Transparency & accountability, hubris & hypocrisy


PRESIDENT Benigno S. Aquino 3rd will go down in history not only as the Most Incompetent President (MIP) of the Philippines, but also the one who has lost his credibility to the Filipino people. This is most unfortunate because the electorate voted for him in May 2010 on the platform of a clean and honest government and against corruption.

The Legacy that President B.S. Aquino 3rd will leave behind — after 30 June 2016, assuming he finishes his term of office—is something that neither the Aquinos nor the Cojuangcos can be proud of. Perhaps it is good that Noynoy Aquino is not only the 3rd, but will be the last of his line, since he has no wife and children.

The presidential prevarications made on January 28 on national television and radio three days after the Maguindanao Massacre made Aquino lost whatever is left of his credibility. The same were published in the newspapers. Six weeks have passed since the Slaughter of the 44 Special Action Force (SAF) troops and President Aquino has opted not to tell the Filipino people the TRUTH on what happened on that fateful day of January 25.

“What has been lost in Mamasapano was the trust in the presidency,” said Dean Sedfrey Candelaria of the Ateneo Law School in a forum in Makati last Thursday. Indeed, PNoy has already and sadly lost his credibility as the President of the Philippines and he can no longer effectively govern with the absence of trust in his presidency.

Why is Telling the Truth so tough? The Office of the President in Malacañang has announced that the Chief Executive will speak at the “Right Time” after the Philippine National Police (PNP) Board of Inquiry (BOI) has released its Official Report. So the question now is why wait for the PNP BOI Official Report. Is PNoy so afraid that what he will say might be contradicted by the findings of the BOI Report?

In my two previous articles last February on the SAF Slaughter in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, I asked the question on who gave and/or approved the Mission Order for Operation Exodus. The answer is already obvious to millions of Filipinos: President B. S . Aquino 3rd. This has been clearly established in the Senate hearings even if resigned PNP Chief Alan Purisima has taken the fall and all the blame to absolve his long-time friend.

Other than on who gave the order for Operation Exodus, the more crucial issue is on who gave the order for the remaining 315 SAF elite commandos to stand down and not  reinforce the 55th SAF Company.

Except for one survivor, 35 commandos were all slaughtered of the containment team that was to block any enemy fire from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF).

Likewise, who gave the order to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), particularly the Army 6th Infantry Division (6ID), to stand down and not extricate the 55th SAF Company? Why were the SAF commandos allowed to die in vain when they expected reinforcements from either the 315 SAF troops or the Army’s 6ID under Major General Edmundo R. Pangilinan? So as not to jeopardize the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL)? This AFP Chief General Catapang in fact admitted, using the term “peace process.”

Last Wednesday, President Aquino appointed the new SAF Commander Moro Virgilio Lazo at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig, Metro Manila. ABS-CBN News reported that the SAF members waited for more than three hours for Mr. Aquino before the ceremony took place. A similar incident took place in late February when the families of the slain SAF troops waited for several hours at Camp Crame before the president arrived.

The press also reported of a “bull session” with the Maguindanao Massacre  survivors for three hours. A Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) source revealed that the Chief Executive “(re)assured the SAF troopers that he did not abandon them”  and also “denied that he asked the government troops to ‘stand down’ while the MILF fighters and other Moro rebels were raining bullets on the SAF men.” (PDI, March 6, 2015)

However, what is the objective of the exercise (“bull session”) when President Aquino cannot Tell the Truth to the Filipino people. All that everyone is asking for is for Truth & Justice! This is consistent with the avowed Aquino Policy of Transparency & Accountability that has not been practised in almost five years of his administration.

So what is stopping President B.S. Aquino from Telling the Truth? Is he afraid to be held accountable. If so, then it simply validates any of the two: he has been a coward all his life and/or he is suffering from severe Hubris, Hypocrisy & Delusion.

Compared to former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo whom P-Noy has demonised and jailed, Mrs. Arroyo had apologized to the Filipino people with her “I am sorry” over national television ten years ago in 2005. This was in relation to the ‘Hello Garci’ telephone call that then President Arroyo made to a Comelec Commissioner a year earlier in 2004. In spite of the presidential precedent, PNoy would still NOT Apologize!

Senior Senator Sergio “Serge” Osmeña 3rd has criticized President Aquino for his obstinacy not to apologize to the Filipino people. This is even if it is already public knowledge that Aquino is at fault for the Slaughter of SAF troops in the Maguindanao Massacre. Once again, Senator Serge Osmeña pointed to the lamentable stubbornness (matigas ang ulo) of the child-president.

The fact that President Aquino continues to be in denial after six weeks and refuses to speak the truth is a clear manifestation of a serious psychological disorder. Psychosis is often described as “Loss of Contact with Reality” (Wikipedia). Quoting from the Holy Bible that “ The Truth Shall Set You Free” and still equivocate with his pronouncements shows that Noynoy Aquino is really out of touch with reality.

What the Filipino people should do is to follow the title of the award-winning song in the 2013 Walt Disney movie Frozen insofar as President B.S. Aquino is concerned: Let It Go!  He is far too dangerous to remain as president even with only 16 months to go!


Myriad of Filipinos, including former President Fidel V. Ramos (FVR) and Senator Sergio Osmeña III,  would not want P-Noy to resign because the Vice-President, who will succeed Aquino, might be worse.

So why not let the President and Vice-President both resign together with the controversial Senate President Franklin Drilon. Then the Senate can choose a new Senate President who will become the transition president.

Vice-President Jejomar Binay can score points and advance his presidential ambition by taking the initiative of asking President Aquino for both of them to step down. The late Vice-President Salvador “Doy” Laurel wrote a confidential letter to then President Corazon C. Aquino inviting her to join him with a joint resignation and calling for early elections. However, the late President Cory Aquino ignored the call of her Vice-President.

The transition president coming from amongst the senators, who will serve the remaining months up to June 30, 2016, will sign an agreement that he or she will not run for president in 2016.


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  1. Some part of this article are my reasons why I will support VP Binay for the next election in 2016.

    I never understood why people voted for PNoy, from the start I saw clearly that he is someone without any clear political agenda and vision for the nation. He also lacks political will and will always be shadowed and influenced more by LP. And… as time goes by… apparently it seems that he has this kind of sickness… uhmm, in the mind. Anyway, that’s why I haven’t and won’t support him anymore.

  2. This is why we should stop thinking that EDSA revolution is equivalent to the Aquinos. It’s not about them but it’s about the Filipino people who asked and were brave enough to fight for CHANGE. Change in how the government run the country, change in leadership, change in the way they experience oppression and fear… change.

    Pres. B. S. Aquino is a disgrace to his family name, shame that two great people can’t produce a single brilliant offspring.

    This is also why VP Binay is not asking for the Pres’ resignation, he knows he won’t gain much from it and will just let 2016 decide for his fate.

  3. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Not only will P-Noy end up as the most incompetent president but he brings with him the most incompetent cabinet and spokespersons who could have save the day for P-Noy had they been at least competent in advising P-Noy. What a way to leave the highest office of the land. God bless the Philippines.

  4. Former US President GW Bush said that it is unfortunate that those who know how to run the government are all in media. Both Pnoy and Binay to resign together? Monsod has this to say: are you out of your mind? Come up with something sensible.

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      If you are referring to Solita, what is sensible in her reactions? The most sensible thing which happened is her having a husband who is sensible enough. God bless the Philippines.

    • The person mentioned such as US President George W. Bush is not exactly a credible person. President Barack Obama owes his election to Bush in 2008 because the MAerican electorate hated the Republicans so much for what he did in 8 years. As for Winnie Monsod, isn’t the same person who defended MRT GM Vitangcol who was accused by the Czech Ambassador of a $30.0 Million Extortion Attempt from a Czech supplier. PNoy just allowed Vitangcol to Resign and has not filed any case against him. The findings of the NBI investigation on Vitangcol that started May 2013 has NOT been released. Doj Secretary De Lima said last year that she needs the approval of President B.S. Aquino III to RELEASE their Official report. Daan na Matuwid?

  5. If there is any sense or patriotism left in these leaders, the way to go is for them to all resign and let right-minded people take over until the next national elections. Sometimes, it is in humility and love of country that true statesmen appear. I doubt though that this would ever happen, considering the mentality of these people – that they are the savior of this country – and therefore , untainted and holy.

    It is this sanctimonious trait that is bringing them down. Contrary to what they project, they have all miserably failed, and the failure is dawning on the Filipino people. Yes, they have elected someone who is not corrupt, but he surely is proud and dishonest. And that is more than evil than being corrupt.

  6. that’s your opinion ! outside observer and most foreign entity unbiased of this president however thought otherwise…..others are more incompetent that P-Noy. think again….

  7. Muriel Magtanggol on

    With him goes the reputation of his parents. I regret having joined people power because we can see now what the Aquinos have led us to. I do not regret not having Ninoy as our president as who knows what he could have done too. Does the fruit fall far from the tree? I feel short changed, duped by the Aquinos. Like that song atteibuted to Ninoy who was thought of as the man from La Mancha, they just gave us “Impossible Dreams”!

  8. victor m. hernandez on

    Wittingly or unwittingly, whatever P-Noy did that caused the death of the 44 SAF, it has the effect of unraveling what really is the BBL. The BBL has been scuttled, the Malaysian’s hands have been revealed, and the imminent rending of Central Mindanao from the territorial integrity of the Republic of the Philippines has been brought to light.
    The AFP need to discern the facts on this Mamansapano and the BBL, to make the appropriate move to defend the state and the Filipino people from the ineptness of Republic’s leaders and from the interference of foreign hands with the collaboration of the Philippine political leaders and functionaries. .

  9. Along d same line of transparency,have we take a look or investigate the pag ibig
    Funds CEO of using Vice pres.Binay own security agency for 3months she pay out of pag ibig funds 420,000pesos for her private bodyguard ,mr.vice president is this normal
    For a government official who owns his company to have a private dealings with another government official since we’re using public funds for this deal ,and where is the delicate sa,aren’t you guys ashamed of ur dealings if this things happen in USA
    Both of u r going to jail,because of conflict of interest n u want to run for president
    Shame on you.

  10. maganda yung suggestion mo mr rick ramos that boy sisi and binay together with lolo (NG) frankiski should resign at the same time for the senate to elect among themselves the caretaker president. amenable ako dito pero kailangan sa election gagawin ay kasama ang mga delegates for the con con to tackle the form of govt. , parliamentary in lieu of the present presidential, and the economic provisions which perpetuate the oligarchs’ rule.

    • Dapat pati si Belmonte eh isabay din sa aksyon na ito. Sobrang tuta din ito. Number 1 na balimbing. Lahat ng nakaupo eh kinaibigan, lahat ng tugtog eh sinayawan.

    • gil arellano on

      i also agree with the suggestion but the con con delegates should be appointed ,get the best people with the best minds…

  11. Why ignore the Constitutional succession? It seems the author is backing the NTC concept. Great presidential performance and trust analysis above. Let’s just let the cards fall where they may in the event of a B.S. Aquino (PNoy) resignation.

    With the Ombudsman probing the accusations against the Binays; the possibily of VP Binay becoming our President in the event of a PNoy resignation until another election seems pretty slim.

  12. Regardless of whether one likes President Aquino or not, past June 2016, a new president will take over. The reality is that whomever is the president, things will not change and may even become worse after President Aquino leaves office because.

    *the same corrupt and incompetent members of congress and the senate keep getting re-elected, along with their support staff.

    *the same corrupt and incompetent of the various national offices are still in power

    *the same criminals and their cohorts still operate in and out of the country that channel bribes and illegal activities to public officials and their staff and these criminals never see the inside of the courtroom.

    so what’s new for July 2016, only the president but still the same game.

    • This cycle of corrupt leaders running the affairs of the government will remain as long as voters elect candidates based on popularity or who has the money to buy votes. Big media company can help educate voters on who’s best to lead by giving all candidates free air time, as public service, to layout their platform, e.g., nationwide televised debates. It will remain to be just a dream to have a good leader unless voters wisen up in electing the next leader.

  13. P, Akialamiro on

    Sir, you said it ALL; AMEN, to all but, sadly, ‘honorable’ is not part of a Philippine politician’s vocabulary.Hence, we have a ‘dishonored’ country.