• Treason has been committed, what should we do now?


    Until now docile and forgiving Filipinos have tended to look the other way as President B. S. Aquino 3rd routinely abused the Constitution. His crimes have piled up, but none of them had affected the nation as much as his ignoble and wretched response to the January 24 Maguindanao massacre of 44 members of the Philippine National Police Special Action Force (SAF) by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters.

    He failed to show enough sympathy and respect for the martyred policemen and their families, but he used the occasion as a platform to glorify his dead parents at the expense of their old enemies.

    The 44 victims were among the finest in our police force. Nearly half of them were 26 years old and younger. They were killed while on a special mission to bring in two well-known Muslim terrorists–the Malaysian bomb-maker Zulkifli bin Hiralias “Marwan,” and his Filipino confederate, Basit Usman, who carried a combined bounty of $6 million from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. This was to be paid not to the apprehending peace officers but to the one who provided the information leading to the death or capture of the targets.

    The Moros finished off the 44 after their support forces, which included a light armored brigade, deployed close to the area of operations, failed to respond to the calls for back-up, after they had been ordered to “stand down.”

    Unanswered and unasked questions.

    Many questions remain unanswered. Some have not even been asked yet.

    Just exactly who was running “Operation Wolverine,” as the operation was reportedly called? Under the PNP operational chain of command, the line of authority flows directly from the President and Commander-in-Chief to his alter-ego, the Secretary of Interior and Local Government, and then to the PNP chief and the Regional District Commander. But neither DILG Secretary Mar Roxas nor acting PNP chief Leonardo Espina nor the Regional Commander knew of the operation.

    While DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, acting Director General Espina and SAF Director Getulio Napenas were in Cotabato after the massacre, a visibly angry Roxas reportedly asked Napenas, “Who authorized the SAF mission?” The latter reportedly responded, “the President.” Instead of complaining to Aquino, a visibly angry Roxas sackedNapenas on the spot for failing to coordinate with him.

    Indeed, instead of following the established operational chain of command, Aquino created his own chain of command, effectively bypassing Roxas, Espina, and the Regional Commander, choosing to involve Director-General Alan Purisima alone, even though he had just begun serving a six-month suspension order from the Ombudsman because of corruption charges.

    How did this happen?

    Purisima was made “Case Officer” of Oplan Wolverine long before he was suspended, and this was never revoked even after his suspension. This was an inexcusable lapse, but aside from his being known to be Aquino’s personal favorite, this seemed the only other reason for his continued involvement in the project.

    Now, the SAF is merely a “force provider,” that’s all. Even though Napenas has “assumed responsibility for everything,” it seems clear he has simply decided to take the fall in the name of the service. There is no reason to accept his self-incriminating statement, nor to agree with Gazmin, who was himself out of the loop, that Napenas was the ground commander. Neither could Roxas hold him accountable for failing to inform or coordinate with him.

    It was the President’s task to course things through Roxas, following the established chain of command. But if Aquino had chosen to bypass Roxas, it was not Napenas’ duty to inform Roxas. His sacking therefore seems a completely unjustified tantrum on Roxas’ part.

    Organizing the mission
    Now, how was the Wolverine force organized? With a total of 392 commandos involved, this means 50 teams of eight members each. How were they chosen? Who put them together? How was the ground commander chosen? Who chose him, and what was his name? Regardless of what has already appeared in the media, these questions deserve forthright answers.

    Who ordered the stand-down?

    But the most important question of all is this: Who gave the order for the support forces to stand down? And why was it given? It was not only a simple tactical decision that a commander makes whether to defend a position or withdraw when pinned down. It was a political decision of the highest import made by the highest authority in charge of the entire operation. It could not have come from a mere ground commander. And there was no higher authority involved here than the President himself.

    At the time, Aquino was in Zamboanga with Teresita Deles, the presidential adviser on the peace process, reportedly monitoring the operation from an intelligence facility inside the Western Mindanao command. At the same time, a civilian team from Deles’ office had reportedly entered the MILF camp in the middle of the gun battle, to negotiate with the MILF camp a cessation of the hostilities that had broken out in violation of the ceasefire agreement between the MILF and the government.

    There is reason to believe that Aquino did not want to endanger the team’s mission. At the same time he was mortally afraid that if the government tanks started rolling in with all of the support forces, a fullscale military engagement would ensue, and its first immediate casualty would be his “peace process” and the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (Babala), which seeks to create a new political entity for the MILF to replace the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, earlier created by law for the Moro National Liberation Front.

    So the stand-down order was given, and the result is now history.

    Aquino’s real role
    Aquino has not had the courage to admit with candor his role in this tragedy. He had greater courage attacking his family’s dead enemies. He has pointed to Purisima as the one reportedly calling all the shots. This is unacceptable; it just doesn’t make sense. Given that Purisima remains suspended to this day, it is hardly credible that the SAF commander or any other officer or unit involved in the operation would take any order from him without any confirmation from higher authority.

    More to the point, if the PNP were running the show, wouldn’t the funding have come from the PNP as well? But the PNP did not fund it, so who did? Malacañang? Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa’s anti-terrorism council? Or some foreign government?

    Ignoble reaction
    Aquino’s personal and official reaction to the whole tragedy shows it all. The tragedy occurred on Sunday; but Aquino managed to say something about it only on Wednesday evening. In his speech, he failed to condemn the massacre but talked more about the need to push the peace process and the Babala in Congress. Then he failed to show up at the Villamor Air Base to receive the bodies of the fallen policemen, choosing to attend instead a Japanese company function out of town. When he finally showed up at the necrological services for the policemen, he was one hour late, and he used the occasion to talk about himself and the murder of his father, the masterminds of which neither he nor his late mother had shown any eagerness to identify.

    We cannot blame the bereaved families of the fallen and so many of our countrymen for being angry at this time. What has come out of Aquino’s mouth and the mouths of all his lackeys is all about the need to ram through the Babala in Congress as though the massacre never happened. But the massacre has exposed at least two things that have made the indecent haste to ram through the Babala doubly unacceptable.

    Two realities
    First of all, contrary to all assurances from the MILF, they have been harboring terrorists within their camp. The case of Marwan and Usman proves this beyond all doubt. Second, contrary to the propaganda that the BIFF is a breakaway faction of the MILF, and that they have nothing to do with each other, they are in fact working together. This is reminiscent of the situation in the 1990s when the MILF was presented as a mere breakaway faction of the MNLF, only to emerge as the main insurgent force after the MNLF had made peace with the government.

    We have suffered enough betrayals in the past. Let us not suffer any more now. We could perhaps stand betrayal from the MILF, but we should not allow ourselves to be betrayed by our own President. Yet as far as millions of our countrymen today are concerned, this is what has happened in Maguindanao. For them, treason has been committed, and this cannot go unpunished. The people must act.

    Message to Aquino
    It is not easy to put into words what so many of our people feel about their self-indulgent and sanctimonious President. But after listening to his two unbelievably self-centered speeches after the massacre, Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa, a leading spiritual and moral light of the National Transformation Council, has shared with us the following message to Aquino:

    “How can you lead us, much less comfort or console us, when you are buried in the quagmire that is your self?

    “How can you listen to our cries when you are deafened by the wailings of your own fears and unforgiveness?

    “How can you weep when your eyes mirror your hardened heart and tears can no longer fall from them?

    “How can you pray when your soul bows to relativistic gods?

    “How can you pursue peace when your path is hounded by your past that keeps pulling you back and pulling you down to dwell only in the comfort zone of your own ego?

    “How can you stand tall when you have limited your myopic view to selfish gains?

    “Cry, my fellow countrymen, for our fallen brothers… But cry more for ourselves if we are not moved to right the wrong and bring justice not only for our soldiers but for every Filipino unjustly served.

    “Only then can true peace and progress be achieved.

    “Let’s unite and rebuild this Blessed Land. Turn to God who will not fail His faithful ones.

    “Remember Cory had 22 dead farmers at Mendiola. PNoy had 44 dead policemen in Maguindanao.”



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    1. You are the traitor Kit Tatad. Few people remember that you were the mouthpiece of the New Society of Ferdinand Marcos. It was YOU who placed a human face to the fallacy that was the New Society. You got out of the government in disgrace. Then you had the gall to run as Senator. I did my part by not voting for you because the Aquino legacy of democracy was given to us and that was the only wayavailable to me. An imperfect political system but guaranteeing our freedoms nonetheless. The same system that allows you to continue to make these seditious statements. Alas this is also part of our democracy. A famous man said, I may hate what you say but I will defend your right to say it. . . so go knock yourself out.

    2. The most sure thing that the MILF will do, i will bet my own balls, that this organization will declare a secession from the philippines once BBL will be passed. This people has already long planned this a long time ago. They ,(MILF) even visited cataluna in Spain to see how secession from the main government will work.

    3. No one is perfect not even me not even you Tatad, Unless we learn to understand learned to appreciate a person in his or her total contribution to the society . that is where you can draw the line. The President Nonoy, is not perfect but he tried to make the best out of his Presidency for the betterment of our country. it hard to overhaul the corrupt system . but at least he is succeeding inch by inch. His legacy will be kinder if he succeed to help our next generation restored the dignity that we once as filipino are proud of. is sad to learn about the fate that bestow upon our beloved SAF officers. maybe God has a purposed why this events happened,

    4. Cry is what I can do by now. Am helpless Pinoy. The oligarchs chinoy kastilanoys now comes japinoys plus the dap pdaf money will always protect PAquino. More so with the U.S. hands behind PBA3 pnoyt we are all helpless. Most priest are all Aquino supporters. Priest can not even unite to condemn the insults made by PBA3 in his welcome speech for the Pope.
      Yes Filipinos can just only cry but their tears will soon drown all the evil of leaders.

    5. Asan ang response ng MILF, MNLF and BIFF, Mr. Iqbal baka meroon ka pa sasabihin kapag kinatok ka sa pinto eh pagbabarilin mo agad. Gago ka pala, ang sagot eh sino po sila?? Talagang walang kang pinag-aralan, boboko ka pa sa tsungo ko. Meroon pa bang muklo o muslim who would like comment on this massacre? Will the real wanna be muklo stand up and grab your balls. Hasan na si Lukman, Ali, Dimaporo, Dimalanta, Makwan, Alonto to name a few. Say something and defend your side or bring us the heads of your brothers in arms! Polashit or yeloshit or blakshit pick your choice.

    6. just wanna ask, if the BBL is proposed by the MILF and gonna replace the ARMM created by the peace agreement with the MNLF, what happens then to the MNLF? So, is that gonna cause another war with the MNLF?

    7. At the root of all the problems in Mindanao is Malaysia and its world power backers stealing Sabah and up to now not returning Sabah back to the Philippines.


    8. what should we do now? is to shut your mouth that you have been poisoning the Filipino people.

      anyway only the Pnoy haters and bobobobobotantes are on your side..

      what a shame…..you tatad.

      look at your face on the mirror… and tell us ?????? LOL

    9. tatad what a shame. you are an element of the crimes committed by your boss MARCOS. YOU ARE SO EVIL tatad. what a shame you have the guts to speak like this in media concert. only the Pnoy haters like you gag–go!!!

      Satan is waiting for you and your big boss marcos is already there…

    10. I agree with you 100% Senator Tatad. Treason was indeed commited. The crime of treason seems to flow in the Aquino bloodline. History tells us that his grandfather Benigno Aquino Sr. started it all in World War II when he was charged with treason after thr war for collaborating with the japanese invaders but died before being tried in court.

    11. Why was the PNP trying to serve a warrant of arrest on a terrorist? Is the military is so inefficient it can’t handle that? Why even bother with a military? Once again, why were they trying to serve a warrant?

    12. I pity those who ALWAYS resort in favor of ousting an elected president. If there are any responsibility that needs to be owned, it’s yours who voted for him. Obviously the majority of the Filipino populace lured him in and made him the President. Although Pnoy may not be the perfect leader in your flawed standards, it’s your responsibility to see to it that he follows through. Let’s say that you are again successful in ousting a president- what then? Do you think the Vice President is capable of seeing through the responsibility and reform you ask for – probably not. If you like change to happen, you need to change yourself. Vote wisely and be informed. Abolish your petty crab mentality.

    13. Shall we just standby and watch our country to fall or shall we act as a nation to make a new start? A new president who is strong and decisive. a new president who does not abandoned his men in uniform in times of danger but rescue them with strong resolve.

    14. If this happened in Korea or Japan, the head of state will resign. In the Philippines, that will never happen. Only another people’s revolt will force Aquino out.

    15. “there is no worse price than capitulating before an enemy who attacks you without any right to do so.”

      By initiating and encouraging the passing the BBL for peace, The Philippine Government and its supporters in Congress have been capitulating to the enemies of our nation.

      The Philippine Military must arrest these democratically elected/appointed leaders and present them for trial in custody to the Supreme Court for judgement for treason and removal from public office by the full bench of the Supreme Court.

      The Philippine Military shall continually protect the whole Filipino People.

      The Philippine Military in upholding the Constitution of the Philippines must not usurp any civilian, executive, legislative, judicial authority.

      Immediately within 5 days, the vacant offices of the President of the Philippines et all must be filled-up with whom our 1987 Constitution mandates.

      In compliance with the 1987 Constitution, the Philippine Military shall then serve the interim President as its commander-in-chief, and handing over its powers to the civilian government as mandated by our Constitution.

      No piece of land nor government legal executive legislative authority be vested to the enemies of the Republic of the Philippines, in exchange for peace or secession of any all-out war.

      The entire Philippine Territory’s integrity must be maintained at all times. Never should it be dismembered by any treaty, deals , agreements.

      The Philippines must dictate the terms of peace and not rely on any foreign power as broker.

    16. To any thinking Filipino, it Is obvious that the President is as deadly as an assault rifle. He can’t remember issues and take responsibility for his contribution that led to failure. He can’t forgive his predessesors rise up and move forward. Now, Treason for a thousand reasons is your case against the Filipino people.

    17. this sounds like tom clancy’s “clear and present danger” novel. the plot, its twist and turn, including the role of deles, ay saktong sakto sa librong iyon! those malacanang guys should have read that damn novel. that novel ended with the resignation of the prez. gee wiz

    18. I am no fan of Mr. Tatad; but what he says in this article makes a lot of sense and he is asking the right questions. What to do in the face of treason by no less than the President, the Commander in chief? Perhaps Chief Justice Sereno who do not serve the president can provide some of the answers.

    19. You summed up the popular sentiments of patriotic Filipinos, Mr Kit Tatad. We had enough of this incompetent and indecisive leader. Lives were lost in the Luneta hostage crisis, Zamboanga siege and now Mamasapano. In all these events the President’s presence and decisive leadership was sorely missed. He was to appear and speak only much later when the damage was done. It is obvious that he is incapable of decidng by himself and always need advices from his equally mediocre advisers. The problem with this is that sometimes quick and spontaneous decision making like the one in Mamapasano is needed to avoid loss of lives. How long and how many more lives have to be lost? What if an invasion occur in the West Philippine Sea? Do we have to wait for 3 days as usual before our President show up or decide? God save our country!

    20. We are all being misled by the MILF, politicians.
      Gen. Roberto “Boogie” Mendoza disclosed that the MILF have a gun manufacturing facility. It gives the MILF confidence and power.
      But that is not the true bigger picture.
      In 1994-95 a case involved deportation of so-called 10 Little Indians from the country. Those Indians were not from India, they were Pakistanis and real Terrorists who also sidelined in drugs, white slavery, human smuggling and massive gun running.
      One of these Pakistanis was kept in the dark and never exposed. This one was educated in the West and is said to even have been recruited by NASA. This scholar had a doctorate and a world renown expert in metallurgy. Problem is he was one of the captured purported 10 Little Indians.
      Despite the fact of their being Pakistanis, the Vice President at the time and his bayot lieutenant, made a deal to take 250 big manoks in dollars, by Hongkong bank to bank transfer and even built good sturdy bridges with Vice President’s kababayan from Pangasinan, Sen. Leticia R. Shahani. The 10 Little Indians were deported all right but the one metal expert, scientist, genius remained in the Philippines.
      This genius was the one that became the heart of the ammunitions factory in Cotabato-Maguindanao – strongholds of the MILF.
      If what Gen. Boogie Mendoza is saying is true, quite possibly, the ammunitions factory might have expanded into production of firearms.
      If the international community does not step in and ask the MILF for the dismantling of this munitions plant and alleged firearms factory, there is terrible terrible trouble to come for many.
      When MILF becomes ruler of autonomous Muslim Mindanao they will have control of bigger resources than when Pres. Fidel V. Ramos allowed them to collect toll money from the Narciso Ramos Highway. That’s big big critical threat. State sponsored terror and all the ingredients that go with it.
      Let us all work and pray to stop the fake peace process and first level the…

    21. what we should do now? simple, tell congress and senate to stop neglecting the modernization of AFP and PNP. I cannot believe that up to this day the PNP SAF and swat have no armored cars or armored personnel cariiers, and no Huey choppers for troop transport and air strike capabilities. PNP being a very large organization needed these assets in their fight against terrorism and counter insurgency. of course this is the fact too that many of their higher ups are incompetents and how they got that job is probably whom you know and not what you know. a lot of police work is common sense, if the leader lacks common sense then just very dangerous. lol

    22. A skilled leader can turn this into our advantage, now that public opinion seems to have galvanized against the BBL and the MILF. However, clumsy leadership can turn this into a perpetual , multisided , fratricidal war worse than the one that Marcos faced down in the 70s. Take note that the Americans were not actively involved in that situation but today they are. Where American “peace efforts” go, blood always follows. We are at a crucial juncture.

    23. Vicente Penetrante on

      We should be on guard, Mr. Tiglao said the President “cacoon himself.” Let us catch him when the cacoon starts to break, before he flies away.

    24. You are right, Sir Tatad, treason has been committed by the highest official of the land. How come you ordered the AFP Army units in the area including the remaining SAF groups to stand down because of the ongoing peace process while the other party to this peace pact is busy with the massacre of the other 44 SAF group in violation of the ceasefire agreement. Even if it is the SAF commander ordered this stand down, it is very obvious that the order emanated from Pnoy and Sec Deles. So, this Peace Pact and the coveted Nobel Peace Prize is more important than the lives of these 44 SAF members? Samakatuwid pakitang tao lang ang pagpunta ni Noynoy sa mga Eulogy Rites ng mga patay na mga pulis? The President is shameless and unprincipled human being.

      • The President and Commander in Chief is the one directly responsible for the death of the SAF44. Many could have been saved if the reinforcement were not ordered to stand down.The SAF44 are heroes and we must not allow them to be forgotten.

    25. Organize the “BIG MARCH” to Malacanyang from north, south, west, and east. People are waiting and eager to drive out the “wolverines” out of malacanyang!

    26. Gising PILIPINAS Gising! Umulat ang mga mata sa katotohanan. Huwag magkubli sa anino ng takot. Sigaw ni BONIFACIO – REBOLUSYON!
      REBOLUSYON para sa kapakanan ng Bayan hindi para sa iilan Dilaw na pamilya.
      Anong klaseng Pinuno itong si Aquino? INUTIL!
      Hinayaan ma-katay ang mga tagapagtangol ng bayan sa mga kamay ng MILF.

    27. It’s time for the NTC led by bishops to gather at EDSA shrine and the police to stand up against this insensitive government. No BBL and order an all out war against the MILF and BIFF. We should not wait for tomorrow to act. Let’s act today.

      • yes, let’s do it now…somebody please LEAD US…the talking and talking and talking IS OVER…the Republic is under siege from the traitors on top. LET’s SAVE THE PHILIPPINES !!!

    28. Abraham Manlulu on

      how can we unite and stand as one republic?
      How can we dance and move together in one music?
      How can we look upon to our leader?
      If our Police and Military have broken Chain of Command?
      If our political leaders have selfish interest above their constituents?
      If our President is perceived a weakling, blinded of political vendetta and political debts?

    29. Ruben V. Calip on

      What do we do now? Rise up and support the National Transformation Council’s call for Aquino to RESIGN NOW.
      But the powers of the presidency will be temporarily exercised by the Council–without Binay.

    30. I dont think you will get any honest answers from anyone on this. Filipinos are known for not taking responsibility for anything & when something so horrible as this happens all involved will be trying their best to pass the buck. But had it been successful they would have been there taking all the pats on the back & all the credit for a successful operation.
      Lets see who lies or hinders the investigation. It will happen, mark my words.

    31. victor m. hernandez on

      First, with the abused PDAF & DAP, the poser in Malacanang become a financial dictator; now with the covert operation in Mindanao that caused 44 fallen SAF, by passing the established chain of command, the poser in Malacanang become a military and police dictator as well. We, the Filipino people, cower in fear under a collosal dictator. What should we do? The question is asked. The true sovereign of this republic is the Filipino people, who should have no fear and rise up to evict the poser of Malacanang. Congress, the first department of the government, is ransomed and will not do the right thing, that is to indict and impeach the poser. What a nation we are, who never learn from history: the Philippines is ruled by one S_B, who lord it over 100 million cowering minions (well, except the unsubjugated moros after invasion of the Spaniards, Americans, British, Americans, Japanese, and Americans). If we are Japanese of the Bushido oath, we all need to to do zeppuku as honorable exit; but we are mostly Christians who live by the code of mercy and compassion. The late cardinal of the house of Sin, quipped: love without justice is baloney!

    32. it would be too far fetched to call pnoy;s kapalpakan treason. pnoy is simply plain stupid and incompetent, these 2 qualities alone and his long list of stupid mistakes from the day he became president is enough to make him anything but president. pnoy should step down for the sake of the philippines otherwise, who knows what other worse things can come out while he is still president

    33. chthonic monster on

      the one who gave the order to “stand down” is the TRAITOR! bring this MotherF****r to justice and the brave patriotic soldier’s would not have died in vain!

    34. They say the fruit never falls far from the tree.. In this case, the fruit fell from the tree, rolled down a hill and off a cliff… We are now witness to the “real daan na matuwid” of PNoy and unmasked him as a whining, self-centered, egotistic and vindictive person that he truly is… The Philippines deserves a much, much better leader… His parents must be turning in their graves…

    35. Why does Aquino continue to trust these Muslims? I have always been told since I was a kid that the only Muslim who could be trusted is a DEAD MUSLIM.

      This may sound uncharitable, but time and again this truth is borne out by events.

      So the MILF is supposed to lay down their arms – so what about this massacre now?

      • This event is distinct from the fact that the perpetrators of this lopsided encounter are Muslims. You don’t generalize people based on their religion. That is one way of stoking the fires of war in Mindanao. That is their mindset: you and us against Luzon. Us Muslims against these Christian Hordes. If we go to war right now, do you think we are any different from Purisima, who “remote-controls” the operation in mindanao from the confines of his place here in Luzon? Aren’t we also remotely controlling what’s going on in Mindanao? Are we mere agitators, keyboard warriors who reeks of vengeance against the perpetrators just to satisfy our own bloodlust? Easy for you to say, the fires of war isn’t on your doorstep.

    36. Wehave no choice but to declare him as “incapacitated” and “disabled” for failing in his duty as CiC, deceit and coverups, send a team of foreign doctors to assess his untreated medical condition(is he really nuts? ,)if so, he can be impeached, if not then he go to jail with his minions, he is under great stress that any subsequent executive decision are just copouts, it is clear he is not thinking straight and may snap anytime.

      Mr. Tatad, what scares us most is the INACTION from the masses, but we feel that the country is in agreement that this walking CURSE MUST GO NOW…

      Mr. President, Its GAME OVER! give this nation a chance it deserves…..

    37. history will not lie and cannot be changed but may be deliberately distorted and confused for the gullible uninformed or ignorant for selfish motives and purposes.

    38. The President should have publicly denounced in the boldest terms the murder of his soldiers and gave ultimatum to those MILF leaders to surrender their combatants who were involved in the massacre just to show he is sincere and immediately stopped the peace negotiations until justice is attained. The President did not do it. Well what can we expect to an unprincipled and hypocrite occupant in the Malacanang? He should resign now. The world is laughing at us now. We Filipinos drove in millions to pray infront of Pope Francis just so God will spare us of our present miseries but we million Filipinos cannot have courage to ouster our incompetent and hypocrite President who is now the cause of our present miseries.

    39. PILIPINAS!

    40. “Treason has been committed, what should we do now?” This question is best addressed to the officers and men of the AFP and PNP. They should provide the Filipino people the answer/s ASP.

    41. The most effective solution to rid our country with inutile President is to kick him out by force through People Power. No ifsss, no butsss!. But the trouble is – Filipinos are complacent.

    42. A perfect scenario for a General bent on reform. he has the entire police force behind him. Let’s hope not for peace.

    43. Sino ang nag-utos!!
      Si Aquino ay tautauhan lang ng US at ng CIA!
      Hindi niya kayang mag-sarili kung wala ang America,at ang nagbigay ng supporta upang mapilitang.
      pumasok ang SAF!
      Hindi kayang magsalita ni Aquino ng totoo dahil kailangan niyang pagtatakpan ang pagsunod niya sa mga kano!!
      Hanggang ang US ang sino-sunod ni Aquino! Wala tayong maaasahan katotohanan!

    44. sonny dela cruz on

      The question is, who will investigate who plan and gave the order to go with the plan. First, the congress should be the one, right away to open an inquiry of what happened and who order the plan but where is the congress? Do you believe the congress will come up with the right answer? They have been paid earlier with DAP, no matter what the president’s wrong doing, the congress people are tight lip to investigate any situation that will involve the President. Mark my word, this congress will aprroved the Bangsamoro Law, no doubt about it. The people cannot do anything right now because the military is under the President’s personal bodyguards too maybe, not because of the system to protect the President by law but maybe in a questionable matters too because they are so silent even the constitution is being violated so many times by the President. Now of all the problems arises, there should always be a solution. The congress is inutile, the supreme court is flip-flapping whether they will go along with the President or not and the Military is not even showing any dismayed for what’s happening even the constitution is being violated or the people’s cry. The only solution comes from the Filipino people itself.

    45. Napenas must be man enough to tell who ordered the failed fatal maneuver by SAF. Where is Purisma? When will he return to the Philippines. Most likely, Purisma will not return to the Philippines.

    46. Mr. Aquino should take full responsibility and should be forced to resign though people power and continuous street demonstrations for failing to order reinforcement of our beleaguered heroic slain officers while being mercilessly massacred by the lawless MILF and BIFF in Mamasapanto. The MILF and BIFF are the personifications of Satan on earth they have no place in our civilized world. Mr. Aquino and PNP Director Purisma who is suspended for alleged anomalies committed treason and they must tried impartially and must be punished with the maximum penalty prescribed by law. The murderers must be exterminated all at once to clearly demonstrate the seriousness of the government in pursuing justice and implementing the rule of law in our country. Mr. Senator Tatad please help us organize the citizens to come out and protest in the cities and towns to demand for full accountability and justice for the slain officers and all the victims of atrocities perpetrated by terrorists particularly, the MILF, MNLF, BIFF and NPA. We must not stop untiil Mr. Aquino and his cabinet must step down and a snap election should be called immediately.

      Let us organize now and start to demonstrate! Stop the peace talks unless the MILF surrender the criminals who killed our police officers and return all the guns and personal belongings of those slain heroes.

      • Heh heh heh…. Constitution says Binay “IN” when Noyi-the-noynoy is “OUT”. Everybody knows that, even China.

    47. Roldan Guerrero on

      Outseating the IDIOT is not enough. He should face MUSKETRY composed of 44 SAF Elements. With all the crimes he did, I dont know why Filipinos do not start the great move for this USELESS PRESIDENT!

    48. Presently, a great number of our people are just waiting for the call for us to assemble at EDSA to bring the Abnoy down. We cannot tolerate anymore deaths from him. He should be the one put to death for violating the Constitution and for turning against his own people in pursuit of his own greed and ambition.