Trillanes to sign waiver on ‘bank accounts’


SENATOR Antonio Trillanes 4th said he was willing to sign a waiver for all the bank accounts that he allegedly owned if only to prove President Rodrigo Duterte and his allies wrong.

“I categorically deny the allegation. I don’t own even a single offshore account. I will wait for the (bank) details he (President) would be giving out and I will immediately sign the waiver for the AMLC and the Ombudsman,” the senator said in a radio interview on Sunday.

The AMLC is the Anti-Money Laundering Council.

In a speech during the 26th Mindanao Business Conference in Cagayan de Oro City on Friday, Duterte said that he obtained documents on Trillanes’ bank accounts and would be coming out with them in next few days.

According to the President, Trillanes has been keeping joint accounts with Chinese businessmen in the country and in other places like Hong Kong, Australia and the US.

“I will even accompany the fact-finding team of the Ombudsman together with the media to the banks to prove that I don’t have an account there. I’m willing to go through all of that to prove that they are lying,” he said. “And then I will dare them to sign a waiver.”

The senator was referring to the alleged more than P2 billion in bank accounts of Duterte, which he exposed during the presidential campaign in 2016.

In February, Trillanes reiterated his challenge to Duterte to disprove his allegation and sign a waiver.

During the Senate blue ribbon committee investigation into the P6.4 billion “shabu” shipment from China, Trillanes claimed that Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and brother-in-law Manases Carpio have more than P100 million in their bank accounts.

Appearing before the committee on Thursday, the young Duterte and Carpio, a lawyer, denied the allegation but refused to sign a waiver, invoking their rights under the Bank Secrecy Law.


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