Trillanes cites ‘immunity’ in move to drop libel case


Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th on Thursday personally went to the Department of Justice (DOJ), asking to junk a libel complaint filed against him by stating that he cannot be sued as a senator because of his “parliamentary immunity” and that only the Senate can discipline him.

The case stemmed from Trillanes’ interview with the media accusing Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr. of bribing Court of Appeals Justices Jose Reyes and Francisco Acosta with P25 million each in exchange for favorable resolutions on Binay’s case pending before the CA.

In a 44-page counter-affidavit, the senator invoked “parliamentary immunity” as enshrined under the 1987 Constitution arguing that his statements were made “while in lawful performance of his duties.”

He said Binay’s complaint is “premature” since there are still ongoing investigations before the CA and Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights involving the same bribery case.

According to him, only the Senate, not the executive department or the courts, has the “exclusive power, authority and jurisdiction” over him.

Trillanes said while he was sued for libel, media entities were not despite having published or aired the same statements.

He added that Binay is guilty of “forum shopping” since the case was filed not only with the DOJ, but also with the CA in a contempt case in order to gain a favorable ruling.


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  1. Trillanes is now panicking he knows he and others are guilty of libel suit filed by VP Binay, you are using immunity as an excuse to destroy the political enemies of Pnoy specially Binay now running for President.Trillanes you can;t fool people just the same way you fooled and used PGMA to gain your candidacy for senator you are fortunate when you together with comrade stupid soldiers declared Coup de etat against PGMA administration which failed ” sabi ng mga supporters ni Gloria noon sana pina bomba kayo ni PGMA hanggang mamatay kayong lahat !”nagoyo mo mga bobong botante nanalo kang senador wala kanamang nagawa para sa ikauunlad ng bayan puro intriga, pamumulitika ginawa mo sa senado buwisit ka!

  2. Trillanes doesn’t want to answer the accusations ?
    Guess that makes him guilty the same way he said Binay should answer the accusations of Trillanes.

  3. Ikabod Bubwit on

    Trillanes cannot invoke immunity since his libelous pronouncements were made outside the Senate Floor and Session. His pronouncements were made in public and as a private citizen. He should answer the charges against him in a court of law.

  4. Man enough mistah trillanes. don’t hide under parliamentary immunity. Face the music if you are brave enough to accuse someone of something. Unless you have no proof and just making papogi in the senate.