• Trend spotter builds food empire

    Bryan Tiu at the steps of his Japanese restaurant Wafu

    Bryan Tiu at the steps of his Japanese restaurant Wafu

    Beginning his foray into the food business as Domino’s Pizza franchisee, Bryan Tiu is now an emperor of sorts being the founder and CEO of iFoods Group.

    It was in 2005 when his original Japanese casual dining restaurant Teriyaki Boy became so successful that he sold 70­percent stake to the Pancake House Group. He used the proceeds as capital to lay the foundation of the iFoods.

    With endless ideas as he grew the business, Tiu’s company served more than eight million customers across multiple brands.

    Among these trademarks are Peri­Peri Charcoal Chicken, a chicken chain specializing in spit­fire roasted chicken seasoned with African chili; Wafu, a two-story Japanese concept restaurant that continues to redefine Japanese cuisine; Ichiba: Japanese Market, a fresh seafood market and restaurant; Tokyo Café, a Euro-Japanese café that offers diners a fusion of comfort food; Stackers, a burger and chicken brand offering premium angus burgers and the revolutionary “Baked Fried Chicken” which uses 80­percent less oil but still just as tasty and juicy as regular fried chicken; and Kogi Bulgogi, a casual Korean chain serving a delightful selection of Korean dishes with the bulgogi as the highlight and star.

    Tiu was the first to fill the gap in Japanese casual dining with Teriyaki Boy; he was the first in the country to serve spit­fire roasted chicken seasoned with Peri­Peri, a popular African chili; he established Konbini, the first ever large scale Japanese grocery in the country which offers air­flown goods and treats from the Land of the Rising Sun. Ichiba: Japanese Market is the first ever Japanese seafood market.

    For Italian food lovers, iFoods has Parmigiano Ristorante Pizzeria. Opened in 2010 at Resorts World Manila, the restaurant holds the distinction of its Napoletana Pizza being cooked in 90 seconds for the quickest pizza service in the country.

    This brilliant entrepreneur’s travels around the globe in search for next big thing in the international food industry that can be applied to the local scene earned him the respect of the trade to be hailed as trend spotter and setter.

    Truly, in less than two decades, iFoods has become an empire with “Emperor” Bryan Tiu at the helm.


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