• Treena Tecson: A modern–day Chocolatier



    If there is one thing I remember about Treena Tecson it’s her positive attitude and her big ball of energy. I met her during my days as a PR Manager for one of the country’s top PR agencies where she worked as a consultant. She was a breath of fresh air on the days she came in simply because she brought about good energy that I was desperately seeking. It’s safe to say we connected immediately and the friendship went beyond deadlines and media mileage.

    In the past year, the ever vibrant Treena ventured into the world of chocolate making. Her story as a brand new chocolatier excites me for two reasons: I am Willy Wonka’s biggest fan and chocolate is one thing I cannot say no to. A mom to two beautiful girls and a wife to Adrian, Treena never had the time to pursue what she describes as a childhood passion up until she left her full time corporate job to put up her own PR consultancy firm.

    Treena enthusiastically shared, “I have always loved chocolates even as a child. Growing up in Bacolod we always had dessert after every meal. And I remember that my favorite desserts always had chocolate in them.”
    She carried this love for chocolates into adulthood and has always been in awe of chocolatiers, “I admire professional chocolatiers who have turned their passion into a profession. I always thought they had the best job because they got paid to make chocolate all day.”

    What initially started out as a passion project, Treena Tecson’s chocolate making turned into a small business when she received positive responses from her family and friends

    Treena then took the first step to turn her dream into a reality, “It was a dream but I needed to make an effort in order to transform it into reality. I started researching about the art of chocolate making. I attended weekend classes and short courses to learn the basics and practiced at home.”

    She then spent time making chocolate bars and truffles for family and friends noting that though her family and her other business kept her busy, making chocolate made her happy. What initially started out as a passion project turned into a small business when she received positive responses from her family and friends, “It was really their support and encouragement that led me to create True Chocolate PH.”

    She explains why she named it so, “I decided to name it True Chocolate PH because that is my true passion, my true joy, and also because I use true ingredients like imported Belgian couverture chocolates.”

    Among her bestsellers are Belgian chocolate bars, Belgian dark chocolate truffles, classic dark truffles, Belgian dark truffles in cocoa powder, and nutty dark truffles. She also says there are a lot still in the research and development phase, most of which she cannot wait to share with new lovers of True Chocolate PH.

    Today, Treena is glad she took the plunge to pursue her dreams, “It was an easy decision to start a new passion project but to turn it into a business was challenging. I had my apprehensions but my husband encouraged me to go for it.” She also notes that what makes it possible is her great support system.

    As for her advice, she says, “Find something you love to do and pursue it with all your heart. Put in the time and effort needed. More importantly, don’t lose sight of why you decided to pursue your passion in the first place.”


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