 30. Digong cannot resort to extrajudicial killings (EJK) to dispatch pedestrians and motorists who scoff at our laws.

Ateneo, EJK victim of La Salle last Sunday, bolted upright from the morgue slab, but lowly UP promptly sent it back. (Last Tuesday, San Beda subjected Arellano to Chinese torture. The respected and admired Caycos, who own Arellano, attended San Beda.) Can Ateneo resurrect?

Digong may yet win the Nobel Peace Prize as he resurrects the peace process and, we hope, stops a bloody conflict of decades with the communists. And the Muslims. So many people have died. On February 7-8, 1974 alone, Marcos’ military killed maybe 20,000 inhabitants in Jolo, dwarfing Balangiga and Bud Dajo.

Does the Preident have a death wish? For himself and us? Do China (shabu supplier) and Russia have altruism? Do we see migrations to these two countries? In a referendum on Statehood, or being part of China or Russia, what would be the outcome?

EJK for the corrupt. No, no! Instead, we should try to approximate what we had in my youth when there was little scuttlebutt, say in the judiciary, given the working conditions and low cost of living. Court of First Instance Judges Felix Makasiar and Arsenio Solidum fretted when our San Beda pay would be delayed a bit. They were so dependent on their judging and teaching income. Starkly different from today’s bureaucrat who on his first pay day, say, in Customs, Immigration or the BIR, would supposedly blurt out: “Ibig nyong sabihin, may sweldo pa!?” I’m sure many good people remain there.

Lee Kuan Yew did not have to kill, but with better pay, health care and pension plans, Singapore’s government competes with the private sector for the best and the brightest. Digs should tell us his lofty plans, not the lowly Kill!Kill!Kill! sana; instead he wastes valuable presidential time by talking publicly more than once about his dread of being charged with Assault with a Dead Weapon. It seems that for Rudeness and Lewdness, Digs and The Donald are peas in a pod. But, where Trump gropes and paws, Digs croons and goes All The Way. Nothing new at all of course. Let’s look at supposedly staid Victorian England.

“. . . By the time of Churchill’s childhood and early youth it had become prudent to keep mum about love affairs. Gladstone in a candid moment said he had known `eleven prime ministers and ten were adulterers’; . . . `Disraeli slept his way to the top,’ . . . Gladstone made a curious practice of prowling the London streets at night and holding long, intimate conversations with prostitutes. . . . It was assumed that he was trying to convince them to mend their ways. If so, he didn’t appear to have been discouraged by his failure to produce a single convert. Indeed, after these talks he always appeared beaming, animated, and flushed. . . . The key to successful extramarital sex, therefore, was discretion. Mrs. Patrick Campbell, perhaps the most outspoken woman in polite society, said dryly: `It doesn’t matter what you do in the bedroom, as long as you don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses’.” W. Manchester, The Last Lion, Winston Spencer Churchill (1874 Visions of Glory 1932) 74 (1983).

Donald Trump was exposed as addicted to pawing and groping. He has apologized. I, torpe and shy, once told a sweet young thing, “I am harmless.” She said: “Sir, but, not armless.” I am told the local term is “chancing.” I don’t know that I have had to apologize to anyone. It has been said that women sometimes forgive a man who forces the opportunity, but never a man who misses one. Hearsay, in my case, ha? Unforgiven?

Finally, Denis Murphy, goodbye, and thanks. One early dawn, his Urban Poor Associates was with me in resisting the demolition of a market on Commonwealth Avenue and we secured a TRO from a kindly Quezon City judge who died many years ago in his office, working on a holiday, between Christmas and New Year. Good people there are in government.

Digong, who we like to succeed in giving our people a better life, should not focus on Leila, who has been tried and convicted by publicity. Mistrial, it could be held in America, e.g. Dr. Sheppard, The Fugitive. Who would now dare name and shame Digong who has pronounced her guilty? Sumakay pa sina Panyero Ferdie Topacio at VACC. Gotlay!

Seriously, in the US, immunity of Presidents is a superstition, as Kennedy, Nixon and Clinton found out from judges, and settled amicably after the courts flatly rejected the mythical defense. Yup, Leila should test whether may mga dugong bughaw tayo in our egalitarian democracy. Lese majeste is not for us.

But Lei, not to forget that when you shoot at the king, be sure you kill him. No one of course should, and many women want to kiss Digong (for whose success we all pray). As Kissinger said, power is the great aphrodisiac.


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  1. Cris tingnan mo bago ka magsalita na gago. Si Ka Rene ay nirerespeto ng bawat isa kanan o kaliwa dahil may paninindigan. SI DU walang alam kung hindi EJK, Papayag ba kyo na maging komunista dahil di nyo napapansin walang pinupuntahan ang DU30 kundi military para himukin sa mga pangako na gaganda buhay nila at tataasan suweldo pati na libre pag aaral ng mga anak. Libre naman talaga aral sa atin sa public school. Tunggak talaga si DU30.

  2. Stupid Duterte on

    When Duterte will be tried in an international court, his children will suffer the most for the court will take all the wealth that the Dutertes corruptly obtained through drugs and smuggling. The Duterte children will soon be like the children of Sadam Hussein and Khadafy. Let us all pray for this.

  3. Tsk, tsk, tsk..! Kilalang-kilala kita mula pa noong kabataan mo, Ka Rene…Hanggang ngayon, “tulog, bulag at nagbingi-bingihan” ka pa rin, tsk, tsk, tsk!

  4. Proud to be yellow? YES! Because you are one of the biggest con merchants around, when are you leaving this world? Coz I’d love to spit on your pathetic corpse.

  5. pak ganern mr saguisag,seriously sir your so funny,reading your column always put a smirk on my face,god bless you sir..

  6. Ka Rene you omitted special mention that Steve Psinakis was co-founder of the “Light a Fire Movement” those arsonist-terrorist infamously bombed Rustans Dept. store in the 1980’s that injured 70 Filipinos and killed one American tourist.

    I partly agree with your traffic analysis though, Tugade is certainly no Bato Dela Rosa who gets results, but then you Yellows cannot escape blame yourselves. Look at some 1986 EDSA documentary clips and you can see demonstrators crowding on Marcos’ MRT already being built at the time, but languished after until the Erap presidency, because Tita Cory insisted on building flyovers instead, an insufficient alternative. Also I recall Cory times’ stupid “Pook Batayan” where traffic enforcers screamed insults on mega-phone to erring vehicles and jaywalkers, that it came to be derided by the public as “Pook Bastusan.”

    You and Du30 are both right and wrong on the Moros, they were as much victims as victimizers. They were not peace loving people, for centuries the Moros were barbaric pirate-slavers, raiding and decimating Visayan and Tagalog coastal villages within their reach. The terrorism and kidnap for ransom of MILF-ASG etc. confirm their warrior blood lust culture of piracy and barbarity.

    • Steve Psinakis. He and some other companions were recognized as patriots/freedom fighters by the Yellow regime in a special occasion in Malacanang. Indeed, “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.”

  7. “Traffic has become even worse under Digong, dictating the tempo of our lives.”

    ang tanga ng gagong tanda to..e sino ba ang walang ginawa sa impyernong traffic na yan diba kayong mga brainless tingin mo magagawan ng paraan yan sa loob na 100 days..bobo kang matanda ka!!!

    • But look! When you promise a solution, do something so as not to exacerbate the problem, and do something to jump start the solution. You need emergency power because you need a single voice which the mayors would heed? Para bang mga drug lords yang mga mayors na yan? Untouchables? Hindi ba sila pwedeng kausapin ni Digong for the sake of the populace?

      Hindi magagawan ng paraan sa loob ng 100 days? Wala ka palang magagawa, eh bakit nangako ka?

    • Do you not have any respect for elders ? Maybe you are right but you mouth and mind needs a cleanser. You might have the same mental problem like Digs.