• Trillanes is right this time


    I usually do not agree with Sen. Antonio Trillanes’ opinions pertaining to issues on economics, politics, and peace and order.

    However, I strongly support his call to cancel for now the K-to-12 education system.

    Trillanes and millions of other parents feel that K-12 may just be a waste of money or additional expense for the family.

    The former naval officer turned politician suggested that instead of spending hundreds of millions for the K-12 program, the Department of Education (DepEd) should focus on building more classrooms and purchase more books for students in public schools.

    Sen. Trillanes’ bill on the review of the K-12 program is supported by millions of parents around the country.

    After all, the extra two years in school is not really a guarantee that students will land a job after school.

    What it guarantees is two more years of added educational expense for the parents.

    This law was not reviewed properly.

    * * *

    Bistek teaches drug dealer a lesson

    Quezon City Mayor Herbert “Bistek” Bautista on Friday did what other city chief executives do not usually do: teach drug dealers an unforgettable lesson.

    Zhen Xu, 30, of Hung Nam, China, learned the hard way to take seriously the country’s anti-illegal drug laws.

    Zhen, who was arrested by the Quezon City Police with 10 kilos of shabu, was smiling and making faces when presented to Mayor Bautista by the police.

    Bautista reportedly felt insulted and he slapped the suspect twice saying, “you have no respect for our laws and the authorities!”

    Immediately after the incident, the suspect’s face turned serious.

    Bautista went on to say, “even a dozen of slaps will not be enough to pay for the crimes that will be committed by people under the influence of drugs being sold by the likes of Xu in this country.”

    Mayor “Bistek” still believes in the rule of law. Had Zhen been arrested in a city in southern Mindanao, he wouldn’t have seen daylight anymore.

    He would have become another statistic of the vigilantes there.



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      k 12 will add more suffering to the poor working students,poor family,
      i am working in uae as engineer our degree is well recognized by this country,
      same with other asian country even they took 4 years only to have bachelors degree, compare to us we need 5 yrs.to get engineering degree

    2. There should be a choice for students to either take the K to 12 or not.For most of the students who might just want a vocational education or wants to be a blue collar worker,they can definitely do without the extra 2 years.However for those who want to pursue a university degree this is a must,quality of education in the Phils has gone down so much that many graduates are not qualified to practice or even recognized overseas.In many countries where they have year 12,Filipinos who have a uni degrees are only considered as high school grads after their assessments.The local universities with the support of the govt should have a twinning program with highly recognized universities overseas to alleviate this problem.

    3. Erwin you say the law on the k 12 wasnt reviewed properly. I agree with you but i would ask what laws are ever reviewed properly in this country. It seems they make laws to help protect the rich & famous, they seem to review them properly For example. The bank secrecy law if you have a dollar account. Please explain that to me as i dont understand why a bank secrecy law is good for people who can have a dollar account but is not good for people with a peso account.
      I say the bank secrecy law is bad for the country because it is there for one reason & one reason only to help protect stolen or ill gotten money. Didnt cj corona try to use it by saying because of the bank secrecy law i didnt have to declare my dollar account in my saln. That was the supreme court chief justice. Nex still with that law the powers that be say we shouldnt worry as there is already room to check people out if they suspect foupf play in their accounts. No there isnt, they need hard evidence before they can look into your dollar account without your written permission. & you cant get that hard evidence as anyone who says anything about that account is breaking the law. I tell you they kept the bank secrecy law to help keep their ill gotten money, of that im sure. & if you believe otherwise keep putting your removed teeth under your pillow & im sure the tooth fairy will rplace it with a few dollars, not pesos as they arnt protected.

    4. Trillanes does have this right. Going to 12 years of school is admirable. But without proper reasoning and planning it is very bad for the Philippines. Take our lower economic stratem, can they afford to keep their children in school for two more years. The obvious anser is no. So going to 12 years only serves to perpetuate the lower class. How about schools, do we have 20% more schools to accomodate the increase in school population? Going to 12 years should be after we build schools to handle the projected increase in school population, with a limit of 35 kids per classroom. The last two years of school should be a stipend paid period for all lower class students. The stipend should cover books, supplies, and meals. We can easily divert the money needed from the lump sum amounts in the current budget. We have plenty of money, we just have to spend it on things to improve the lives of the Filipino people and not on feeding the pigs from the pork barrels.

    5. why don’t the pnoy govt hang this drug dealer the same way china does to filipino’scaught with drugs in china?