The tragedy of Leni Robredo



IT IS amazing how disdain can turn into pity, yet that is what I now feel towards Leni Robredo.

She is one whose public narrative is cast as a transcript of a widow of an esteemed political brand, a devoted mother and wife, imaged as one that inherits a name that is synonymous with good governance, to carry on the fight.

She boldly took up a career in politics because of the death of her husband, and rose up the ranks in a short period from a neophyte legislator, to a reluctant candidate, to become a heartbeat away from being President.

She projected an image very much like her husband’s. Her metaphors of “tsinelas” and “laylayan” were natural symbolisms that continued his brand of politics. Both rest on the image of being ordinary, and she affirmed this by riding buses and escaping the pomp of congressional pageantry using a backdoor staircase, signifying a woman who was not seeking power, but only service.

It was, however, the readiness of someone with a camera to take pictures of her standing in a highway waiting for a bus in a place that buses should not stop, and her wearing a gown fleeing the opulence of a grand party but ready to call attention by posting such in social media, that one can began to smell the inauthenticity of this woman.

It is actually easy to be drawn into her narrative. The Filipino’s penchant for widow stories, given much impetus by the presidency of Corazon Aquino who was nearly canonized, and found in the story lines of many soap operas featuring strong matriarchs inheriting power and influence from their dead husbands, has made it easy for the story of Leni Robredo to pierce through the hearts of the soap opera- loving Filipino electorate.

She boldly stated during the election debates that she will be the last woman standing. Indeed, she ended as such, but it came with a terrible price – her legitimacy. Her election to the vice presidency is now the subject of an electoral protest that threatens to make her not only a loser, but also a beneficiary of election fraud.

The tragedy of Leni Robredo is that she tried so hard to assert her legitimacy by becoming a voice of a discredited opposition to an enormously popular President. And in this battle, one with a more organic, authentic, and down-to-earth grounding in politics would not have found difficult. But her nature unraveled. Her being constructed, simulated and imaged betrayed her inadequacy to lead a political war. Without the necessary training, and the required temperament, she became an unworthy and ill-equipped voice for her cause.

She is inarticulate. Her logic often does not convince, if it shows at all. She does not appear to know the rudiments of temperance in political discourse, and doesn’t know when to verbalize, and when to be silent. She is like a Pavlovian dog that behaves expectedly according to stimulus, one that can easily be lured to unravel by more seasoned political combatants like the President.

Leni Robredo’s greatest fault is that she wanted to be popular but she is not genuinely felt by people. Her husband was the expert in turning brands into myths. Unfortunately, she may have inherited the surname of Jesse Robredo, but not his gravitas. She just could not project the sincerity and authenticity that Jesse perfected to effectively mesmerize and draw an idolatry that silenced dissent, and buried dark secrets.

Leni Robredo is the clear evidence of the failure to force a narrative that is so scripted on a people that may be lovers of soap opera, but know how to discriminate good fiction from bad.

Just take a look at her numerous slips in authenticity and coherence.

She decries repression, and exhorts people to celebrate dissent, yet she wages a war against cyber critics and dismisses all of us critical of her as trolls, threatening to sue us. Her social media account deletes unfavorable posts, and blocks those who post them.

She attacks cyber-bullying, even as she is silent about the anonymous social media accounts that commit atrocious acts of cyber-bullying in her name. She condemns #NagaLeaks and the alleged rape threats to her daughter, but she is silent about the fact that her rabid defenders have repeatedly maligned people who are critical of her, with one even threatening to execute their entire families.

She declares her undying love for her dead husband, from whom, according to her, she just cannot move on. Yet, it took her 10 days to express outrage that his memory is being attacked.

Leni Robredo talks about sincerely helping the country, yet in one single irresponsible act she took to the world stage an unverified accusation of police brutality, which she labeled as “palit-ulo.” In her desire to hurt the President, she ended up shaming the country.

Everytime Leni speaks her social capital takes a hit. She is her tragedy.


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  1. Luzy Canilao on

    “She is her tragedy.” Very true. Leni is her own tragedy and the more she denies, makes clueless/unverified remarks or lies to her teeth, the more tragedy she puts upon herself . .. heaps upon heaps of self-shaming. She’s self-destructing at a faster rate than I ever expected. Pathetic.

  2. For sure, Mrs.Robredo did the country a disservice. Why she would do it is because her party told her to do it.
    Now thst Sen. De Lima is in jail, it is now her turn to be in the front line There’s no such thing as a free lunch with the LP. Next thing we know, it’s Sen. Hontiveros’ turn.
    By the way, where are the guy senators?

    • Rene Evidente on

      Ha ha. Keeping themselves at a safe distance. Baka mapagbalingan nga naman sila.

    • Ladies first, gentlemen are the last ultimatum resource.

      Why ladies first? They can drive the people through their captivating blubbers with their matching emoting capacities!!!

  3. The opposition should know he is not just “another” President, Digong is not just about “illegal drugs”, afaik more than anything, it’s Digongs resolve for Mindanao It runs deep in his condciousnesssn that he was convinced to run for the Presidency(last minute) , so this “cliche” impeachment will never deter the determination of Mindanaoans, .This is Mindanao’s finest, it’s their Goldilocks, so to speak.

  4. You are right about the penchant of Filipinos to elect widows of politicians even if they are vastly incompetent. They did not learn from that incompetent Aquino.

    This foolish VP shame your country by going to EU/UN with a hearsay. In fact if you read comment from an English news outlet, commenters are criticizing EU for meddling in your internals affairs and giving credit to your local politicians for giving the middle fingers to EU for meddling in your local politics.

    The Palit Ulo she is talking about should have been brought to your local lawmakers and corresponding agency to investigate. To go directly to EU/UN reeks of political motives.

    Unfortunately for this VP, the transfer of global wealth and power have been happening for the last 2 decades. Wealth is power and EU cannot even maintained a force to depend its own backyard, US taxpayer had to keep them safe. The top donors to UN is USA, Japan, and China. With elections happening in France, the coherence of EU is threaten if LePen wins.

    With this VP action of creating a crack between the relationship of UN and Philippines, it will be tricky for your government to go to UN to push back China incursion in the South China sea. It seems she acts without thinking of long term consequences. She was concentrating on whatever selfish motive she has. Hopefully your country does not pay a steep price for her actions.

    But I doubt EU will do anything to threaten their financial gain. EU is not exactly financially healthy esp. with PIGS threat not yet totally eradicated coupled with the looming Brexit. If LePen wins and France leaves EU, then EU will be much weaken, if it survives. If EU does not want to buy your goods, there are other countries who will buy them.

    Their is no gain for EU to meddle in Philippines internal affairs, it would be better to concentrate on their own survival for the next 5 years.

    I feel sorry for you guys for having this kind of VP.

  5. Pedro Penduko on

    Leni Sabotaged her own country for lust for power and greed. This lustful woman is a liar who needs to be impeached ASAP. She doesn’t really give a damn about the public or the country if she did she would not have said all those hearsays those fabricated unverified lies and peddled it to the UN, what she did was economic sabotage, betrayal of her own country because of greed and lust for power, if this were Game Of Thrones, Leni Roberedo would have been Decapitated.

    • Leni Robredo and her LP minions have already created their own Waterloo. What she did is to our beloved Motherland was an absolute disgrace. If the PET finds that Robredo commited fraud to become VP, she should be banned from running in any elective posts FOR LIFE.

  6. Kahit mag debate pa sila ni Dugong talo si Dugong. Cursing at masochistic style lang alam pananakot at pagpatay lang ang ginagawa upang patahimikin ang freedom of speech. Magsasawa din tayo sa kanya hindi yan tatagal ng three years.

  7. Amado Concepcion on

    You are doubting Robredo’s sincerity because waiting for a bus in a gown seems too good to be true?

    She has been doing that all her life. You are pretending to be objective but you are a biased writer. It’s almost tragical to be you but your service to entertain the haters must’ve earned you well. Good luck with your life.

    • Ninfa Tacdoro on

      Vice Pres. Leni is an honest woman from the beginning of her life. What destroys her are the irresponsible media man who is talking nonsense without considering the respect to the person. Yes, I voted her not because of her husband but because of her capacity to serve without showing to the others. Perhaps you do not know that she is working for the poor without publication or showing up which is contrary to what the writer is talking about. I do not know what oath he made before becoming a journalist. He can afford to invent lie in order to destroy the person. Those who are ignorant reader for sure will believe him, but the only thing I can say, there is God who can see if you are true or not in your opinion. To be fair with Vice President, I think you better not to write anything if your purpose is to destroy. God gave you the gift to put into writing the good things He has given you, so make use of it. I still salute the vice president even she was humiliated many times by the President. God will exalt the humble and put to damnation those who are liars and proud.

  8. Father Christmas on

    Leni deserves whatever she has brought upon herself. She was stupid enough to cross the line by speaking great lies and bringing her political agenda to the international arena.

    Karma will come like a thief in the night. #LeniResign #LeniPowerGrabber

  9. Go back to Bohol, Leni. Your relatives that always sleep in the branches of small trees are missing you so much.

    Face the storm coming, jughead Queen. You are already one step away, then you allowed yourself to be used by others without thinking, what do you call yourself? Your rating was so high, the majority believes in you, and then you did this video without thinking, stupid.

    But I still like your pretty face, those big round eyes mesmerize.

  10. Reading the comments above, you all really fear the Truth. Mas naniniwala ang ibang bansa kay Leni. Tickle your minds.

    • Patawa naman ang comment mo, Pikoy. Siempre maniniwala ang ibang bansa ke Leni dahil sa mga fabricated lies spread by Paid Medias. All they know is what the Paid Media reports. But ang mga taong nakakaalam ng talagang Truth na sinasabi mo eh mismo ang majority ng mga Pilipino na tumira sa Pilipinas kaya ganoon na lang ang suporta nila ke Pres. Duterte. They are well aware that killings in the Philippines were already happening long before Pres. Duterte was elected, and the sad thing is that the innocent and the law abiding citizens were the victims.

    • marco labrador on

      Ang problema mo ay tama ang sinasabi ng columnista. Talaga naman puppy dog na siya ng Liberal, sinungaling at walang prinsipyo.

  11. I cogratulate this writer for hitting the nail.My sentiments exactly. I would have given her a chance to redeem herself but that “palit-ulo” debacle of hers was the last straw. That was truly irresponsible and placed the nation in a very bad light.Unforgiveable.

  12. Actually, I don’t pity her since she does not deserved it. I think she is too greedy for power and is taking more than she can swallow. In the process, she is making herself looks like a fool in going to EU. She is also implying lawmakers over there can deals with these issues, why would she do this is beyond me.

    This VP actions show that the lawmakers, judges in that country are incapable of dealing with these issues. It is like complaining to your manager that you broke your pencil. Yes there are deaths, and one cannot turn a blind eye on these. But sometimes by not choosing between the bigger and lesser evil, one choose the bigger evil. The solution is too work with your lawmakers to prevent this and those in the Senate seems to be doing something to prevent more killing. She made herself looks like a piece of joke. I can’t even pity her because pity must be given to those who deserved it.

    How many people died because of drugs, either the user or the victims of the user. When someone get addicted to Meth, withdrawal symptoms alone can cause them to commit crime so that they can get the next dosage. It requires medical treatment and dedication to recover from addiction and many fall back. Drug addiction brings about many crimes, and those crime have innocent victims. A parents can sell their child to heinous crime to sustain this habit. DO I HEAR ANY OF THESE POLITICIANS who are currently complaining to UN and EU about EJK even concerned about these innocent victims. This makes me wonder, does the people behind this going to EU to UN to complain about EKJ involved in drug money.

    Europe had to depend on US for NATO and UN sustenance and yet they are acting like a big man when it comes to dealing with smaller and poorer countries.

    Anyway, without US joining, Europe can’t do much. Even if they boycott Philiipines product, there are other countries that can buy them, esp US.

  13. Oops, I almost missed todays column. I was telling someone I needed to finish my reply to Ton-Ton kasi baka himatayin siya pag hindi ako sumagot…biro lang…

    Here’s Ton-Ton at it again. His negative narrations on the Vice President are not true — twisted to fit his reasoning. His commentary is not surprising coming from someone who has devoted most of his recent articles to his favorite topic and whipping lady — discredit, at all cost, the VP.

    As if his column existed for her alone.

    This is the other side then – not presented by him.

    Although Leni Robredo was married for many years to a mayor, she stayed below the radar and did not engage herself actively in local politics. So, in a way, she is relatively “new” to its inner workings – the wheeling and dealing – the ugly side of politics.

    Yes folks, there is and it’s before us. It is brutal, in a way. Except that, you would not expect it from her.

    VP Leni was in the background, relegating herself as a dedicated mother while being the wife of Jesse. She is a strong advocate of peoples rights, serving at the Public Attorneys Office (PAO) defending those who are underprivileged and marginalized – because she believes that those who have less in life must get equal in law. This is a belief that has followed all throughout her career, wherever life led her – even to this day.

    However, fate (and faith) brought her to the public limelight, something she never thought would happen – but did happen. She won, fair and square (against a seasoned politician who cannot accept defeat) — the Vice Presidency.

    On a side note let me briefly address the election. Reports point to overconfidence, stale messaging and tactical miscalculation and basic mistakes as reasons that cost her rival the election. It was the fight of a lifetime, nothing should have been left to “chance”. All political handlers are aware of that. Such is the nature of an electoral exercise. Given what’s out there and what to expect – one must be totally prepared. Were they? Mind you, they are not novices.

    With supposedly a decent war chest at their command, it was for them to take. No excuses. They failed — and now they blame her?

    For the record, her “troubles” (or is it persecution?) began when she won the Vice Presidential election — which the “other side”, together with supporters, claim as “rightfully theirs”. Well they’re wrong but are entitled to believe so. Only losers complain.. let them do so.

    With the President coming from a different party (a flaw in our electoral system) and his closeness with the losing candidate, she knew that it was not going to be easy. With full trust, she crossed party lines, reached out across the aisle, took the risk and gave it a serious try – for the nation. It did not work out. Her beliefs (such as burial of Marcos at LNB), working and speaking style were opposite and did not sync — and a parting of ways became inevitable.

    After she left the cabinet, she became a target of intense and sustained ridicule. Ask yourself why? She is just the second in command and is now “outside” or no longer “inside”. Her budget was trimmed and literally has no access to other public sources. She was unceremoniously disinvited not only once – even denied recognition in speeches.

    Now, halfway through her first year, she is being unduly discredited with false news, unjustly accused just because of being vocal and going against public policies (EJK), threatened — even her children in social media. In the last few weeks, it became aggressive (and offensive) through Naga Leaks, a fantasy authored by persons with evil minds which even zeroed in on her deceased husband. Factor the continued blitz in mainstream and alternative media and you can imagine what’s happening.

    All of these, a coincidence? Please naman.

    Nowhere in recent history have we seen this kind of public humiliation, disrespect (with distasteful jokes) and in my book — bullying of a Vice President by persons from government presenting themselves to be “upright and righteous” and “reputable journalists” masquerading as “keepers of truth” only to be revealed otherwise.

    Their actions are unprecedented. Unwarranted.

    However, these traditional thinking politicians and Philippine politics will be in for a surprise. They have not seen, a gracious, composed and determined Vice President in Leni Gerona Robredo​ — even under fire and adverse situations. Her unwavering faith and belief in Divine justice and her character will deliver her through all of these trials.

    These politicians and supporters will never succeed in provoking her to anger or do anything that is shameful and undignified. They are drawing her into a street fight – but she will not bite and stoop to their level.

    Their disgusting and distracting actions will definitely fail. She will remain calm, deliberate and steadfast in the midst of dirty tricks being done to her and family.

    True to her very nature, she will act responsibly and not demean herself, the office and position to which she was elected to — as Vice President.

    She will overcome.

    • Jhaye Jacinto on

      Thank you – and I do hope many can read this.
      Our VP needs our support now.

    • My sentiments exactly. THANK YOU Gabby for being a clear voice of reason in this pathetic PIT OF VIPERS during these woefully dark times when many have already callously thrown integrity, decency and plain honesty to the wind. A devastatingly crass and scheming leader as a national embarrassment is already bad enough, but an even far worse problem for society is his supporters who blindly and stupidly insist that he can do no wrong and that all his critics deserve a homicidal lynch mob treatment. If that is not due to demonic forces at play, I don’t know what is.

    • as long as there is no recount of the votes, her position remains contested. the least she could do is do her job, and stop all these acts of undermining the duly elected president. my God, wala ba syang utak? she is a traitor, for the sake of greed and power, she’s more than happy to damn her nation( she looked so happy in that latest video, parang c Abnoy lang, the best she could have done was act or sounded serious or troubled, considering the content of her speech). I KENNAT! ??

    • Ninfa Tacdoro on

      Yes, I support the Vice President. Am myself against death penalty because there’s no justice in the Philippines. The innocent is always the victims. Talking of drug, who are the manufacturer, isn’t it the other countries? They are using only the Filipinos in order to sell it. Who are the protector? Some VIP in the government? The poor whom the PNP used to let them sell and spread the drugs are the one being killed. Why? for them to silent so that they can go on their unlawful business. Look at the situation right now before your eyes, those who killed are suspect. Are they drug users or pushers? Not at all. In our place, there VIP people bringing many drugs for the people in the whole Barangay to sell. They force the people to sell it at the point of gun. and yet they are the one being killed. The one who received a lot of money due to the effort of the poor are enjoying their lives. Where is justice here? Tell me how who are critics of VP. Open your eyes to the truth . I urge the people of the Philippines who voted VP your votes are not in vain. Only the devils are trying to make it wrong. Continue to pray that the Good Spirit Truth will prevail, otherwise there’s no justice if there is no TRUTH. That is GOD is Truth.

    • Patrick m gonzalez on

      Gabbi im a leni supporter but i do fnd your replies parang professionally written- kayo ba ay mga nasa pr team?

      Itong mga katulad ni mr contreras wala ito credibility and i do expect na team duterte naman ay ganito but from lenis camp, i expect better management ng pag sagot sa mga ganito, leni being more respectable ty

    • Wow, such a long defense of Leni that sounds like it comes for a PR machinery. I did not vote for Duterte and had given Leni the benefit of the doubt before but what she is doing now is not what a VP should be doing. It is obviously politicking because she does not really need to involve foreign bodies for an internal problem. The LP is either using her and she is allowing it or she really believes that what she is doing is right. Either way, it shows lack of character on her part. it is like the mother of a family telling her neighbors about the perceived ills of her husband and wanting people to take her side instead of settling it quietly with the help of her relatives before going to court. And I don’t agree that BBM was overconfident so he lost. Actually, he was publicly vilified and he had to parry all those allegations against his father which they used against him since his enemies believe that the sins of the father are the sins of his children. He did not look overconfident to me but always on the defense because he knew what was coming.

  14. lelit madrazo on

    Tragedy after tragedy…tragic death of her husband, tragic object of manipulation, tragic mind-set that the drug menace is just a bad dream and that no big-wig is ever responsible to what our country has become…this lady is women’s greatest shame and has brought shame not only to women but to the whole Filipino people, except for some pitiful few. For this few thousands/millions of people who still believe both in Robredo and in their dream of change (palit-ulo=palit pangulo) by hoping she will one day become President, consider taking a risk that you never took for the sake of the youth of this country. I am so sorry to even imagine that anyone can be so naive not to see where this country is going if we follow this kind of leader who consults her manipulators what to do.
    Remember when we were not looking because we were busy with the feeling of fear as to what has happened to our country whose leaders never truly acted to stop the flow of drugs into our homes, into the brains of our neighbors, friends and maybe even family members…NOT UNTIL TODAY when we know someone, now many of our leaders except for a few, have taken upon themselves to do what it takes to save the future of our youth. We know who were enjoying their trysts and their expensive cars and the money intended for us,Yolanda victims…there are not too many like them. But slowly, they bred their inept minds into the police and reinforced the criminal minds of the drug lords. The oligarchs who needed to stay in power were only mindful of their vested interest.Who says that anti-drug war is anti-poor? The drug lords are using the poor to ply their drug trade. They are using our rich leaders to pave the way to control our towns and cities. All of us were being used. Now this drug war should be our collective war-the unborn must join in and must be saved in the womb of its young mother who may either be a victim of a rapist or a thief. The children must be saved and protected from the guiltless minds of those who are into drugs.The priests must be saved from greed and pride because they have not effectively done their role as guide to their flock…where were they when this started? They were busy collecting money and not giving money as consistently as they collect. If there is a second collection for the repair of the church, why not a third collection for the help badly needed by the family of one who unfortunately was lured into the drug trade. What movement did the priests organize to turn their lost flock back to sanity? We must save the teachers some of whom have mastered the art of cooperating during elections so that their patrons will win. We must save each other. It seemed like only yesterday when I felt like almost every one cannot be trusted – you cannot get help from the police, nor your barangay leaders, nor your fellow officemates because they might be in the business of drugs. Now, we know, we can somehow sleep knowing that our country may not be in the hands of a perfect leader, but in our heart of hearts, we hope to see that every effort to save this country is exerted. Mindful that we go to church not to believe in political instructions from our priest but to celebrate our gratitude to God that even for us who, years ago, were immobilized by fear, can now be heard. If worse comes to worst, we know that we can fight in any corner and win this drug war. While they are counting what they allege as human rights abuses, did we hear any counting when people get killed in the streets and at home because of people high on drugs. Were the lives that were lost devoid of value and human rights? Isn’t it that every life is valuable – even that of the criminal or the drug addict? But, are we so naive to choose to whom should life belong – to those who stayed away from drugs and pursued their business decently, went daily to school or offices not knowing that there would be a tragedy that would befall their family? Or does life belong to those who are mindless of the lives of others and could readily bring hell to anyone because he/she is well-connected… to Delima, to Robredo and their ilk.

  15. It is very evident that the liberal party is in haste to distabalize the administration. I am not du30 supporter but what LR did was discredit the country. Its like I’m the VP, whatever happens to the president, I will be the next president. She doesn’t aim for justice, she is playing political war.

  16. Leni Robredo and her masters are out of touch and as a consequence, they are burying themselves alive.

    I’m glad she and her masters are self-destructing. The PET will just confirm her fakeness.

  17. Leni may be a good person but as a VP she is nothing but a failure. Who could have thought a VP of the PH would speak to the UN and bring discredit to the nation. She is clearly a puppet and not worthy to hold the VP position.

    • Lea Hetherington on

      Make no mistake, she is not a good person. She is a very selfish and a cold, cold heart, and if you are an observant person, you can try to observe what she says, what she do and what she don’t do. She will only do things that would benefit her and her daughters or family.

  18. Thank you, sir be one of the instruments to voice the sentiments of the genuine Filipino people. Rest assured you have our support as with President Duterte and the Philippines we as a nation. We now wage war against the greedies who trying hard to once again regain control for their self interests.

  19. I believe she is being used, but allowed it. Is she hoping she’ll become president and that’s the time for her sweet vengeance? Or she’s just naive? But she’s a lawyer. She can’t play innocent and wise at the same time. We can see through her.

  20. She has been built up for the very, very wrong reasons. Leni Robredo may not realized it but she is being used worst than a doormat. She is the opposite of her late husband.

  21. when LR expressed her intention to run in Naga i was happy though i’m a full blood Manilenyo. My shock & sadness over JR’s tragedy rubbed on his wife & besides Bicol then was being run by century old names in politics. When she won it is as if i will be benefited from it. I was elated. Last election, i doubly admired her when she turned down LP’s pleading to be their VP candidate after Grace Poe was stoned hard to not settling for VP. LR said, her kids were telling them that it’s a national race and therefore they won’t be seeing their mother more often and the race will be going to be dirty – all they wanted was a simple life. My respect for LR shoot up to high heavens. And lo and behold after 24 hours, she was all smiles and beaming on tv to announce her VP candidacy.

    I was saddened when i saw her on tv but still tried to discern the change of mind abruptly. I watched the two presidential debates on tv, read newspapers and my news feed on FB & Twitter. LR has become a total different person.. far from the simple, laid back CW from Bicol. She has turned into TRAPO.. she has changed 360 degrees.. everytime i saw her on tv- I cringed.. her demeanor, the way she talks.. her smiles all lost its sincerity. All she cares about back then was to attack the leading candidate(s). I was disheartened.

    Her UN vid tape was the last blow especially when I saw her makeup. It’s fairer than her neck. It looks like she came out from the salon. Fully made up. Hair blow dried. Pinaghandaan nya mabuti yung video without any regard to its effect to the country. Poor Leni. She has turned to Ambitious Puppet. She’s getting bolder. A DANGEROUS breed that will scare not only us, Filipinos but Leni’s precious Liberal Party in the future.

  22. I fully agree with you mr. Contreras. Kung tutoo po pagmamalasakit sa bayan ang intensyon ng grupo ni Leni robredo, trillanes, hontiveros, pangilinan, drillon, bum aquino, bakit ni isa sa napakaraming masamang gawain ng administrasyong aquino wala sila pinuna at pina imbestiga. Napaka lilinaw ng mga ebidensya; tulad ng pagbili ng bagon ng mrt sa china na hindi mapapatakbo magkano sa 3.8bilyon ang tinangap ng mga tulisan. Sa plaka ng sasakyan na hindi na ideliver, magkano ang nauwi sa mga bwaya, ang daf, pdaf at malampaya holdaf? Mama si panot na hugas kamay si pilato sa mga taong 44 saf na walang awang pinain sa KAMATAYAN. Bakit pipi, bingi at bulag ata mga tampalasan. Ang mga biniling huey helicopter na puro patapon, magkano napa sa kamay ni HUDAS. SI PRRD na gumagawa ng tama para sugpuin ang droga ang pilit ninyong inaasinta, GAYONG KAYONG MGA LIBERAL ANG MAYROONG NAPAKA RAMING IPALIWANAG AT SAGUTIN SA BAYAN.

    • Agree, I did not vote for Duterte but I wonder why Noynoy was not impeached or asked to step down by these people when there were more anomalies that are left unanswered until now.

  23. jess nazario on

    I can almost hear the words of Shakespeare ringing in the series of “tragedies” the country have been experiencing and clearly continue unfolding today

  24. Mr. Contreras, Thank you for a well written piece. I hope journalism students and aspiring writers read this to learn style. Your subject progression and contrast of the subject’s acts were very effective.

    • Exactly. Journalism students must take their On-the-Job Training at the Manila Times. To save our country from hypocrites, users, traditional politicians.

  25. I have always felt that had she not accepted the results of the vice presidential count amid all the protests and only did so after all the issues regarding the election were all settled, I will be one of her supporters. But she did not. Now she is the victim of her decision and is being used by other people for their gain. She deserves both disdain and pity

  26. Robert James on

    It is high time that we shall never be manipulated by teleserye stories but true grits, courage and service and never be manipulated by people who claimed to be god but eat, fart and shit like us and probably more immoral than ordinary people. People nowadays are more open and questions a lot of things rather than a servile of a dogma that is designed to enrich themselves like hogs. I have high hopes that people like you can transform this Country to a great country. Education and critical thinking is the key. Mabuhay ka Mr. Antonio Contreras.

    • Took the words right off my mind, Robert. I agree. It’s high time Pinoys are weaned off teleseryes. IT’S TIME WE GROW UP!

  27. Shes a real failure.her mistakes is that she allow herself to be used by the power grabbing hungry oligarchs the yellowtards. A waste politician.i have seen no sincerity everytime she open her mouth her eyes simply telling lies. Her being no experience and allowing herself to be used .wonders many of us how much it will cost? Humiliate yourself anyway youll be insured until to your great grand children.hmmm.why not? Itsnt it mrs robredo? Somebody deserve your position a title you have stolen . You have to stopped right now until you can or otherwise youll pay a very painfuk price.#NotoLP

    • Patrick gonzalez on

      Isa isahin natin :

      1. Bakit mo nasabi na ginagamit sya ng power hungry oligarchs?

      2. Ano sukatan mo para sabihing hindi sincere si vp leni?

      3. May ebidensya na ba na ninakaw nya ang posisyon?

  28. Patrick gonzalez on

    Mr contreras,I have no political affiliation and i enjoy reading your column because ang point of view mo ay common sa mga tao na coming from a middle class perspective, very stereotypical na reactionary views at reflective of the segment of phil society that includes karen davila kit tatad noli de castro puro conservative analysis ng phil situation.

    Pare pareho kayo ng ideas na madaling pakinggan , simplistic na explanation at hindi na masyado complicated.

    Kayo ang boses ng ordinaryong bourgeosie.

  29. Lea Hetherington on

    Very, very sad indeed, but I am not surprised because she is a cold, cold heart.