Trekking the great outdoors in style


Surviving the outdoors can be difficult if you don’t have the right stuff with you. It can get uncomfortable and inconvenient, especially for those who are used to creature comforts.

With its range of outdoor products, Coleman introduces to Philippines for the first time the concept of glamping, or ‘glamorous camping’

With its range of outdoor products, Coleman introduces to Philippines for the first time the concept of glamping, or ‘glamorous camping’

However, there’s a new buzzword in embracing the great outdoors.  It’s called “glamping,” an ingenious cross between the words “glamorous” and “camping.”

Glamping 101

Extreme survival can be exciting, but for those who want to enjoy green pastures, beautiful forests, and luscious meadows without having to sacrifice luxury and comfort, a new range of camping products was launched on April 8 at the Pico de Loro Beach Resort in Batangas.

In response to the “glamping” trend that’s growing steadily in the region, US-based brand Coleman unveiled the tools for “glamping” with the intention of “getting people together and to create long-lasting bonds with the backdrop of nature, building social relationships and creating a deeper appreciation for the environment,” according to Jaime Lau, regional manager of the113-year old company for the Southeast Asia.

Styles and concepts

In the next five years, Coleman aims to become leader in “glamping” across the region, choosing the Philippines as their jump-off point in Southeast Asia.

“The Philippines is a significant market, amounting to about 40 percent of the total Asian market. Most Filipinos buy coolers, but now, we want to introduce easy-to-use camping essentials,” Lau said.

To maximize the most of the outdoors, “glamping” introduces three themes, namely: the “five-minute campsite,” the “chill out,” and the “absolute getaway.”

Setting up campsites can be a challenge, especially with natural conditions, which outdoorsmen (and women) have to contend with. But with innovation and technology, one can easily assemble tents with poles that go up in just one click. Easy-to-follow instructional guides are also available for outdoor beginners and newbies.

The chill out concept is for young groups who want to spend a day out for a leisurely picnic in the park or a nearby beach. “We envision a young family or couple enjoying the sun while having a cup of tea and sweets, under a shaded setup that’s simple to install” Lau said.

The absolute getaway has large groups of friends going on weekend camping trips far from the city. One camping essential for this takes the form of coolers in different shapes, sizes and colors, all with rugged wheels and “telescoping handles” that can be hauled around without breaking anyone’s back.

For cold drinks and perishable goods, an impressive five-day ice retention cooler also promises to “keep drinks and food cold and fresh” keeping the same temperature all throughout the outdoor adventure.

“Even in the hot outdoors, your drinks will still stay cool. If you have a regular cube ice and you leave it in this cooler for the duration of the five days, the ice will still be there, although half melted,” Lau promised.

Cooking on the other hand is made easy with a portable griller and stove.

Best of all an outdoor bathroom facility is now easily accessible!

“Everybody from six to 60 [years old]can enjoy the outdoors with this range. Anyone who enjoys sitting around, chatting, enjoying games, can now do so while experiencing and feeling nature,” Lau enthused.

Recognizing that computers, cell phones, and tablets have taken away the intimacy of personal relationships, the “glamping” trend is definitely a great way to renew personal connections with nature, family and friends.

Coleman will host the first “glamping” event in the Philippines on May 24 and 25 at the Clearwater Resort Country Club in Clark, Pampanga. Log on to its Facebook page for more information.


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