Traffic scheming


Edsa-Taft intersection: On any given hour, you will see pedestrians pushing wooden carts, pedicabs and tricycles crossing Edsa. What do the MMDA people do about them? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The innermost lane of this intersection has been reblocked. However, there is a significant difference between the grade levels of the new portion vs. the old portion and the funnel effect caused by the innermost lane traffic directed to cross Taft instead of its original purpose turning left to Taft contributes immensely to the slowdown.

Edsa Extension to and from Roxas Boulevard: The U-turn lanes are being used by vehicles, pedicabs, motorcycles and tricycles as if they were left-turning going from the innermost lane to the outermost lane crossing both ways in one go instead of easing lane by lane. Some are even using the slot to do an actual left turn and enter a one-way street blocking Roxas Boulevard bound traffic. The Do Not Enter sign is there but nobody’s following. What does the MMDA do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.



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