• ‘Treasure Trove’: 50 Disney animated films on ice

     ‘Disney on Ice Treasure Trove’ features 50 animated films

    ‘Disney on Ice Treasure Trove’ features 50 animated films

    This holiday season, Filipino children are in for a once-in-a-lifetime show featuring Walt Disney’s first to 50th animated film with Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove. Set to open on Christmas Day, the annual Disney production at the Araneta Coliseum will run until January 5, 2014.

    “Every year is a different Disney on Ice. This year is a celebration of 50 animations, from the very first Snow White and the Seven Dwarves [1937] until Tangled [2010]. It showcases generations of Disney stories and characters from the past and present,” announced Blake Tatroe regional marketing director of Feld Entertainment at press conference on November 29 at the Gloria Maris Banquet Hall in Araneta Center.

    According to Tatroe, now that the production is on its 23rd year in the Philippines, there will be many new things that will excite the young and old alike. “Many of the films you will see will be a first on Disney on Ice like Peter Pan and Lion King,” he shared. “But my favorite is Little Mermaid. In this number, we will incorporate black light technology, which is also a first for us. [It will be] very beautiful.”

    Besides this, Tatroe also said that crowd interaction will make the show more special.

    “We really want to bring audiences up in their feet, as well as the kids to feel that they are part of the show,” he enthused.

    So expect characters Rapunzel and Flynn to share a special moment with an audience member when they release a lantern together; Sebastian to invite everyone to be a part of the rhythm during “Under the Sea”; Peter Pan and Tinker Bell to encourage the crowd to echo the crocodile’s “tick tock”; and Aladdin stops to shake hands with guests in Agrabah.

    The story begins by taking audiences to Wonderland where Alice, the Mad Hatter,
    Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and the White Rabbit are “Painting the Roses Red” for the Queen of Hearts. Then, audiences will escape to Never Land with Peter Pan and hang out in the Lost Boys’ hideout, complete with a slide.

    As the show progresses the lighting takes center stage, transporting the audience directly into the heart of each tale. For the beginning of The Lion King, Blevins lights the ice with warm hues of yellow, orange, and gold creating a peaceful early morning.

    As the story continues and Simba finds himself in trouble, Blevins’ dramatic lighting and dark shadows, along with the sound of hooves, make audiences feel as if they’re with Simba in the direct path of the wildebeests.

    The production concludes with a capti-vating parade of all nine Disney Princesses, bringing the production to a final culmination of excitement and adventure.

    With an extraordinary lineup of hit songs, memorable scenes and timeless characters, Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove will have audiences reliving the magic of Disney’s most cherished animated films all over again.

    For ticket inquiries log on to www.ticketnet.com.ph or call (02) 911-5555.          Euden Valdez


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