Trillanes is ‘bluffing’ – veteran lawyer


SENATOR Antonio Trillanes 4th should stop talking to the media about his supposed evidence of President Rodrigo Duterte’s hidden wealth, and instead file an impeachment complaint if he has proof to back his allegations, a veteran lawyer said Sunday.

Bonifacio Alentajan said Trillanes clearly had no proof to back his claims against the President, calling them “pure hearsay” as the senator couldn’t even say where he got his information.

“He has no proof, those are all considered as hearsay. Who is his source? Anybody can produce such list and claim that it belongs to somebody,” Alentajan said in an interview with The Manila Times.

Trillanes, in a news conference last week, showed members of the media documents supposedly detailing bank transactions of Duterte from 2006 to 2015, totaling P2.4 billion.

Alentajan, who filed a plunder case against former Budget chief Florencio Abad over the pork barrel scam in 2015, said that if he were the counsel of the President, he would file an ethics complaint against Trillanes before the Senate for unparliamentary behavior, for making accusations against Duterte in public instead of filing an impeachment case.

“I’m willing to offer my legal services just like what I did with former Budget secretary Florencio Abad,” he said.

“He (Trillanes) is claiming that the President is bluffing, but he is the one bluffing. He is a bluffer,” the lawyer said.

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Alentajan said Trillanes could be acting on his own to gain popularity but it was also possible some personalities in the erstwhile ruling Liberal Party could be backing him.

He described Trillanes as a “dangerous person” not because of the supposed trove of information he claims to possess against Duterte, but because of the “little knowledge” he has.

Alentajan said the senator had unwittingly displayed, during recent Senate investigations, how little he knew about interrogating resource persons.

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and Trillanes is pretending that he has evidence to back his claim and that he is a good interrogator,” Alentajan said.

Trillanes should first study the basics of interrogation particularly four techniques—confrontation, probing, undermining and insinuation, he said.

“And I don’t think Trillanes has an idea how to interrogate correctly based on his manner of questioning during the hearings,” he said.

Trillanes, he claimed, is a sociopath willing to do what it takes—such as manipulation, confusion and pretension—to get what he wants.

“Sociopaths are completely incapable of loving or caring for another person,” he said.


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  1. aladin g. villacorte on

    Who’s hiding what? Who’s bluffing? Give the story space to run – afterall President Duterte has given the go-signal to Amlac? What we don’t know is the extent of the revelation – will it cover specific years, specific dates and transactions? Senator Trillanes seems to be holding on to something concrete, and if proven false he said he’ll resign, which he’ll do if he’s a true PMAer. The President said as much (about resigning) which I doubt he’ll ever do.

  2. Kasi naman ang media, nagbibigay ng panahong walang ka kuwenta kuwenta kay Trillanes! Ano ba yan?

  3. PinPin de Sarapin on

    Please allow the ball to roll on- that is part of Senator Trillanes work; he is paid for that work. The people need to see the entire story. Let the senator finish his work to see the light and darkness.

    • the barking dog trillanes was given so many times to finish his work and it has been all darkness. sick and tired of his telenovelas. This sociopath guy is but a mere senator tulisan

    • Common that is not a job of a senator. What he is doing is a job of an invistigator. The people has been short change by this arsehole trillanes taking the salary of a senator for a job of an invistigator.know the difference? Salary!!!besides nobody will buy his storytelling anymore coz this one will backfire in their ass.

  4. On the premise of accusing a certain person specially the primary leader of our country, the accuser shall established an authentic reference to support his claim, to follow the due process of law and not the other way around.

  5. In the first place, why do we give time on a person who is a pest to the society? We pay through our hard earn money and in my case, our remittances so that the government can do its functions and when we do not get anything from him in return, what shall we do with him? At first we were glad that he was instrumental in bringing down another sociopath like the likes of binay, but he is becoming a menace to the society lately.

  6. Trillanes has hearsay evidence, however, (1) Duterte’s bank accounts have already been proven last year. They exist – proof? People deposited their money!; (2) last year the President’s camp said they will produce the “transaction history” a week after, but where is it?; (3) Duterte is shielded by the bank secrecy law. He has not issued a waiver to release his transaction history. He claims he asked AMLC to look at his SALN, but what is it for? It will show the current balance, but not the transaction history. Press release – empty words.

    Trillanes has hearsay evidence, but Duterte is playing games: obviously he is hiding something! If he is not – then where’s the waiver Mr. President? Simple logic: kung walang tinatago, pumunta na sa bangko at iladlad lahat ng records ng magkaalaman!

  7. Sonny Trillanes have been silent since President Duterte authorized the AMLC to open his accounts for Trillanes to see. Looks like Sonny Boy is not doing anything because he is scared to death of resigning as what she threatened. Trillanes will never resign from his position which is his milking cow. Trillanes only confirmed that HE HAS NO BALLS as announced by the President.