Trillanes shrugs off BBC interview ‘meltdown’


SEN. Antonio Trillanes 4th has shrugged off online criticism of his supposed meltdown in an interview over the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC), in which the host said the lawmaker’s views on President Rodrigo Duterte and his administration were “out of tune” with public sentiment.

Trillanes said BBC “Hardtalk” host Stephen Sackur’s observation may be correct, but added that many people have positive views of the administration because they were not aware of the real situation.

“It (BBC interview) was objective… he (Sackur) may be right, but for me it is not necessarily out of tune. It is because the people don’t know what I know,” Trillanes said in an interview.

Sackur during the interview asked the senator whether his positions against Duterte ran contrary to public sentiment translating to the President’s high survey approval ratings.

Trillanes, in response, said “bulk of the Filipino people are busy with their day-to-day living. They don’t really get to know the magnitude of the damage Duterte has done.”

Sackur noted that based on the comments of the public on news websites, the streets were perceived to be safer under the Duterte administration and Filipinos seemed to have no problem with an iron-fisted ruler.

He also cited Duterte’s 75-percent approval rating, which, to western politicians, would be the “best day of their lives.”

Trillanes told Sackur he expected Duterte’s ratings to dip, noting that it had gone down by as much as 17 points in less than a year in office.

“Historically, popularity ratings will change as the information have radiated to the general public. It will take a little time, but his numbers continue to go down and I’m quite confident [that]towards [the end]of the year, it will be way below 50 [percent],” the senator replied.

Sackur then asked Trillanes what his thoughts were about majority of Filipinos choosing Duterte supposedly because they wanted a “tough guy” who could impose order and deal with the illegal drug problem in the country.

Trillanes claimed Duterte created his own crises, saying that while it was true that 98 percent of districts in Metro Manila were affected by drugs, the figures would be low on the national scale.

“In fact our drug problem is not a bad as it seems. While we agree that it should be addressed, it is not the only problem in our country,” he said.

Sackur also asked Trillanes whether he felt that he was “bashing his head against a brick wall” because even after Duterte associated himself with the so-called Davao Death Squad during the presidential campaign, the Filipino people still voted for him.

Trillanes replied: “I am not about to give up on this, even to the Filipino people. It will take some time because the propaganda of the administration is getting in the way of the flow of the truth to the public…”

The BBC anchor then asked Trillanes about the 7 percent growth of the economy, which, according to the World Bank, would continue at least through 2019, and the $15 -billion investment committed by China that seemed to show that Duterte was doing well.

The senator responded that China’s investment commitment only looked good on paper. In reality, it is a loan hinged on the passage of the tax reform plan of the administration which, Trillanes said, would be inflationary and anti-poor.

“We in the Senate do not have any plan of passing it (tax reform package) because it is again inflationary and anti-poor. So we cannot afford to give additional burden to the public and the public appreciates that,” he said.
Trillanes said the BBC interview turned out well and that he even exchanged pleasantries with Sackur after the interview.


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  1. This Trillanes is a fool. A shame to our beloved country! He should be put back to prison!

  2. Roldan Guerrero on

    TRILLANES is a REBEL HIMSELF…he led two failed coups against the GMA government which he failed and surrendered without having fired a single bullet. It was discovered his group embezzled the hotel they dugged-in even with the less precious spoons and porks. He cant expain how and why he is paying his brother of very high compensation as his consultant…EVEN INCLUDING HIS DRIVERS AND HOUSE MAIDS. What has this man accomplished as a Senator? What he is doing is using the senate to enable his witch hunt and defamation of his enemies. I DONT THINK TRILLANES HAS A PLACE IN THE SENATE and I ALSO DONT UNDERSTAND HOW HE GOT ELECTED AS A SENATOR….

  3. We need to keep Trilannes out of the international media. He has brought much shame to the Philippines and also the Senate.

  4. Bonifacio Claudio on

    Trillanes is like Goebel in that if you continuously keep telling big lies, the public would sooner or later come to swallow it all, hook-line-sinker– like the effect of gossips — and Trillanes said it would take some time but that day will come and he is patiently on the watch for signs of development in his bid to oust The Patriot Duterte … But for now, people are head over heels in love with DU30, while Trillanes is heels over head in his diabolic schemes to once again put Inang Bayang Pilipinas back to utter desolation & dire poverty in the grips & clutches of plundering Yellows-Oligarchs-LP-De5-Leni-Lewis Gangs…

  5. If I were the Liberal Party, particularly the likes of Pangilinan, Aquino, Hontiveros, I would disown Trillanes, what a shame this party is still coddling the laughing stock in the whole world.

    • I am sorry but you are wrong there, the people you mention will also do or say the same thing, simply because they are lovers and you know the saying LOVE IS BLIND AND LOVERS CANNOT SEE. This people cannot see whats in front of them because they are all blind. They refused to see the difference between now and then.

  6. As a foreign observer, I notice the following.

    1. On the superficial side, Trillanes seem to be challenged when it comes to speaking English. “Radiate information to people..” What is that? Maybe he meant “disseminate”. I couldn’t continue watching everything since it was too painful to watch him makes a fool of himself. Then people on the news are saying that he said “bulk of people”, maybe he meant “majority of people”. Then there was the “Are you a democrat?” No, I am from Nationalista Party. What?

    If he spend his time studying English instead of destabilizing your government for his own selfish reason, maybe he wouldn’t end up a laughingstock.

    2. And then when he was said 75% rating was already down, Duterte used to have 92% approval rating. Dude, no matter 97% (very high) or 75%, those are very high! Then he said it will go down by the end of the year. Yeah because Trillanes, for his own selfish and disgusting reason, is trying to bring down your president, in time of war. This guy is a sorry excuse of a human being ( I want to use POS but lets be polite.)

    3. He gives all sort of stupid reasons why Duterte is bad. The more I listen to him, the more I thought, this guy is either on self deception, or he is shamelessly lying in an international arena. But those reasoning sounds so stupid that he ended being a laughingstock and looking stupid.

    Philippines is going thru a lot of things, war on drugs, raising populations, corruptions in all branches of government, and worst, invasion of ISIS ( be it local or foreign).

    You would be thinking that he would want to help the government for the benefit of the people, but all this stupid guy ever did is try to destroy the image of your president and hinder the good things Duterte is doing. And he is doing it in a very stupid way.

    He is very confident about ICC. The ICC cannot touch your president at these stage. Many countries will complain about that since there is an ongoing fight with ISIS, which is of higher priority. If ICC destabilized the Philippines by meddling, then they will end up shouldering the blame. Is ICC willing to walk that path? Probably they won’t be able to even if they want to. Trillanes simple mind did not seems to realized these and was so confident ICC will act against Durterte. Trillanes may be a fool, but those on the ICC are not.

    Trillanes is a stupid person, if one is to conclude from his reasoning. Unfortunately, this guy have evil motives and ambitions.

    Lastly, I cannot understand why did guy made it his mission in life to bring down Duterte even if Duterte seems to be bringing good changes to the country. His actions are very malicious.

    Trillanes needs to be investigated. What is his hiding? His determination to bring down Duterte to the point that he made himself into an laughingstock in the international arena is baffling.

  7. Ang sundalong kanin, wala ibang alam kundi manira ng kapwa tao, walang konsensyang tao. Sana mahanapan ka kaso para makulong ka pareho ni de lima . Nag hihintay lang ng panahon para umalsa laban sa gobyerno , at manira na naman ng hotel. Matapang lang pag may mga kasama katulad n’ya, pero takot pag dating ng pwersa ng militar. Mahiya ka naman, pag tapos ka na sa senado, magtago ka na, marami kang atraso.