Trillanes, LP behind try to ‘sabotage’ peace talks


THE left-leaning Anakpawis party-list on Friday claimed that Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th and the Liberal Party are out to derail the peace talks between the Duterte administration and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

Rep. Ariel Casilao said that Senator Trillanes and President Benigno Aquino 3rd are brewing anti-communist hysteria for the peace talks not to succeed.

“These people are the real counter-productive and counter-progress. They don’t want the peace talks to succeed because it is opposite of the interest of their benefactors of big business and land lords. They want to continue the ruling status quo,” Casilao said in a statement.

“The peace talks aim to root out the main cause of armed struggle in the country, social justice will only achieve if the decade-old problem landlessness, worker’s fight for decent wage, worsening poverty and privatization of other basic services which is needed by the people will not properly address,” the incoming party-list representative added.

The group lauded presumptive president-elect Rodrigo Duterte for putting the peace talks as one of his first agenda, once he assumes in June 30.

“This is highly contrasts with what the haciendero government of President Aquino which Trillanes also espouses. They ended up their six years in government service achieving only political divisiveness and failed to uplift the people’s lives,” Casilao said.

The Mindanao-based lawmaker also said that President Aquino, Senator Trillanes and the Liberal Party of anti-communist roadies are afraid of changes in which Duterte would give to the country like the fight against corruption in which Aquino government failed miserably to curve.

“In fact, it tolerates corruption among its closed allies and cabinet members. Trillanes on the other hand also have a share of his own shadow dealing like appointing consultants up to 60 individuals which includes his relatives and the reported back door deal with China with regards on the South China Sea territorial dispute,” Casilao said.

The group also urged peace advocates and the public to help expose and oppose the Trillanes-Aquino clique’s insidious plan.

The road to achieve a lasting peace based on social justice are knocking in our doorsteps, we should not take this opportunity for granted. We should fully support the renewed peace talks with the NDFP” Casilao said.


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  1. Hindi totoong anakpawis, Anak ng kwan yan.

    Put it crudely, non one trust the left, because they are the same with the right.

    Bakit ba nyo inoboto itong bobo na ito. You know, you will snatch the seat of power when the time comes. Pero hindi kayo papayagan ng mga true Patriot sa AFP, Congress and the Filipino people. You kill Pilipino for the sake of your failed ideology, hindi ka makabayan o makatao, you should be the one to disappear once Duterte sit at Ph-President.

    • di niyo alam ang sinasabi niyo. anakpawis ang nangunang nagtanggol sa mga biktima ng havienda luisita. anakpawis partylist din tumatakbo ang mga biktimang magsasaka para humingi ng tulong kaugnay sa probroblema sa lupoang kanilang sinasaka na inaangkin ng mga hasyendero.

  2. Humanda ka abnoy on

    eh DUWAG at bayaran din naman ang ANAKPAWIS….pinagpapatay ang magsasaka sa Hacienda luisita…pero anong ginawa ng ANAKPAWIS ??? …WALA…!!! kungdi…NGANGA !!!! Basta hindi sila magkakapera…hindi sila kasali—

    Kayong manga ANAKNGP …..ay BAYARAN NG OLIGARCH….!!!!

    • Abg ANAKPAWIS ay totoong partylist ng mga mahihirap na magsasaka at manggagawa. Kilala yan ng mga magsasaka sa Hacienda Luisita kasi AnakPAWIS ang tumutulong sa kanila.