• Tribute to Rosalyn Coyiuto


    Rosalinda L. Orosa

    Rosalyn Coyiuto, mother of the eminent business executive James Coyiuto, was honored on her 90th year at the inauguration of the Rosa Aragon Hall at the 9th floor of the Coyiuto House Greenhills.
    Aurora Aragon Quezon was the principal sponsor at the wedding of James’ parents.

    Holy mass was celebrated with the Novo Concertante Manila singing religious hymns, with Arwin Tan conducting. After mass, a short but beautiful musicale followed with Ralph Hoffman’s “Alma Redemptoris Mater,” Guy Forbes’ “O Nata Lux,” and Josu Eberdin’s “Cantate Domine.”

    Cristine Coyiuto, as usual, pointed up her stature as one of the country’s leading pianists. She marked Schumann’s “Arabesque” with exquisitely delicate, restrained, controlled and subtle nuances demanded by the title of the piece, its interpretation approximating the flowing, graceful movements of its balletic counterpart.

    The opening Allegro of Haydn’s “Sonata in D Major” was characterized by brisk, sparkling staccatos. Largo was replete with languid lyrical passages. How strikingly fast and furious was the ending!

    Chopin’s “Polonaise-Fantaisie in A Flat Major” sparkled with intricate, complex chordal and arpeggio passages regarded utterly innovative in the composer’s time.

    Cristine’s powerful, fiery, indeed thunderous chords and arpeggios belied her frail, slight, petite frame. With what speed and impeccable fluency did she execute the runs! Chopin’s lyricism and dramatic flair were outstandingly eloquent, each in its unique fashion.

    Imminently awed, the audience was transported to a heavenly state of musical appreciation while responding with deafening applause. Cristine, attired in a gown of eye-catching elegance, coyly acknowledged it.

    Cristine’s splendid performance was prefaced by James Coyiuto’s speech herewith condensed: His father, Robert, Sr., was named “Mario Zulueta” after his godfather then Speaker of the House Jose Zulueta. His mother, Rosalyn was named “Rosa Aragon” after her godmother, Doña Aurora Aragon Quezon, the country’s second First Lady.

    Thus, the name Rosa Aragon Hall, venue of the tribute and concert.

    Rosa loved music, so did her children. Rosa asked her parents for a piano, unfortunately their house in Paco burnt down. James, in fact, took piano lessons as a child, with his other siblings. His father brought home records of titans Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Grieg and Beethoven.

    The Hall contains salvaged materials from the Coyiuto Dasmariñas Makati home, carefully and painstakingly removed, transported and installed in the beautiful Hall in Greenhills.

    The Hall’s crowning glory is the backdrop of the stage, the wallpaper, which was formerly in the bedroom of James’ parents.

    Finally, James graciously thanked all those who made the Hall possible.


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