Trillanes accuses Gordon of cover-up


SENATOR Richard Gordon, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights, will be remembered as one who tried to “cover up” the truth about extrajudicial killings happening in the country, Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th said on Friday.

Trillanes issued the statement a day after Gordon concluded his committee’s investigation of the alleged summary executions of suspected drug suspects in the country and absolved President Rodrigo Duterte of any involvement in them.

Gordon, in news briefing after he officially terminated the inquiry, said there are no indications that such killings are state-sponsored and only a “fool” would say there are.

“You’d be a fool to say he’s sponsoring killings… he’d be a fool and I don’t think he’s a fool,” he said, apparently referring to President Rodrigo Duterte, who is alleged to be behind the summary executions.

The President, according go Gordon, is inspired to eliminate illegal drugs because he really means to eradicate them, saying he does not think that Duterte would push anybody to kill.

Trillanes, however, said Gordon cannot prove anything about the issue because he never tried to look into the matter since he assumed chairmanship of the Senate committee.

“Sen. Gordon cannot prove what he did not attempt to investigate in the first place,” Trillanes said.

He added that his fellow senator could say anything he wants but he would not succeed in convincing people who also witnessed what really happened during the proceedings.

Gordon, in terminating the hearing, said the committee already has more than enough information to come up with a report and recommendations on the issue.

When asked if the committee would recommend the filing of charges against Edgar Matobato, a self-confessed member of the so-called Davao Death Squad, he replied that members of the committee would have to discuss it first.

Gordon said Matobato is a liar and his testimony was riddled with inconsistencies aimed at implicating Duterte in unexplained killing in Davao City when the latter was still the mayor there.

He added that if Matobato is really telling the truth, Duterte should have been charged after the confessed assassin came out with his revelation in 2014 when Sen. Leila de Lima was the head of the Justice secretary.

“He [Gordon] can go on a monologue again to try to justify his actions but he won’t be able to convince the people who witnessed what transpired during the hearings. Eventually, the truth would come out and when that day comes, Sen. Gordon should be remembered as one of those who tried to cover it up,” Trillanes noted.


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  1. Juan Dela Cruz on

    Frankly, Trillanes Delima and other LPs are trying to create a bandwagon of regret against the Duterte Admin. They are craving once again to rule the Nation with corruption alongside its puppets of favorite tycoons and oligarchs and plunge the country once more to the proliferation of illegal drugs.
    The Filipino people will NOT BE FOOLED AGAIN, YOU MOTHAFUKKAS

  2. And Richard Gordon is the Chairman of Philippine Red Cross. No one seems to highlight this, why? Can anyone resolve how you can wear these 2 hats simultaneously and not be conflicted? I’m so very perplexed..

  3. The President, according go Gordon, is inspired to eliminate illegal drugs because he really means to eradicate them, saying he does not think that Duterte would push anybody to kill.

    What does Senator Gordon call this then ?

    On the day he was sworn into office, June 30, Duterte urged people living in a Manila slum to kill drug addicts in their community.
    “If you know of any addicts, go ahead and kill them yourself as getting their parents to do it would be too painful.”

    Addressing troops of the 10th Infantry Division on September 29th 2016
    President Duterte instructed soldiers to kill criminals whether or not they pull out a gun.

    “(If they pull out a gun, kill them. If they don’t, kill them, son of a whore so it’s over, lest you lose the gun. I’ll take care of you.)

    Looks like we are in for another 6 years of whitewashes and cover ups.

  4. Si Trillanes …. wala iyan …. pang-gulo at walang kwentang tao na kahit ka-mistah niya siya pa ang numero unong gustong patayin iyon … ang pobre nagpakamatay tuloy …. ngayon nakikipag-usap sa mga Binay para ma-areglo ang kaso niya sa mga pinag-gagawa niyang kwentong kasinungalingan … ewn ko ba kung bakit naging Senador pa iyan kasi if sa ibang Bansa niya ginawa ang Oakwood Mutiny … SURE Firing Squad na ang sinapit niyan at matagal ng lupa ang traydor na iyan… kaya ang tingin niya sa mga Pilipino ay mga TANGA at kayang kaya niyang papaniwalain sa mga kasinungalingan niya … trymong gawin kay Duterte ang ginagawa ni D5 at may kalalagyan ka… sa NBP kasi doon ka nababagay kasi wala pang death penalty …. swerte ka…

  5. Gordon is right. They already know everything there is to know about EJK, and parading a 100 more witnesses will not add to that knowledge. The other senators are being used. EJK is not state sanctioned – no proof of that. It is done by drug lords, or criminals killing each other. Sometimes, it is done by police who are also involved in drugs. Sometimes by also police, who gets tired of seeing criminals go scott free because of corrupt justice system – so they just shot them para tapos na. Police also kills criminals to avoid lengthy harassment suits.

    What more needs to be shown by Trillanes, that is not known?

    If they want to help the said victims, they can go to court, to the CHR, to the IAS, etc…
    What they want is to propagandize everything in aid of re-election, not legislation, and the other Senators and Gordon knows that they are being used.

    • ano ito? yellow o druggist? sino pa ba naniniwala kay trillanes? teka kung totoong murderer si matobato ng 50 people, bakit hindi siya kinukulong? pag pumatay ako ng isa, kulong ako. pag 50, isesecure ako ni trillanes? comedy. dapat kay trillanes limabas na lang sa channel 2, anyway namatay na si lagmay pwede sya pumalit.

  6. Trilannes has earned himself a reputation of exposing lies to the public. Now don’t get me wrong. He does not expose lies told by someone, he brings forth liars to tell lies to us all. With this solid reputation, please do not print anything he says. All he continually says is that those people telling the lies are telling the truth and anyone not believing that, is telling a lie.

    • When I look at Trillanes, I see evil personified. A man full of hot air, quick to accuse, proud with an ego bigger than himself, a blabber with unrestrained mouth, a bully, self-righteous, pretends to be an intellectual (he is a hoax), scum of the earth, disliked by many, a rebel with no cause, etc.
      Who ever believes this man is a fool like this FRAUD. Never again Trillanes will you get to fool the Filipinos. Consider yourself a goner.

    • EXACTLY!!! Not yet the right time for Karma to take over Trillanes of what he sowed evil deeds to this country, but it will surely come, he can run but there is no place to hide.

  7. Trillanes is the big mouth, dirty one! With only bad intent for his own benefits.

    All shall remember today that he wants to settle out of the Court with Binay for the defamation case!

  8. Stupid Duterte on

    What else is new about things made in China. Anything made in China is of the lowest quality. Pet foods made in China are no longer in demand for it showed that these foods produced by China has poisons. Duterte wants to buy arms from China and will distance the Philippines from the West because it was China and the NPAs that financed Duterte’s presidential candidacy.
    When Duterte will be tried in an international court, his children will suffer the most for the court will take all the wealth that the Dutertes corruptly obtained through drugs and smuggling. The Duterte children will soon be like the children of Sadam Hussein and Khadafy. Let us all pray for this.

    • Who is in the first place stupid?? Not President Duterte, but surely is STUPID DUTERTE isn’t it?? While President Duterte is a humble person who wouldn’t hesitate to express public apology as soon as he realized he is at error. But blogger STUPID DUTERTE is obviously demonizing the of future of the president’s children, he is putting himself able to know like God, so God’s wrath is upon him furiously with the double bladed sword in flame pointed directly to the heart of this blogger hiding in psuedo-name “STUPID DUTERTE” God truly the omnipotent to know you in no amount of hiding. Is this clear??

  9. Ha what? Cover up? What is your term on your situation about D5? When all people except you trilyanes, clearly see the picture since 2012 when it was first exposed that D5 was cudling the LORDS at munti as well as her reĺation to Dayan. It is no secret at doj the fact that mr lover boy is so powerful that he could reverse dicision, give juicy position, transfer inmate from vegas to hell and vice versa all for a fee. Make weekly tong collection and act as bagman and do fund raising for himself. As if you’r the only one who does not know or just ignoring or covering and aiding D5?using diversionary EJK to divert. If you’r honest enough even to your own self I am very sure you knew that thruD5 approval again for a fee or maybe of human right advocacy of D5, transform Munti into Las Vegas w/ she does not deny, a haven and operation centet for shabu distribution. With this very open and obvious situation, you don’t need witness to convict D5. Its factual nagdudumilat at singaw na SINGAW ANG BANTOT. ngayon Who is doing COVER UP. SI SEN GORDON BA O IKAW.