• Trillanes owns 8 undeclared cars – UNA


    Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th, one of the ardent detractors of Vice President Binay, owns eight luxury vehicles that were not included in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) when he was a Navy lieutenant second grade, lawyer JV Bautista, interim secretary general of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), said on Tuesday.

    According to Bautista, Trillanes is yet to give a satisfactory explanation on how he managed to acquire those vehicles 11 years after the issue was first raised during the Feliciano Commission that conducted an inquiry into the botched Oakwood mutiny of which he was a leader.

    “Senator Trillanes styles himself as a moral crusader, but all these years he has evaded the issue of how he was able to afford eight luxury vehicles with his salary in the military and why he did not declare them in his SALN. This is a clear violation of the law,” Bautista said.

    “Mahirap ang nagmamalinis. Kung anu-ano ang sinasabi laban kay Vice President Binay, yun pala sya ang may nilabag na batas at may malaking itinatago [It is hard to pretend to be clean. He says a lot of things against Vice President Jejomar Binay, it turns out that he has broken the law and is hiding a big secret],” he added.

    The UNA official said a junior officer with a rank similar to Trillanes at the time had a monthly salary of around P22,000.

    But documents from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) presented during the Feliciano Commission hearings in 2003 showed that Trillanes was the registered owner of a Nissan Terrano, Mitsubishi Pajero, five Mitsubishi Delica vans and a motorcycle.

    “How can he afford those luxury vehicles with his pay as a junior officer? It seems Trillanes has a thing for luxury vehicles, aside from his affection for luxury hotels whom he is fond of taking over,” Bautista said.

    “If he says that his crusade is against corruption, then he should start with himself, being the owner of eight expensive vehicles,” he added.

    Bautista last week challenged Trillanes to undergo a lifestyle check in the spirit of transparency and public interest.

    “Just because you are part of the blue ribbon sub-committee investigating the Makati City Hall Building 2 does not make you a credible or honorable person, or reading Biblical passages make you any holier than anyone,” he said.

    But Trillanes denied the allegations, saying the UNA is only trying to revive an old issue.
    He said it was the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) that filed the case against him but was later dismissed by the Office of the Ombudsman.

    The senator admitted owning a second-hand Nissan Terrano model 1996.

    He, however, said the Pajero with license plate RIZ 222 is owned by Darlito Roca.

    “I have never ever owned a Kawasaki motorbike. In fact, I have never driven and I do not know how to ride a motorbike, not even once in my life. My license restriction can easily prove this fact,” Trillanes added.

    He said the five Delica vans are owned by his mother, who bought the vehicles through a loan in October 2000. The senator added that his mother planned to start a van rental service but she disposed of some of the cars because they were too costly to maintain.

    “This flimsy and dubious story shows the depths VP [Vice President] Binay’s camp is willing to go just to mislead the issues at hand. I trust that the people can discern properly which stories are real and fictitious,” Trillanes added.


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    1. Atty JV Bautista, be reminded your horror, Senator Trillanes is not the one under question in Senate hearing, it is your client the VP Dark Vader Binay. You are obviously diverting the issue here. Stick to the main issue to convince your client to appear and confront head on with his blazing UZI firing at his accusers in the Senate. Your palusot is so cheap and no one will buy it unless Mr. BINAYaran will pay them to believe just like you, Tiangco and Remulla and others under Binay payroll. Malapit ng magwakas ang maliligaya at nakakalagim na araw ninyo. Its just a matter of months from now. Why don’t you devise a new tactics, call all your fellow propagandist and do prayer and fasting for 40 days. Malay ninyo meron mangyari kaya lang katotohanan ba o kasinungalingan ang ilalapit ninyo sa Diyos? If it is the truth, God is with you but if it all lies, Satan will come to you all for the rest of your lives unless you repent and ask forgiveness. Take note that the curse is up to the 4th generations for great sins committed against God’s word.

    2. Ito naman si Rep. Tiangco, pagsuutin mo lang ng kapa at pangil, kamukha na ni Dracula, pinoy version nga lang. He is a die hard or fanatic Dark Vader Binay sychopant. Kahit maitim ang boss niyang si Dark Vader Binay, sasabihin niyang maputi iyan. Magkano kaya secret na perang ibinigay dito o favor na makukuha niya kapag maging Prez si Dark Vader. Pag nagkataon, madadagdagan na naman magnanakaw sa pinas. God forbid.

    3. The highly paid lawyers and spokesmen of VP Binay must exert more believable strategy if they want to achieved to divert the main of issue out of Mr Dark Vader corruptions activities which rakes him Billion plus of pesos otherwise you are only putting VP Binay down deeper and deeper into the pit. Your palusot is very cheap and not sellable commodities to the consumers. Lalangawin lang iyan kasi walang maniniwala. This lawyer JV Bautista, does not know his arithmetic nor the cost of second hand or surplus SUV like Delica is, that was dumped to PH from Japan. Ano kaya kung siya naman balikan at tignan natin kung he declared all his income to BIR. Baka sabihin mo naman, harrassment.

    4. concerned citizen on

      Binay’s adviser needs to do some research before releasing the luxury cars issue. This car worth AUD$3000.00 equivalent to less than 120,000 pesos.

      Binay’s camp trying to divert the real issue of corruption and overpricing. How the hell you can earned 60,000,000 pesos declared on your SALN if you only earned 32,000 pesos a month as a mayor and 46,000 as a MMDA Chairman.

      Ako ay nalulungkot sa mga Filipino na nagpapakahirap na nagbabayad ng buwis samantalang ang nakikinabang ay ang mga buwaya sa gobyerno.
      Ang masasabi ko lang ang Pilipinas ay mahahango sa hirap kung ang mga namumuno ay magiging tapat sa kanilang tungkulin.Kaya kailangan nating pag aralan ang ating pagboto.

    5. The 3 stooges know that they are throwing mud at Binay. They can expect a lot of mud to be coming back at them. Binay could never be treated fairly in a kangaroo court. So now turn about on the accusers/proscecutors/judges of the kangaroo court can be expected.

    6. Everyone of them accused and accuser is one and the same. Noon pa yon si Trillanes pero he also continues to be defended by the yellow media because he is a trigger man of PNoy and Mar Roxas.

      • yes correct ka dyan trillanes is an avid tuta ni pinoy at co horts like mar abad drilon the pig and pnp allan. im silent to AFP pero parang hawak din sila ksi wala siguro busog din parang linta at buwaya din iyan sabi nga kung un puno mismo corrupt syempre un mga tuta dapat busog din di ba. kawawa ang ph sana may ilnag grupo sa AFP at PNP na may pagmamahal sa PH upang lumaban sa maka demonyong admin nato/

    7. Its so strange that to try to divert attention from binay, binays lawyer starts making accusations against trilannes. Well lawyer if you think you have a case press charges, if you dont then shut up. From what ive read both binay & his wife have a lot of very serious questions to answer, & should answer them in court.
      I would do a lifestyle check on every single government employee. I would do regular checks to find out if these guys aquire possessions illegally.

      • Don’t attack the messenger, if Trillanes has 8 kuxury vehicles then he must explain. Why take it to court first, is that what they did to Binay? Think first before you make a comment bec it applies both ways.

    8. Old model na sasakyan!luxury ba yan! Sabi ni senator trillanes nag loan daw ang mother nya Ng 2 million at yan ang ginamit pambili ng second hand surplus na sasakyan.yan ang honest na tao Klaro Kung sumagot sa issue.

      • weak defense yan. 2 million will not buy you 1 luxury vehicle let alone 8. A million peso car is not considered a luxury vehicle nowadays.

      • FYI, I bought my Delica at a second hand market in 2001 for 180,000. Delica’s are not a luxury item, they’re a poor man’s car (aside from the surplus multicabs). Admittedly this was my first car, a year and a half savings from my measly 25000 salary at that time.

    9. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

      Even without these allegations, the people know that “there are too many crooks in the government that they spoil the broth (public service or public trust). The irony of it all is that they even have the ‘audacity’ to address themselves “honorable”. History tells us that there’s always an end to ‘abuses’, one way or the other. The people should do something. Else, we deserved what we have.

    10. Senator, we live in a glass house so let’s not throw rocks around. Dahil, pati aso ma-inbestigahan. Isip nyo na lang walang matitira candidate kahit pari or bishop eh meroon hindi past or agenda. Let’s think that’s what make politics / govenment run the country. Otherwise, we might as well live in a monastery with vast grapeyard and making wine all year round. That’s not a bad idea except sour dahil parating pikon ang mga tao…