• Traffic scheme readied ahead of road projects


    The government is scrambling to find ways to minimize the impact of 15 major road projects to be launched simultaneously in the second quarter and expected to trigger major traffic snarls in Metro Manila for the next two to four years.

    The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) recently discussed measures to mitigate the impact of these road modernization efforts on commuters, schools, and businesses.

    A study by the MMDA’s traffic engineering center forecasts that the road constructions “may even result in a travel speed of as low as one to 9 kilometers per hour [on EDSA].”

    The infrastructure developments will include roads, railways, bridges, tunnels and tollways, with some expected to be finished in 2016 and others in 2018.

    MMDA also formed four working committees that will map out a “unified traffic management plan” for the entire Metro Manila. The four focus areas are alternative modes of transport, alternative schedules, alternative work and business strategies, and alternative lifestyle.

    Alternative transport options include maximizing operations of the LRT and MRT, reviving the Pasig River ferry service, and encouraging the use of car-pools and bike lanes.

    It also proposed rescheduling measures involving adopting flexible working arrangements, weeklong and round-the-clock construction activities, and rescheduling of truck deliveries to after midnight.


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