• Trillanes, Pimentel shame, debase the Senate


    For nearly a year, and up to last week, Senators Antonio Trillanes 4th and Aquilino Pimentel 3rd have been using Senate resources, time and money for their vilification campaign against Vice President Jejomar Binay. (Trillanes 4th, Pimentel 3rd, Aquino 3rd, Roxas 2nd – what is it with these guys’ fathers?)

    The duo – Senator Alan Cayetano appears to have recently lost interest — had 20 Senate committee hearings on the accusations against Binay, more than the hearings on the Bangsamoro Basic Law or the Mamasapano Massacre.

    Only a dishonest or a stupid person wouldn’t be able to see that these hearings were absolutely not in aid of legislation, which is supposed to be the justification for such probes. Neither were these in pursuit of its other unwritten aim which is to act as a check on the executive branch’s abuses. In Binay’s case, it is the two branches of government – the Executive and the Legislative – which is bearing down him.

    Trillanes and Pimentel have shamed the Senate by debasing one of its key tools – the hearings — to transform it as part of a demolition campaign against the Vice President.

    I cannot think of any other episode in the post-Marcos history of the Senate in which it has been utterly reduced as a cog in the character-assassination machine against somebody, simply in order to reduce his chances in upcoming elections. We taxpayers are in effect spending for the Aquino camp’s campaign against its rival in 2016! For Christ’s sake, can’t they have some decency and just buy radio and TV attack ads?

    I cannot understand why the honorable members of the Senate have allowed Trillanes and Pimentel to damage their institution by allowing it to be used for their smear campaigns against Binay.

    Is Trillanes using Hitler’s “Big Lie” technique?

    Is Trillanes using Hitler’s “Big Lie” technique?

    Trillanes and Pimentel’s latest vile episode in this campaign was their allegations of “ghost senior citizens” in Makati receiving benefits, which follow\ the duo’s template since they started the investigation. This template consists of the following.

    First, in all hearings the two use that PowerPoint trick which takes advantage of people’s laziness in analyzing things and of their gullibility in thinking that anything presented on a large screen (and in a newspaper) is true. It’s the equivalent of etching false images in people’s minds.

    The vilest use of such PowerPoint trick I can remember is when Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales presented charts which had numerous points and arrow to claim that former Chief Justice Renato Corona had $12 million in his bank accounts, a figure still quoted by lazy journalists to this day. The truth is that she was presenting transactions, not balances, so that a $100 deposit and withdrawn in a span of five years to take advantage of interest rates at different times and instruments made the Chief Justice seem to have $100,000 in his balance.

    Second, this devilish duo almost always present a made up figure, as numbers trick the mind into believing that something false is true. In their latest lie, the degenerate duo claimed that 44.8 percent of the senior citizens who have been receiving benefits from the Makati government are non-existent. That means, they claimed, about P300 million in stolen money.

    How did they get these figures? Trillanes explanation is too contrived that it leaps out as a concoction.

    First, he says that “according to the National Statistics Office” (NSCO) Makati has only 30,000 senior citizens, half of the 60,000 given benefits by Makati.

    No NSO report
    There is no NSO report showing how many senior citizens there are in Makati for 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011.

    Trillanes stupidly used the NSO’s “Special Release: 2010 Census of Population and Housing.” In that release, the NSO said 5.75 percent of the population of the entire National Capital Region were senior citizens. It didn’t have a breakdown though on the number of senior citizens for Makati.

    So what did Trillanes, in his Machiavellian or moronic thinking do? He multiplied Makati’s 2010 population of 529,039 reported by the NSO by 5.75 percent, which resulted in a figure of 30,419 , which he insists is number of senior citizens in the city, which is half the 60,000 in the city’s records.

    Again either so Machiavellian or so moronic, Trillanes didn’t think that the number of senior citizens likely increased since 2010, either with those aged 56 to 59 reached the age of 60 by 2014, or that Makati has more s senior people since they flocked to the city to take advantage of its senior benefits that are significantly higher than any other city.

    Trillanes though knew his concoction wouldn’t sell so he thought of another: survey the two barangays to get a sample of how many senior citizens there were there. But will we trust the people he asked to survey the areas to report a figure other than what he wanted? Oila! His people found 44.6 percent of those reported as senior citizens living in those two barangays were non-existent, a figure close to what he calculated falsely using the NSO figures.

    The third element in the vile duo’s methodology of vilification is the media, both the mainstream and the new “social’ media, which disseminate their fabrications.

    If you are into Facebook, note how the number of purportedly anti-Binay groups and postings using dramatic photos suddenly surge right after Trillanes and Pimentel’s hearings, that it is obvious the campaign had been carefully planned and financed.

    As usual, the Philippine Daily Inquirer – I really can’t understand why this paper is so biased against Binay – not only echoed but even magnified the charges as if they were true.

    The PDI’s front-page story’s first sentence read: “Ghost or dead beneficiaries constituted half of the senior citizens who received benefits from Makati City … according to an initial local audit. ”

    Note how the lying duo’s allegations were converted by the paper into facts. There is no qualification there that the “ghost beneficiaries” are the allegations of Trillanes and Pimentel. There is instead a statement of fact — “constituted.”\ The use of the term “audit” even falsely portrayed that a local unit of the Commission on Audit uncovered the allegation.

    No audit of senior citizen number
    Trillanes however just told us that some “Action Officer” of the acting mayor with his staff went to two barangays to check whether the number of senior citizens there were accurate. By no stretch of usage, could that be termed as an “audit,” which refers to a rigorous process using unquestionable methods.

    On the contrary, I would think that if Makati’s senior-citizen beneficiary program was an anomaly, COA member Heidi Mendoza, handpicked by President Aquino to the post, would have exposed it maybe two, three years ago, and not in the amateurish way the duo did it, but through a real audit by the assigned COA auditor for the city.

    After all, Ms. Mendoza had been obsessed in proving her allegations of the Binays’ corruption, as far back as 2002 when I got her as a consultant in my office when I was Presidential Chief of Staff.

    What is tragic and sad about Trillanes and Pimentel’s lies is that with media’s collaboration, even decent people take them as true, and even casually refer to. I have written point-by-point careful critiques of these lies in past columns. Let me summarize, though:

    The overpriced Makati Building II: The quick debunking of this charge is to focus on the contractor and what it charged other government buildings.

    After all, it is not Binay who would be paid, but the contractor, isn’t it? The building’s contractor is Hilmarc’s Construction Corp., very well respected in the industry, which has undertaken more than a dozen government contracts. Among these (cost per square meter in parentheses) are Senate President Franklin Drilon’s Iloilio convention center (P64,000 to P105,000), House of Representatives’ South Lounge (P66,000), Sandiganbayan Centennial Building (P61,000), Bangko Sentral ng Pilipians branches (P62,000). Does the P69,000 cost of Makati Building II, whose foundations had to be deeper and stronger because of softer sand being near the Pasig River look like an overprice?

    The 350-hectare Batangas “estate.” Even the accuser former Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado had to quickly correct himself to claim that it was a 150-ha. land. Securities and Exchange Commission corporate records, Bureau of Land documents, tax payments all show that the property, termed again and again by media especially the PDI, was developed as the Sunchamp Agri-Tourism Park, which even that newspaper ran a feature story on just two months after Trillanes’ allegations were made.

    It was leased to Sunchamp Real Estate Development Corp., controlled by a young Filipino-Chinese businessman Antonio Tiu, a TOYM awardee for 2011. But Trillanes and the PDI’s “Hacienda Binay” canard of course was catchy and it stuck.

    And finally, the birthday cakes for senior citizens which a Trillanes-produced witness claimed cost the city P1,000 each. It’s an open and shut case, with the city’s administrator submitting actual, real receipts that these cost around P300 each, which is just about the figure the winning bidder Goldilocks quoted recently to supply the cakes.

    Aargh! But Google all these items and what you’ll read mostly the allegations, not their rebuttals. This is because PDI is one of the biggest newspapers both in print and in the Internet, and Google’s algorithm ranks items as to how many viewed them.

    Trillanes I suspect is an avid reader of another military man of another time who became a megalomaniac after he was, like the Senator, detained for attempting a coup – Hitler who wrote something in his Mein Kampf what has been called the Big Lie propaganda technique: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

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    1. Maaring MALI nga siguro ang pamamaraan ni Trillanes and Pimentel, pero totoo naman na “rags to riches” din ang mga Binay. They could not have earned that much from all of the businesses they own all through those years in power. E saan pa puede nanggaling kaya ang yaman nila, na dati naming WALA! Which would be the most logical that come to mind? Most people in government (not all), it is not if they are on the take (that is a given!), but how much they are taking! Malas lang if nasama sila sa mga nabu-bulgar sa publiko; then kani-kanilang palusot na lang.

      • Ulol kaTrillanes on

        Lahat naman ng politicians nag bubulsa. Me nagbulbulsa na puro kabig at me nagbubulsa na talagang tumutulong sa mahihirap matatanda at nakikita mo naman na ang infrastructure ng makati eh maganda. TANONG, saan kayo ngayon? Ke Binay na lang. Baka sakaling kung ano ang ginawa nya sa makati for the AGed and for the poor and Makati infrastructure eh gawin nya sa buong Pilipinas! Di lahat maligaya !

      • Asher, prove your point. Kung meron kang ebidensiya, ilabas mo at ating pag aralan kung tama o mali. Ipaliwanag mo ng mahusay at hindi puro akusasyon lang ang iyong sasabihin. Ipakita mo kung saan nanggaling ang kayamanan ng mga Binay at baka sakaling maniwala kami sa iyo.

    2. “Any exposure– good or bad, still ends as good exposure!” Ito yon ang pinupuhunanan nya– media exposure for free! Putting himself(Trillianes) at the spotlight made him more famous and easy for the less educated people to vote for popularity sake. Sayang ang pera ng bayan na ginastos sa “persecution scenarios” sa House, tapos pinalabas na “in aid of legislation” Obvious nman! Hindi pwede malinlang nila lahat ng taong bayan. He is also corrupt in his ways, he just shifted the camera to someone else!

    3. paki forward sa opisina ni trillanes at sa senado ang litrato, ng mag kakambal na sina trillanes at hitler,mahal kayo ni satanas.

    4. Media mileage. Yan ang habol ni Trilanes et. al.Bakit nga ba kase ang tagal nilang kasuhan si Binay sa korte? Tama naman den ang reaksyon ni Binay. Bakit Nya kelangan umattend sa senado, korte ba yan?

    5. eltee mulawin on

      >>> Kahit noon pa man makilala at makita na isa siya sa nagpalagay ng mga bomba sa tabi ng Hotel noong magtanka silang ng kudeta, then ng mahuli at hahatulan na dapat siya salang treason at rebelyon ay makikitan sa kanyang pagmumukha isang bayaran at oppurtunista tao. Ng maging senador mustulang parang tae sa inodoro na lulutang -lutang sa ihi at tubig dahil wala naman palang laman ang ulo. ISA SA MGA ABNOY SA SENADO.

    6. Roldan Guerrero on

      Trillanes was a sentenced MUTINEER. He does not deserve to hold any public office. I dont know why Filipinos elect people like him.

      • maybe they didn’t elect him, might of been the Smartmatic hocus pocus,
        Those machines that were stripped of security and accuracy components are responsible for the Liberal party sweep in 2013.
        The good news is Smartmatic is running the 2016 elections so people don’t really have to go vote the machines will do it for you.

    7. Do not patronage Philippines Daily Inquirer and Philippine Star hindi pang masa yan pang elite at businessmen na magnanakaw ang mga dyaryo na yan. Ang mga headlines nila puro di totoo at puro kagaguhan ang laman mababasa niyo puto Ads puro per!pera lies, para kumita.

    8. Si Trillanes maraming nalokong botante yan ibinoto siya at ginamit si Gloria nanalo ang tangang senador, nagpasiklab, winasak lahat ng kalaban ni Pnoy, wala silang umpay sa pag iimbestiga bira ng bira sige siniraan ng siniraan kahit sino kahiot ang ebidensya ay pambalot ng tinapa in aid of libeeral Party reelection Hahahahahaha! traydor ka kumita ka sa China sa Spratley islands, ang dami mo nang pera, galing galing mong mag akusa isa ka pa rin palang KAWATAN! Kahit ano gawing niyo expose wala nang maniniwala sa inyo kasabwat niyo pa ang mga bobong media!(hindi kasali ang The Manila Times). Yun si Mata( Aquilino Pimentel nakaisali na rin sa demolishion job kay Binay sila din kasabwat ni Pnoy para wasakin si Gloria. iimpeach si SC chief justice Corona at ipakulong ang 3 senador,Pnoy yan ba pinagmamalaki m,ong achievements dahil kalaban mo inagrabyado mo? sino mo sinasamba mo si Satanas? Trillanes at Guinggona lumabas kayo sa senado akusahan niyo si Binay at iba pa na walang immunity para resbakan kayo ginagamit niyo senado, sayang ang pera ng bayan, kayong bumoto kina trillanes at guinggona wala niyo na silang iboto, pukulin niyo na lang ng itlog na bugok pag nakita niyo!

    9. Herman P. Hondojare on

      Dear kabayan,

      Its time for us to erase this trillianes in the senate please do not vote him in 2016 election, kindly include all those evil genius senator and congressman nagpapahirap sa ating bayan.

      Do not vote for Mar Roxas and Grace Poe they will not serve the country makasarili ang diwa isip gawi nila.

      Mabuhay tayong lahat

    10. alvin stamaria on

      I agree with all what was stated by Mr. Tiglao…now it is very clear that it is a demolition job to derail Binays candidacy…..Cayetano was previuosly eyeing the Presidency but lost steam because he is always on the bottom survey…Trillanes stated he is running for VP..& behold Mr. Pimentel is routing for Duterte..while Mr. Drilon, who could have advise the committee to terminate it let it run whole year because of Mar Roxas….what a waste of time…..all those routing for these three senators….WAKE UP..they will do everything & anything to get what they want in disguise of WHAT?

      • Trillanes eyes the VP post via Grace Poe. Pimentel roots for Duterte. Do these f–ls think they are helping their bets by trying to blacken Binay and distract voters from the evils of the Lapian sa Padarambong (LP)? The LP threatens to perpetuate its plundering ways through another puppet, Mar Roxas. Its weapons are its almost unlimited campaign funds contained in the 2016 budget and the PCOS of Smartmatic. Of what good are their misguided efforts when, in the end, the machines will decide the elections once more?

    11. I commend Trillanes, Pimintel and Cayetano for their acts. I would rather spend our money to investigate and expose these corrupt politicians to the public rather than pocketed by the Binays!

      • How about the more than P200B in DAP and PDAF3 plundered by the Lapian sa Pandarambong (LP).

    12. The Senate Committee are trying their hardest to waste time by bringing up all this overpriced buildings N Ghost allegations on Binay because they are so afraid to investigate further the Real Issues that matters like the PDAF/DAP/44 SOLDIERS MASSACRED AT MAMMASSAPANO/ MRT/FOI etc…..
      How can we expect the country to attain Progress if the Senate themselves cannot seem to move forward from their personal /political objectives and deliberate on the Issues that matters to our young people.

      It definitely shows the INCOMPETENCE of all these Senators and the Kind of Intelligence they demonstrate, especially Trillianes & Pimentel.

      Hopefully, the term of these sitting Senators expires and I pray that the people can choose Senators that can Better Represent them in Congress.

    13. Very, very bad senate headed by Drillon. I look at them like dirt. Guingona, Trillanes, Cayetano, Pimentel are all ?!

      • The Philippine Senate has gone to the dogs. My apologies to the dogs. We have three dogs and love them so.

    14. Amnata Pundit on

      We are living in an era of lies. The most titanic lie of all time: Marcos was Darth Vader and Ninoy was Luke Skywalker. The biggest lie of the last decade: GMA and her husband Mike Arroyo were not as corrupt as Erap. The biggest lie of the moment: Binay deserves to be president even if he looks, walks and talks like a crook.

    15. I agree with you Mr. Tiglao. What the three stooges, Trillanes, Pimentel and Cayetano are doing they are just following orders from the person behind them. According to Webster, a stooge is:
      – a weak or unimportant person who is controlled by a powerful person.
      – one who plays a subordinate or compliant role to a principal.
      It is really obvious that they are following the marching orders of Aquino to discredit VP Binay and his family in view of the coming election. I always have a soft heart for people who are bullied. I thought the press is supposed to be objective in its reporting. But the Philippine Daily Inquirer is obviously pro-administration.

    16. Maurice Charndorn on

      I commented once on a part headline article in the Philippine Inquirer with regards to Senator Trillanes’ counter lawsuit filed in court against VP Binay’s 200M lawsuit citing it was also overpriced. This I said made me conclude that what they are doing in the Senate’s Committee hearing is not really in aid of legislation. Further I said with what Senator Trillanes lawsuit’s clearly showed is, there is really no sign or notion that any legislation was carved out meant to address Corruption issues against any Public Servant and what he is doing is adaption of already existing law which he himself is using against VP Binay. The funny thing is, my comment, together with that Article written about Senator Trillanes still fresh on the PDI’s website news online disappeared in matter of minutes.

    17. The success or failure of a company depends upon its commander…..Who is the leader of the Senate > Hindi ba si DRILLON .. Bakit pinabayaan niya na mawasak and imahe ng senado, dahil be takot siya kina Trillanes, Pimentel at Cayetano na ibulgar na siya ay mas CORRUPT.

    18. HA HA HA, ang ganda ng pictures. parang magkamuka talaga sina hitler at trillanes. hindi kaya re-incarnation ni hitler si trillanes??? joke joke joke

    19. I believe na walang usok kung walang apoy… trillanes might be tactless
      But he won’t say a word unless he got proof…. he is one of the brave senator who fight for this country against corruption.

      • Trillanes is one of the HOLY COWs in the senate and should not be re-elected. He has done nothing in the senate.

      • Had you heard of 71,000 php monthly salary of his brother and all of his kamaganaks Paid as consultants?

      • walang kwentang tao si trillanes! masahol pa sya kay GMA, sayang ang boto ko sa kanya!

      • Trillanes has his houseboy and driver being paid as consultants as well so he doesn’t have to pay them out of his own pocket.

        Senate documents show that Trillanes’ office is allocating P1.63 million a month to finance the salaries of 63 consultants, which reportedly includes his houseboy, family drivers, media workers, campaign donors, ex-mutineer friends, and the senator’s brother, Juan Antonio

        This guy has to nerve to call someone else corrupt ?

    20. kung panig ka ng katotohanan ay wala kang dapat ipangamba..noon at noon pa man ay hindi biro ang sinusuong mo araw-araw..kaya mo yan basta may evidences kayo pimentel trillanes at cayetano! dapat makulong na si vp binay!

    21. silvino sarga on

      Pare-pareho lang sina VP Binay at Sen Trillanes. Si Trillanes masyadong self-righteous at pikon,asal fasista- bagay sa kanya ang brush mustache kagaya ng litrato sa taas.

      Si VP, matakaw sa kapangyarihan at mangungurakot upang matupad ang ambisyon. Sa halip na sagupain at klaruhin ang mga issues sa diumanong ill-gotten wealth niya puro dilatory pleadings and delaying tactics naman ang ginagawa sa korte maski grabe na ang ibedensiya laban sa kanya. He is probably gambling that by the time the cases prosper he is already the sitting President and he can easily shut the cases out. And this the People should not allow.

    22. Felimon A. Soria on

      Why can’t the vice president attend those invitations to appear so that he can clear the air once and for all.
      I believe what you are saying Mr. Tiglao re: prolonged investigation. There is one thing that bothers me: How was Mr. Binay able to finance all four candidacies of themselves Mayor, Senator, Congresswoman, and Vice President. If someone can tell me this then by all means the vice president should be elected president of the Republic.

      • Would you appear in a hearing wherein the people in there are bent that you are already guilty? What Mr. Tiglao is telling the readers was this hearings are not in aid of legislation but to malign the image of VP Binay. VP Binay already file a case in court.. so that’s the proper forum where all should be answered.

        Anyhow… I will still vote for #Duterte/Marcos tandem in 2016.

      • If Binay is charged in a court of law he would probably have to clear the air.
        Making accusations and posing for pictures for newspapers is not a court of law.
        No one has to answer to those clowns on the senate blue ribbon committee.

      • Jose A. Oliveros on

        All you have to do is go to the Comelec and ask for copies of their statement of campaign contributions and expenditures. Those are official documents and will show how much all the Binays spent for their election, who are their campaign contributors and how much each gave. That simle

      • Modie Segovia on

        Have you listen to how Trillanes conducts his investigations? He only wants to listen to what he wants to hear. During the last hearing when an invited guest was telling Trillanes and Trillanes didn’t like what he hears, he immediately told his invited “guest”, “I don’t buy that”! Wasn’t it obvious he was on a fishing expedition?

    23. Leodegardo Pruna on

      The two doesn’t deserve to be senators. Alan is slowly recovering from a dream as he is losing steam for a higher position. What a mess these three senators has done to the republic by joining the greatest stooge in Malacananag. God bless the Philippines.

    24. Tita Boluso-Rimando on

      I still can not understand why/how Trillanes is where he is today – a senator of the country. Be that as it may, he is nothing but a traitor who turned against his country. And to what end? Are we a better nation today because of him, or because of what he did?s On the contrary. What he has done is evolve this committee into another Spanish inquisition. Enough already! Stop talking and file a case now against Binay.

    25. And he even spent 7 million plus for consultants and he can even prove his accusation. I think what he is doing is a self drestruction kind of thing.

    26. Idolo kasi ni Trililingnianes si NOYTARD na puro daldal,pagsisinungaling,paghihiganti at panunuhol ang alam gawing ngh mga gago.

    27. Jose A. Oliveros on

      “Trillanes I suspect is an avid reader of another military man of another time who became a megalomaniac after he was, like the Senator, detained for attempting a coup – Hitler who wrote something in his Mein Kampf what has been called the Big Lie propaganda technique: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

      But in the case of Hitler, he committed suicide rather than be captured either by the Russians or by the Americans or the British. In the case of Trillones, when cornered both at Oakwood and at the Manila Peninsula and threatened with artillery fire, he surrendered immediately and his pictures in those two incidents showed him meeker than a lamb.

    28. I for one, does not read the Philippine Daily Inquirer anymore. It is obviously bias in its reporting. the minds of our countrymen, specially those abroad. Before Trillanes was appreciated because he projected himself to be bright and brave. But now his true color has been exposed. He does not have the ‘BALLS” to face the truth and reality. He is very CORRUPT that he will do anything to achieve his goal, to the prejudice of the institution he is works with (SENATE) and the people he is to serve. DO NOT GIVE TRILLANES THE CHANCE TO BE ELECTED AGAIN IN THE FUTURE.He should go to JAIL or to HILL where belongs.

      • Indeed, it is a tabloid masquerading as a broadsheet. The more pathetic it is for its news editor is even an IMC alumnus – a far cry from his fellow SJ who writes sharp columns in another daily.

      • Trillanes and Cayetano are lapdogs of Aquino, They are trying to get rid of Binay to further their own ambitions as well as take care of Aquino’s problem.

    29. Not mentioning the amount of money paid to research people and end up in this kind of accusation and results. What a waste of government money.

    30. ex sen. Jojer Arryo was smart and quick to have pointed this anomaly of trillanes before but nobody it was quickly covered by MALACANANG .

    31. Carl Cid Inting on

      Aquino shames the Philippines. So Trillanes and Pimentel are only a symptom of a greater disease.

    32. I cannot understand why the honorable members of the Senate have allowed Trillanes and Pimentel to damage their institution by allowing it to be used for their smear campaigns against Binay.

      What honorable members of the senate ? Honor left the senate a long time ago.

      18 out of 23 honorable senators were on the Napoles list as receiving kickbacks after giving to her fake organizations their pork barrel allocations. As i understand it that was P200 million each.

      So again, what honorable senators ?

      • Cayetano, Trillianes and Pimental should not be even in the senate as they were elected by the highly questionable pcos machines.

      • I couldn’t agree more, sir. Our Senate now has turn into a pageant filled with ambitious individuals.

    33. Sound like selfish ambition they need all power
      to kick out the opponent running for president

    34. kaya ko pang maniwala na you’re doing a good thing when you defend gloria arroyo because at least there’s nothing direct to link her to actual wrongdoings. yong kapamilya at kaalyado nya lang ang mga dapat pinaparusahan.

      pero pagdating kay binay walang walang walang walang wala na talagang pwedeng palusot.

      • ANo?????gma is the greatest thief the country ever had and she is obviously enjoying staying at veterans hospital with all amenities therein… she should be in chains both hands and feet as normal criminals do

      • i dont like that binay one bit but i can see the evil motives of trillanes and his gang towards binay. buti sana kung maayos yung mga paratang nila pero obvious naman na puro imbento lang.

        i am for the prosecution of binay as long as the accusations are true and not just invented out of nowhere.

    35. The simultaneous boboo of Trillanes on the non stop senate sub committee investigations are products of his highly paid consultant who does know what to do except receive their monthly pay. These so called consultants should prepare complete staff works that include checking the veracities of the testimonies of their resource persons. They taught that Bondal being a lawyer have documented and research the prices of the cakes only to admit later that he was just guessing. A witness who is caught lying in court is admonish and even the prosecutor will even move to strike out all testimonies. But Koko Pimentel has different way of looking at it for political reason because Binay left him alone in PDP Laban Party. I wonder if Trillanes has plans to be become a comedian when his term expire on June 30, 2019?

    36. Why should we believe Mr. Tiglao? At his age, he is full of wisdom and he has seen and rubbed elbows with different politicians and personalities, and he is more discerning now.

      Don’t you wonder why despite the claims by Trillanes and Cayetano of corruptions against Gloria and Mike Arroyo or Binay, they have failed to substantiate, offer solid evidence and prove their accusations GMA, Binay?

      When Cayetano was just a congressman, he was very noisy and hurled accusations of corruption against Mike Arroyo and claimed that Mike had a million dollars account in Germany. He dared that both of them, sign a waiver of bank accounts, if Mike Arroyo’s got nothing to hide and fear.

      That was the passport of Cayetano in winning the senatorial election.

      I believed then all the allegations against Mike. But now I’m doubtful if Cayetano’s accusations are all true.

      • dude, Mike offered Cayetano to travel with him to Germany and ask those banks if he has accounts on them.
        Do i need to mention what were Cayetano’s response?

    37. Wala nang ginawa itong si Senators Trillanes IV, Pimentel II, Allan Peter Cayetano kundi senate hearings to investigate another VP Binay’s alleged corruption. These senators are suppose to be legislators and not court judges. What they are doing is not an aid to legislations. if they keep doing these things it subverts the primary purpose of the senate which is to make laws.


        Trillanes, Pimentel and Cayetano are REALLY FAULT FINDER and TUTA. AN ATTITUDE OF A SELFISH PRIDE and a JUDAISM CHARACTER. next to terrorist activity. pumapatay,nanggugulo, at naninira sa kapwa ang kagustuhan nila. ETO AY PANTAKIP SA KANILANG WALANG MAGAWA SA KANILANG TUNGKULIN.

    38. Jojo can very ably defend himself anytime, with or without your support! He already filed a case. Stop defending him. The filed case will clear the air. The senators are just doing their jobs. If not, the people will vote them out of office the next time. Write something that will help the government, the people, the country to grow, progress, to flourish, to rise from poverty. Stop helping the rich politicos like the Binays – they can take care of their own affairs, ano?

      • the wirter is only stating a point I dont see any point of taking sides on his end… read read read

      • Agree. The author of this piece is obviously bias, leaning towards BInay’s side. Everyone in government right now could be blameworthy but no one is as big a crook as Binay. These Senators taking pot shots at the VP in these hearings is a lesser evil compared to turning a blind eye to Binay’s thievery.