• Trillanes, Cayetano ‘using’ Senate for their 2016 plans


    SENATORS Antonio Trillanes 4th and Alan Peter Cayetano should file a case before the Office of the Ombudsman rather than push for a Senate inquiry into the P2.7-billion Makati City Hall 2 office and parking building, a lawmaker said on Monday

    Buhay party-list Rep. Lito Atienza reminded Trillanes and Cayetano that the probe would be a waste of resources because the matter is already pending with the Ombudsman’s office.

    He cautioned the two senators against using the Senate as a forum for their “presidential ambitions” in 2016.

    Cayetano has been reported to be aiming for the seat to be vacated by President Benigno Aquino 3rd but Trillanes is not known to have made any announcement that he, too, is eyeing Malacañang.

    “If they [Trillanes and Cayetano] really believe and have evidence, then they should file their own case to support the one in the Ombudsman and not use the Senate as a forum for their political plans,” Atienza, a former mayor of Manila, said.

    Lawyer Renato Bondal earlier filed a complaint against Vice President Jejomar Binay and Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay and other city officials over the construction of the building, alleging that it was overpriced by P2 billion.

    Bondal was the lone challenger of the younger Binay in the 2013 elections.

    Last week, the Senate conducted a hearing on the allegedly overpriced building to which the Vice President and the Makati City mayor were summoned.

    But Atienza dismissed the Senate investigation as “pure and simple browbeating” of the elder Binay, who has been reported to be running for President in 2016.

    Meanwhile, Rep. Abigail Binay of Makati accused Cayetano of picking a fight with her father to sell his own Palace bid.

    “By bullying the Vice President and his family, Senator Cayetano hopes to attract a lot of attention and generate loads of free publicity for himself. This is why he is targeting us,” Rep. Binay said.

    Cayetano has been courting select House members including those representing non-aligned party-list groups, to support his presidential bid this early, she alleged.

    Atienza said Trillanes and Cayetano were “bashing” the Binays.

    “Judging from their remarks in and out of the hearing, neither of the two senators hid their political agenda at last week’s hearing,” he added.

    Atienza appealed to all lawmakers to buckle down to work, noting that Congress has little time left for urgent tasks and is even under pressure to restore public trust after the pork barrel and Disbursement Acceleration Program controversies.


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    1. The Binay’s would be acid if their patriarch was ever elected president. The senate hearing regarding the Makati 2 parking gave light worldwide to what everyone in Makati already knew. The Binay’s are corrupt.. The evidenced and circumstantial evidence against them are so strong and their only rebuttal to it is its politicizing.

      I only hope that these hearings shed light to voters this coming 2016 elections.

    2. DO NOT BE UNMINDFUL: COA chief sees red flags in the Makati parking bldg probe.
      Therefore, it’s not all political.

    3. Life is very puzzling though human beings are created in the same formula, there’s what we called factory defects or difficiencies. Before the 2 senators Trillanes and Peter Cayetano are well praised personalities but now their actions are like growing kids jealous with another kid who looks happy & attractive. Talking of politics, that is to run for a position like the presidency there’s no need of making demolition job just show to the voting populations your capabilities to serve the country with programs to solve the difficulties now experienced by the people. Present your plans how you solve the unemployment especially now with the growing populations arable land is shrinking. How to create more jobs so pilipinos will no longer be OFW especially of changes in this world. Usually the aim is to make the country a better place but with the present situation instead of going better it is getting worst. To live in this world, we only need enough not over supply but in our experience, our politician are over-supplying themselves so maligning and attacking others becomes the norm. For the information of our OFW to be, European countries, USA, Australia, Middle-Eastern countries are now closing recruitments of foreign workers, the bad news at present USA, British & etc. stop hiring of foreign nurses. This time we are greatly affected so people in the gov’t. should take note to improve our situation.

    4. If the two gentlemen has their eyes on the presidency there is no need maligning their opponents, attacking a person deem their rival in the position will make the person very popular and will have the bigger credit as the attackers will show to the voting public that they are not of good character. The best for them is to show their program of good government, work in accordance with their authority for the good of the country. They should show what they have done in the senate, justify their reason of voting in the impeachment of the Chief Justice Corona. what they have done to their respective area to show to the people that they are capable to be a very good leader. This time their voters are scared again for wasting time.

    5. veroinica castro on

      This is a free country. It is not only Sen. Trillanes and Cayetano using their position for political reasons . everyone is . iyong iba nga nagbibigay ng grocery to campaign for 2016. Nakakaabot pa sa ibang regions, Thoughtout the Phil. Importante, malaman ng taong bayan, ang katotohanan. Hindi ba?

    6. Rudy A. Libong on

      I wish to subscribe the opinion of Mr. Atienza. That’s another a corrupt practices of senators by doing irrelevant investigation which is only wasting the money of the people. There are many more important problems in our country that should have been given attention by our honorable senators. These two senators have only been thinking how their political ambition be realized despite of the difficulties experienced by lowly citizens.

    7. Trillanes and Cayetano are included on those who have received pork incentives from Pres Aquino so they would cast a vote to impeach Corona , it means they sold their vote for personal gain, by defying the people who elected them.

    8. I welcome any form of exposure before the senate while we linger waiting for the freedom of information bill to become law. We deserve to hear these exposures an let us do the “believe it or not” matter. The Ombudsman and the Sandigan Bayan are too far for people to hear unlike the TV hearing which can be witnessed by all. What is wrong if the motives of these young leaders is to seek the presidency, it is one way we can share news about corruption in the government. We should congratulate Sen. Cayatano and Trillanes for good role they are showing us. Let there be more of their kind..