• Transport Woes


    Could’ve been planned better, but it somehow doesn’t feel awful. Taking it to the rather-extreme “now” than adjusting downwards seems better than planning, planning, even more planning, then some more planning, and so forth . . . then finally seeing an attempt a decade later running into all sorts of obstacles.

    Our current public transport system (or “culture,” perhaps) is just, well, crap. It’s almost pure chaos and some control exerted, even if it seems too expedient, somehow sounds better than no controls at all.

    I’m also thinking that, in the long term, controls to this degree may have a positive effect. Metro Manila is a mega city that keeps gaining “mega” levels without really having the infrastructure to support it. There eventually has to be some way of bleeding it out and spread out commerce, industry, and people. If its going to be these inconveniences that starts the push, then, draconian as it may seem, I admit that I don’t really feel against it.

    Bry, bryanbonifacio@yahoo.com


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