• Transport office Bans LEDS lights


    The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has released a new memorandum that reiterates its campaign against unauthorized LED lights, sirens and other vehicle modifications.

    The memorandum stemmed from complaints of motorists that LED lights can distract drivers and potentially cause accidents.

    According to the law, LED lamps are allowed as long as they follow the rules stated in Article 4 and Section 34 of Republic Act 4136, which states that, “Additional light may be carried, but no red lights shall be visible forward or ahead of the vehicle. Trucks, buses, trailers, and other similar vehicles must carry, while in use on any public highway during night-time, colored riding lights on each of the four corners not more than ten centimeters from the top.”

    It further stated that, “All motor vehicles shall be equipped with devices for varying the intensity of light and the driver must dim the headlights or tilt the beams downward whenever the vehicle is being operated on well-lighted streets within the limits of the cities, municipalities, and thickly populated barrios or districts, or whenever such vehicle meets another vehicle on any public highway.”

    Motorists violating such rules will be apprehended and have their lights and other unauthorized modifications confiscated and will pay a fine of P5,000.

    The memorandum remains vague since it failed to specify what constitutes a violation.

    “Matagal na namang usap-usapan ‘yang regulation na ‘yan, hindi lang na-implement nang maayos, hindi ako gumagamit ng blinker kasi kahit ako nasisilaw ako tuwing may nakakasalubong akong naka-blinker. [That regulation has been a talk of the town already for the past months, but it is not being implemented properly. Personally, I don’t use blinkers because even I get blinded by other vehicles using blinkers],” said a motorist who requested not to be named, as interviewed by Fast Times.

    LED lamps and lights became popular because of their stronger light beam. According to some riders, the use of LED lights is crucial especially during night-time given that some Metro Manila streets are not well-lit.

    While some motorists suggested that if the LTO will implement the regulation, the government must fix street lamps and lights, and potholes to reduce the possibility of an accident caused by poor lighting of roads.

    In a forum conducted by pinoyexchange.com, motorists said that the brightness of the light shouldn’t be the concern – rather it is how the owner focuses the lights. The light, according to posts from the forum, should be focused not directly on the face of the driver, but on the road. Some of the comments showed more concern with the illegal installation of HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights, especially on vehicles that were elevated.


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