Tricycles blamed for GenSan traffic woes


THE traffic situation in General Santos City is getting worse as thousands of tricycle units drive along major thoroughfares.

Geraldine Zamora, chairman of the Motorized Transport Franchising and Regulatory Board (MTFRB), said that despite former Mayor Darlene Custodio’s policy that regulated the massive production of sidecars and limited the issuance of franchise to operators, tricycle units increase in number.

The chairman stressed that it is ridiculous for a highly urbanized city to have tricycle units outnumber taxis and public utility jeepneys (PUJ).

On the other hand, illegal tricycle operators and drivers from towns of Alabel, Malapatan, and Glan in Sarangani province, and Polomolok and Tupi towns in South Cotabato ferry passengers to GenSan, unnoticed by local officials.

Lack of grave sanctions for traffic violators likewise contribute to the transportation problem in the city.

“The fine for traffic violation is cheap. PUJ and tricycle drivers only obey traffic laws when traffic enforcers are visible on the road,” said Edgar Pampanga, Registry of Deeds officer-in-charge.

He added that No Parking and No Loading signs have become useless, as drivers do not bother to read them.

“I am wondering why the present administration has kept mum over the [problem],” Zamora said, referring to Mayor Ronnel Rivera of GenSan.

Rivera, who was elected in May, has yet to see the traffic system in the city and improve the administration under his leadership, a councilor said.


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  1. It’s not only in GenSan that thousands of tricycle is creating traffic problem. We have also the same problem here in Cabanatuan City and perhaps is more than what you have there in GenSan. It is not only traffic that thousands of tricycle should be blamed of. To me, they are one among those that produce pollution problem in our city that makes our environment dirty.