• ‘Transformers’ director attacked


    HONG KONG: Hollywood director Michael Bay was attacked by a man wielding an air conditioning unit while shooting the latest Transformers film in Hong Kong, he said.

    Police arrested two men in the early hours of Thursday after the attack on the Armageddon director, who was on the first day of location shooting in Hong Kong filming Transformers: Age of Extinction.

    Bay recounted details of the incident on his website, while warning that “the story . . . being passed around is not all true!”

    A spokesman denied reports that the 48-year-old was injured in the assault.

    Police handed the case to specialist anti-triad units reserved for tackling Hong Kong’s notorious criminal gangs.

    The men confronted Bay and his film crew in the city’s Quarry Bay district, claiming they were owed HK$100,000 ($12,900) compensation for filming in the area.

    “When the movie crew was filming, one of the arrested persons was seeking HK$100,000 [from Bay], leading to a scuffle.

    Another arrested person suddenly attacked him,” police said in a statement.

    “The right side of his face was injured, but he refused to go to the hospital.”



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