Tricycle driver killed by motorcycle-riding men


A tricycle driver was shot dead by motorcycle-riding men in Tondo, Manila on Sunday morning. Witnesses said the victim, John Leary Edlagan, was driving his tricycle on Capulong Street when he was chased by the motorcycle-riding men. The witnesses reported hearing gun shots. The suspects escaped. Police have yet to establish a motive. The victim’s mother has confirmed that Edlagan had used illegal drugs, police said. Edlagan was said to have previously turned himself in to village officials. A report by the investigator, Police Officer 3 Milbert Balinggan, recorded two gunshot wounds on Edlagan’s left chest and back.


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  1. David Michael Meyer on

    Here we find the reason behind shootings –Drugs and the dealers of them –The gangs are keeping their dealers and minions in check ..By showing no mercy – We have to do the same !

    The drug lords . Hide behind the veil of respectability. They have lawyers to protect them ..
    Often they have lawmakers in their pockets ! Many are operating from abroad…

    .We see the dirty work being done,by desperate people – those dying are not the ones who are at the top — they often live in squalor …

    While I do not condone extra judicial killings –I applaud the sentiments expressed by our president .

    .Although not always saying it in the most portable of terms –He “Out Trumps ;Trump on many occasions!}

    We have to be strong and determined if we are to win this war against drugs ..I see such traits in our President ..You may not like the way he says it ..But to my mind he is the man for the job …Good On Ya Mr President
    David M Meyer (Phd Psych }