• Treason: politicizing the military


    WAS the fuss over the ruling by the Supreme Court accepting the legitimacy of the presidential candidacy of Senator Grace Poe just a distraction from an even bigger scandal?

    Last Wednesday, cadets at the Philippine Military Academy in Baguio were visited by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) frontman Mohagher Iqbal and the government’s chief MILF advocate Miriam Coronel-Ferrer in a meeting organized by MindaNews. The objective of the meeting was evidently to promote the failed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), with Ferrer reportedly even going so far as to distribute copies of the proposed legislation to the audience of young officer candidates.

    Had this meeting occurred on another day, it may have been regarded by the public as the appalling, scandalous act of treason on the part of the Administration, but since it took place the day after the equally execrable ruling on the Poe case by the Supreme Court, it escaped attention; most news reports about it did not appear until a day or two later, if at all.

    Whoever permitted such a meeting to take place should be immediately charged with treason, and since we cannot imagine that a decision to allow a sworn enemy of the Republic (Iqbal did, after all, state for the record in a Senate hearing that he does not observe loyalty to the Philippines) to address the cadets at the PMA could be made without the endorsement of the Commander-in-Chief, we are laying the blame for it squarely at the feet of the President. If Aquino did not specifically authorize the meeting then at the very least he was grossly negligent in his sworn duty to defend and protect the nation.

    Keep in mind that even though both sides are exerting efforts to interact peacefully, a legal agreement formally establishing peace and putting an end to the MILF’s rebellion does not actually exist; the “Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro,” not yet having been ratified by the Senate – as required by the Constitution, since Aquino unilaterally decided to elevate the MILF to the status of a sovereign power – is nothing but a piece of paper, as is its enabling law, the BBL, which in the wake of last year’s Mamasapano massacre has been pointedly rejected by even Aquino’s most pliant disciples in the Legislature.

    Allowing Iqbal and Ferrer to take their lonely, pathetic campaign to breathe new life into the stiffened corpse of the BBL to the PMA is a shockingly brazen act of politicizing the military – something the top command of the armed forces, as well as the President himself, following long-established and entirely proper tradition, routinely cautions against in rather strong terms.

    The fight for peace in Mindanao now lies in the halls of Congress and is a struggle to create a law that is both constitutionally sound and serves the best interests of those affected by the long, tragic conflict. The only role of the military, and of the impressionable young minds at the PMA once they take their places as active members of the armed forces, is to defend that eventual law. Iqbal and Ferrer were, in effect, making an argument to the cadets that they should support the interests of the narrow elite who stand to benefit from the BBL and the dismemberment of the country it would lead to, rather than the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines.

    That is treason, which no civilized government would allow, or allow to go unpunished.


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    1. Please note that BBL is a dead deal. One more thing, who authorize, the leader of terrorist group to go and visit the PMA??? This is a big insult to the Republic of the Philippines.. This institution is exclusive only for our PMA students and not for everybody…we may charge for Treason those involve who arrange this visit of Iqbal.. Talagang traydor talaga itong mga dilawan na ito lalong lalo na si panotski.. Brain washing na nmn ang ginagawa nya.. sa mga taga PMA, animal talaga…

    2. Clara Guttierrez on

      It only makes sense that the peace panels attend the graduation because this young soldiers will soon handle the situation in Mindanao. They are the ones at the forefront of battle. They need to know the peace process and its implications to their sworn duty. The speech of PNoy makes perfect sense on this matter. Read below:

      “Napag-uusapan na rin natin ang mga naipit na panukala, alam naman ninyo na sa Daang Matuwid ay talagang sinikap nating isulong ang peace process. Bumuo tayo ng ugnayang nakabatay sa tiwalang kasama ang MILF. Alam po natin ang kasabihang “Ang kasundaluhan ang huling magnanais na magkaroon ng kaguluhan.” Sila nga ang unang sasabak sa hidwaan, sila ang unang magsasakripisyo, at sila ang unang malalagay sa peligro. Nariyan po ang panukalang Bangsamoro Basic Law, kasama na ang Framework Agreement at Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro. Ang hangad natin: Maghatid ng katarungan, kapayapaan, at kaunlaran sa Bangsamoro.

      Ang masakit po, may dalawang miyembro ng Senado na tahasang hinarang ang BBL. Dito ko naalala yung sinasabi ng nakakatanda: Sige, malinawag na ayaw mo, ano naman ang gusto mo? Ang dalawang miyembrong ito ng Senado, naiwan na lang sa “ayaw” nang walang nilalatag na mas mainam na solusyon. Kayo na nga po ang humusga kung sino sa amin ang nagkulang at kung sino naman ang tumotoo sa inyo.”


    3. Amnata Pundit on

      Marcos said Ninoy Aquino was not a rival but an enemy of the state. So what do you expect of this regime that was founded on his name, especially that his only begotten son is now the one running the show? How long can this country endure the curse of this yellow regime of hypocrites?

    4. Santonio Merro on

      Sir/Madam Editor
      You can say treason what ever you want to say to the organizer of such meeting, Yeah , because you don’t want peace in Mindanao, anyway you are just sitting in your air conditioned office in Manila without regards the Mindanaoans who always suffered the brunt even mere pockets of skirmishes by the opposing party right? Enough for the sufferings of the Mindanoans, We need peace not a mouthpiece, nor barking dog of a multinational corporation that oftenly resulted to multi displacement of Moro people and IP as well. Are you??

    5. This is so outrageous this ikbal is a butcher and now he’s meeting with his future sheep?

    6. Why is this treason? Do you not think students should know RP history and support a peace process? Perhaps your narrative should be deemed treason?

    7. leave the BBL to the next government. Dont force it, it wont have a good resolution if hurried…

      • the “dying BBL” can best be refreshed back to life under the Federal form of govt. and it can even be improved further, for the best interest not only of the Moro people but also to all filipinos nationwide.