• Trillanes, using PCIJ, taking us for fools with Lascañas’ obviously fake journal



    THE Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism asked media outlets the other day to publish what it claimed was retired Police Officer 3 Arturo Lascañas’ “journal” exposing the “bloody exploits of the Davao Death Squad” and then Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s complicity in the group’s murders.

    I find it so sad that the PCIJ—which I helped found in 1989, based on my research on such institutions in the United States during my fellowship at Harvard’s Nieman Foundation—has not only drastically deteriorated in terms of journalistic excellence. It’s become plain dumb or gullible, that it has become putty in the hands of the machiavellian Senator Antonio Trillanes III, who I think cooked up this rubbish black propaganda.

    Trillanes cleverly managed to put the PCIJ brand on his “journal” hoax to give it credibility, and the PCIJ naively obliged. Yet it is neither an investigative piece that is the result of painstaking research, but merely the dissemination of a fake document from a single, biased source. Nor is it even journalism as we know it, as it didn’t even subject the “journal” to some textual analysis or even interview Lascañas to test him if he really wrote it, as journalists simply doing their job would.

    For the sake of the country and our profession, the PCIJ should now stop degrading the term “investigative journalism”. It is so scandalous that a once prestigious institution that helped develop journalistic excellence in this country doesn’t seem to realize that because of its journalistic sloppiness, it has spread canards against the President of the Republic. Maybe Duterte indeed is a mass murderer. But unlike politicians like Trillanes who cavalierly spread lies to advance their agenda, journalists have to prove accusations with facts through real investigative journalism, not by disseminating a fake document from a very dubious source. What PCIJ has submitted for newspapers to publish is nothing but the worst kind of fake news.

    IN FLAWLESS PROSE: Maybe he is just so well read that he can use a novel’s title Divine Trap, as well as such words as “Waterloo”, “bloodletting” and “regime” in his “journal”.

    The PCIJ says only three pages were shown to it out of 70 pages. Why would Lascañas do that? So that it won’t be just a one-day story. Because by releasing the fake document on an installment basis, Trillanes or De Lima hope that, in Hitlerian fashion, the repetition of the lie for many days would make it seem true.

    Or perhaps the hoax’s brains is really Senator Leila de Lima, considering that one PCIJ board member is Jose Manuel Diokno—yes, one of her lawyers whose legal services for her aren’t certainly pro bono, although he and two colleagues have portrayed themselves as Free Legal Assistance Group attorneys helping a persecuted person, just like during the martial law days.

    Of all people, it is journalists, especially veteran editors like PCIJ executive director Malou Mangahas, who could in just one swift reading conclude that Lascañas’ handwritten “journal” was fake, that it was as impossible for him to write it as it is miraculous for a newbie Filipino reporter on his first day of coverage to file a scoop, written in flawless prose that absolutely no editing is required.

    Mangahas is not unfamiliar with textual analysis to determine the author of a written work. She and her colleagues at the PCIJ helped detonate in 1993 the bombshell that a Supreme Court justice wasn’t really the author of his decision defending the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) that was adopted by the entire tribunal, but the company’s lawyer. (The justice resigned in disgrace.)
    Police Officer 3
    Lascañas’ rank is Police Officer 3, or in the military, a master sergeant, a non-commissioned officer. His work experience other than being a policeman was almost entirely as a bodyguard, and by his admission a contract killer. In the Senate hearings last year (in which he backed President Duterte), the senators interrogated him not in English but in Filipino.

    I bet a year’s salary that he got his degree from some very bad, diploma-mill school in Mindanao. I bet two-years’ salary he has not taken a course in European history, nor even that he has read a novel in the English language.

    Then how the hell could he have authored not only in error-free English, but using terms (which I italicize below) which aren’t even in the regular, working vocabulary of most Ateneo, UP and La Salle college graduates as well as many journalists today:

    “Mayor RRD’s entry into the Presidential derby 2016 could be a Divine Trap. It could lead him to his political Waterloo,” Lascañas supposedly wrote in this “journal”.

    “Presidential derby” has been very rarely used in the Philippines, I have never used it even if I’ve written so many columns and articles in my career on presidential races. It was the past generation of editors— i.e., of the pre-martial law period—who were fond of mimicking the older American newspapers’ frequent use of it, because the US Kentucky Derby – the Formula One of horse races – was a vivid metaphor for presidential candidates racing to the finish line.

    Tell me, dear reader, have you ever read an article or column in local newspapers using the term “Waterloo”? The term is a favorite in Europe because Napoleon’s defeat in the Battle of Waterloo was such a decisive event in European history. It’s seldom used in America and certainly not in Asia as we don’t really appreciate how towering a figure Napoleon was.

    But Lascañas uses the term, as if he were very familiar with it.

    The big giveaway in just that one sentence in that “journal” is the phrase “Divine Trap”, which I bet not one of my readers has ever heard of. It is from a not-too-successful novel titled Divina Insidia – The Divine Trap, published in 2014.

    It generated some interest for a while in Europe as it was written by a Belgian banker Pascal Roussel at the European Investment Bank in Luxemburg. It expounds a conspiracy theory that 12 oligarchic families control all the banks, including central banks in the world, and readers expected an insiders’ view of how banks get to amass tons of money, especially at the time when the memory of how New York banks created the financial crisis in 2008 to 2009 was still fresh.

    The “Divine Trap” was those oligarchs’ modus throughout modern history of ruining economies that countries begged them for loans, which trapped them into a debt quagmire. Whoever wrote Lascañas’ journal probably had just read the novel, and was enamored by the term “Divine Trap.”

    Marcos regime
    There are several other words the fake journal uses that gives it away as being written by somebody else other than a sergeant-turned-contract-killer from the boondocks.

    The “journal” reads (my itals):

    “Mr. Moreno [of whom he was a bodyguard]was the owner of Liberty Telecommunications Co. he was the business partner of Gen. Fabian Ver, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines during the Marcos regime.

    Why would a sergeant prefer the harder-to-write-and-pronounce word “Telecommunications”, when Moreno’s company was really Liberty Communications? “Telecommunications” is a modern term usually used only by the intelligentsia – and lawyers.

    Only two types of Filipinos ever use the term “Marcos regime”: academics and those who were in the anti-Marcos movement, especially communists. For the latter, “regime” has the connotation of being dictatorial, and indeed, the Communist Party had popularized the term “US-Marcos regime”, rather than ”US-Marcos Administration”, which doesn’t sound as nefarious.

    Ordinary people like Lascañas instead would use the terms “government” (gubyerno) or administration (adminstrasyon). Why is “Marcos regime” used  in that ‘journal’? I suspect it was written by one of the FLAG lawyers, who were all anti-Marcos activists.

    The “journal” reads:

    “Sooner or later, he would become the most hated political figure in Philippine history, based on his personality, character, and temper. He is a physically, mentally and spiritually disturbed person. He is for flesh, blood and power, no matter what… If ever he will win the Presidency and apply into the whole country the Davao formula of bloodletting on the promise of peace and order… he will lead the country into hell and deceptively perpetuate himself to lifetime in power. And the rest is lethal history… Only God has the sole dominion of human life.”

    POLICE SERGEANT LASCAÑAS WOULD SHAME US WRITERS? A brilliant diarist with not a single word changed or crossed out in his ‘journal’?

    I’ve been an editor for two decades, and that is one flowing prose if ever there was one, the kind that normally requires much work by good editors before it emerges in that form, even if it sounds like Trillanes’ articulation of his wishful thinking.

    Do you really think a police sergeant could ever write such soaring prose and according to Lascañas, in his mere “journal”? Could he have used the rather precise and vivid terms, hardly used even by columnists like “bloodletting,” “temper”, “disturbed person”, “dominion”?

    Carried away
    Whoever wrote it obviously got carried away as a fiction writer would, forgetting that his knowledge of the English language—probably because he was a lawyer, and a reader—would be lightyears away from that of a police sergeant in Mindanao

    They’re taking us for fools. As shown in the attached facsimile of the “journal,” it is even written totally impeccably, with not one word changed or crossed out, as any diary writer or even any writer of any kind of work would know is impossible to do. Only one word was misspelled, “brodcaster”.

    Rather than written by Lascañas in 2015, it was obviously just recently written, copied by the perjurer from some work given him. What for?

    Because everyone assumes that “sworn affidavits” are usually written and edited by a lawyer, who merely asks the affidavit-writer to sign. Because Lascañas gave an entirely different affidavit and testimony last year, nobody really believes his new affidavit.

    On the other hand, handwritten papers give the impression that these were written with all honesty, as a diary would be – or a last will and testament would be.

    If I were Lascañas, I would be very worried though. One of these days, in his usual arrogance, Trillanes would make a speech in the Senate, and claim that the “journal” was really Lascañas’ last testament, and therefore should be taken as gospel truth.

    For all the trouble of writing such a fake journal, and making it extremely worthwhile for Lascañas to make a 180-degree turn in his testimony, I’m convinced that there is a well-financed plot to topple Duterte. And the plotters seem to be so desperate and so much in a rush to become so clumsy as in this fake “journal”.
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    1. G. L. Tanglao on

      Well, Trillanes claims that Mr. Lacanas finished Law – he just didn’t take the bar. If that’s true, then that should explain his writing proficiency.

    2. That the journal uses slightly different terminology than Luzon English and is of better quality than the average person’s are not proof of its lack of authenticity. English in different places develop differently (‘telecommunications’ rather than its abbreviated form may have been used to say, differentiate it from an advertising firm), and a police investigator is usually the best-lettered staff of his station. If one must, other indicators such as whether the paper used is of the right age, or whether the journal was written over a few sittings is more reliable. In any case, I believe Lascanas.

    3. Mr Tiglao…are you the same ex-Arroyo cabinet member bobi tiglao who has been talked about in the press by being…well…in a nutshell, you’re good at bashing daw. Are you a legit journ? Just curious…I am just glad that your writeup appears on an OPINION column because it won’t merit anything to us who have heard enough in the Lascanas testimony. As Lascanas said…truth will set us free. Cheers to our unfolding freedom from the shackles of impunity!

    4. They only got 3 pages out of 70 pages? Because the other 63 pages are still being manufacatured? (And today during the Senate hearing, Lascanas even denied giving a copy of his diary to PCIJ, busted!)

    5. Schiavona Falchion on

      Lascañas is not even a sergeant. The military equivalent of PO3 would be corporal, not master sergeant which is SPO4.

    6. It is very easy catch whether Lascanas is lying or not or whether his journal is authentic or not. Dig copies of police blotters and records while he was serving with Davao Police Department and make a comparison of his sentence construction in those reports and/or police blotters with his alleged journal.

      Another point, FLAG is beginning to lose its credibility as it is already politicized as an organization. After Marcos, they have already attained their purpose and have aligned themselves with the ruling political party. Also, one of the other two FLAG lawyers working with Diokno is the son of a former congressman from the North (who is now long deceased) who was a dyed in the blue Liberal Party man. He is also the brother of another prominent FLAG lawyer who served under Cory and Noynoy administration in official and unofficial capacity. I hope that my gut feeling that there is a hidden agenda in this is wrong.

    7. Tiglao is brewing mad as hell that a man such as Lascanas could write at best better than him, Woe to you Tiglao Mr Lascanas life story at is best you can never emulate or duplicate and at best accept that he killed people and admitted to it totally and was paid and bought for by a killer President, Unlike you Tiglao who feedson the spoils of PGMA kurakot sa kaban ng bayan that he pays Tiglao.

    8. Isn’t it possible to know the physical age of the papers where Lascañas wrote his diary to see any discrepancies along the time line of events?

    9. We never learn to our mistakes a lot of people still idiot for believing this article. Philippines is sinking so change is coming for worse. I know what im talking about coz i know whats happening to our country including prices hike like pamasahe, some can goods and also a lot of corrupt official nkakalaya… GMA gusto hawakan ang bangko sentral.. goodluck s Bansa kong mahal…. remember GOD MOVE MYSTERIOUS WAY kaya biglang lumabas yan si Lascanas

    10. give him a tagalog sentence and make him write it in english and see how good he really in written english language. good luck Lascanas !

      • or let him re-write in front of the Senators part of his journal in both English and Tagalog. We are Filipinos and we think in Tagalog before writing it down to English.

    11. Can we say that this is a Fraudulent Act that equates to an Act of Crime? It was done willfully with care, isn’t it?

      Lagos ka Lascañas. Tatawagin ka sa Senate para sa Grammar Test mo.

    12. I knew it! The first time I heard the news about Lascanas’ “alleged” journal, I knew said journal was fake. I heard Mr. Lascanas answers in the Senate last year and comparing it with that journal, there is a very big difference. The journal was perfectly written NOT by Mr.Lascanas but by somebody who is very ENVIOUS and whose objective is to OUST our beloved President Digong. LONG LIVE the President, Thanks Mr. Tiglao for confirming my thoughts…….

    13. handwriting experts or a serious forensic analysis sana ang gawin dyan sa journo na yan….malalaman na agad kung gaano ka stupido nagpakalat nyan….para manira at lokohin ang taumbayan.

    14. He is indeed a brilliant policeman, a superhuman. English is perfect, vocabulary is incredible, and his choice of words are insanely fantastic!

      Kudos to the one who made this script!
      Mister, how much did they pay you to testify against the President?
      I bet LP is in panic mode right now. LOL

      • the heck, he even made me ignorant, i never heard nor read that Divine Trap until he “wrote” it down in his journal. I read books too but damn, he is a wide-reader pala.

    15. emmanuel mallari jr on

      I wonder what happened to Malou Mangahas? I used to admire her but with this …. PCIJ, which she headed has been taken for a ride by Trillanes, Lascanas and company. Perhaps,the lure of PESOS sign lured her.

    16. For info Mr. Tiglao, the following line

      “Mr. Moreno [of whom he was a bodyguard]was the owner of Liberty Telecommunications Co. he was the business partner of Gen. Fabian Ver, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines during the Marcos regime.”

      has uncanny resemblance with the item written in the Anaywatch magazine clandestinely published before 2016 election against “The Firm”.

      Just keep connecting the dots.

    17. Mikhail Jethro Montes on

      My Good Sir,

      Matagal na pong walang kwenta mga tao sa journalism ngayon. Ni hindi na nga nila consideration ngayon ang whole truth but enticement na lang. In short…ratings ang kanilang priority. As I remember nagkaroon ng sunog dati sa UP Campus sa bandang Ricarte at napanood ko sa TV from ABS and GMA na they said there were about 1,000 families affected by the fire. But I was there when the fire was happening and in reality there were about less than 100 houses affected by the fire. So…is the media saying that there are 10 families in each household? At sigurado akong hindi aabot ng 1,000 houses ang andun sa Ricarte unless isasama yung mga ibang streets at area gaya ng Dagohoy at Palaris.

      Truly I do not wonder why there are journalists being killed because of these enticed news and giving metaphors. Masyado nilang pinapalabok imbes na buong katotohanan ang kanilang ibinabalita.

    18. You forgot to mention well read and well traveled.
      Even Engineers like me can be very poor in written Englsh.

      Also, as a kicker, he writes in script better than me..

    19. Now who ordered all of the killings in davao. Indi man puede random or type ko lang magpatay ng tao. You ask taga davao kung sino nag utos na patayan sa davao all of then will tell u it was duterte directly or indirectly. It is common knowledge in davao.

      • assuming du30 ordered the killing, are we going to develop a fake journal just to pin him down? what kind of people are we then? look for real proof but not a fake one and have it sponsored in lower congress for filing of an impeachment case. wrong things can’t be turn right by doing another wrong action.

        second, if those killed are criminals, what are we complaining for? we should be happy, unless you plan to be a future criminal.

    20. In as much as I admire Mr. Tiglao’s analysis, I sense his derision towards Mr. Lascanas with his assumption that the latter could not possibly have written his “journal” because of his educational and career background. I know for a fact that a lot of seemingly uneducated people from the boondocks are summarily dismissed as idiots who could not write a perfect sentence in English nor use high-browed terminologies worthy of publication. Case in point: I completed my tertiary education in one of those so-called diploma mills somewhere in lowly Visayas but I bet you I can out-write a UP or Oxford graduate any time.

      But that aside… great piece, Mr. Tiglao! :-)

      • Well, maybe you can write or articulate your thoughts better than a UP or Oxford graduate. But I bet your reading comprehension is very poor. How dare you accuse Mr. Tiglao of deriding Mr. Lascanas’ ability to write and for making an assumption just based on his education and career background. Most likely Mr. Tiglao also saw and heard how Lascanas expressed himself during the senate hearing. Mind you, Mr. Tiglao is not just an ordinary journalist. As he mentioned, he helped formed PCIJ in 1989 as such he can be considered an expert in “Investigative Journalism”. And, most likely he made an extensive scrutiny of Mr. Lascanas skill in writing. Hence, when Mr. Tiglao said that it is a fake journal, it is a “matter-of-fact” statement and not a mere assumption. Your case in point is out of line.

      • tiglao’s point is that a normal enlisted personnel will worry fist about his family’s daily meal than work on a literature piece.

    21. How could an August body like the Senate be crippled by one colleague or two. How can politics make one brilliant mind erode. Thanks Mr Tiglao.

    22. I will tell you, Pres. Duterte is a man with honor and integrity. If someone will bring him down, it will be more bloody during the time of Marcos! He will fight till the last of his breath! So beware?

    23. If I were to crossexamine Mr Lascanas, I would ask him to narrate even the outline (topic only) of his so-called journal to check his memory and determine if he is really the author. That is a suggestion to his lawyers – to memorize even the barest topic outline, which I believe will be difficult for his to do owing to the 70 prepared pages and his educational background.

    24. Another excellentt analysis by the brilliant author, Mr. Tiglao. Can’t this people in the PCIJ who asked media outlets to published the so called Arturo Lascanas “journal” be invistigated and held liable for dissiminating a fake journal? Isama na rin na rin si Trillanes para ma-exposed talaga ang katotohanan. For sure malaking pera ang ibinayad sa mga yan :)

    25. Bilib na talaga ako syo Master Jedi Tiglao…Mali ang first impression ko syo few years back..Hencefort, I will call you Master Bobit..Hope I will have the opportunity to someday be your apprentice…

    26. Good observation and thank you, Sir Tiglao…Continue your advocacy of finding real truth amidst this generation of flawed & fraudalent journalism….

    27. If what Bobi Tiglao is saying is true, then PCIJ should really apologize. But, let’s hear first from PCIJ, and from Arturo Lascanas himself. Mr. Tiglao tries so hard to make his arguments convincing. Some thoughts, though. I beg to disagree that words such as “waterloo”, “disturbed person”, “temper” are such uncommon words “rarely used” in the Philippines. I can assure you even my own students can use these terms as these are common to them. While there may be possibility that the words used in that supposed handwriting by Lascanas may not have been his own (because he might have sought help from someone as to the meaning of or correct usage for those words), Mr. Tiglao might have underestimated Lascanas. First, Lascanas is not a PO3, as Mr. Tiglao writes, but a Senior Police Officer 3. Second, reports say that he actually finished a law degree, although underbar. More to the point. If it turns out the published handwriting is not really Lascanas’, it does not necessarily make his story fake. When he gets to tell his whole tale, we can verify his claims. For example, did those series of murders really happen as he claims? Were those persons he claimed they murdered really real? Were the dates true? Where did the incidents happen? Where the places genuine? Where the circumstances verifiable? Did the supposed instructions by Pres. Duterte for them to kill certain people really happen? How, when, in what manner? We can all of course check on the facts, the corroborating circumstances. Let’s heart it straight from the man, first.

    28. I suggest that during the hearing let the senate produce a white board and let Lascanas rewrite even one page of his journal and interrogation of Lascanas wil discussed in english, anyway he’s very good at it as shown in his journal, lets see a great circus!!!

    29. Tita M. Manabat on

      Thank you! The truth will set us free. PCIJ and FLAG SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES! I would bet my SSS pension that Lascanas did not write this journal. And i agree that the handwriting is that of a woman.

    30. Madali lang po yan…let him testify in the senate tapos, let him read the journal, sure ako e-ika-ika si manong pulis. Tas, halukayin na din ang scholastic records para maverify, at if found na me.record xang naging student journalist, debater, at multi-awarded English subject student xa…wala tayong magawa, at bigyang parangal ang mga teachers nya mula elementary hanggang college. Di nga natin alam na columnista siguro sa Fox News or CNN International si manong…..Opinion lang no, papatapos nyang pakopya ang pre-made journal, patatahimikin na etong si manong, tas, sabihin ni Trillanes, si PRRD ang megawa para di na mag.ingay si lascanas…

    31. I totally agree with you Mr. Tiglao that the form is fake. Done by somebody else. But I have a feeling that you are scared. You are scared that the substance is basically true!

    32. Itong Journal ang Waterloo nina Lascanas, Trillianes, at de Lima.
      Dapat mabasa nina Senators Gordon, Lacson, Soto, Pacquiao, etc. ang article na ito ni Sir Tiglao today. Maraming salamat po uli, Sir. Mother Pilipinas loves you. The Holy Spirit has been guiding you lovingly, I believe.

    33. Amnata Pundit on

      Itong mga dilaw talaga, ayaw nilang paniwala-an yung handwritten memoirs ni Marcos, puro bola daw, pero itong kay Lascanas gusto nila lunokin natin without question. There’s got to be a special place in hell for these hypocrites, don’t you think?

    34. I really would love to read how this guy Lascanas would write a police accident report, it would probably be like reading prose and poetry in Shakespearian twang!

    35. Leonora Manuel on

      Ang mali dito, nagpapagamit ang PCIJ, dba nila alam na nasisira lang ang institution sa paggamit ng mga tiwaling tao. Magkano ba ang ibinayad kay SPO3 Lascanas?

    36. Just to add: Mayor RRD? We just used the acronym PRRD when we elevated Digong as the president or post election. Never I have heard him as “Mayor RRD” from the people, journalists and others during his mayor days. First sentence starts with the quick lie.

      • We from Mindanao knew the president as “duterte” or “digong” before the election. D30, RRD, PRRD, and PDUTS just came in recently.

    37. I hate writing in long hand because no matter how concentrated one is, there will always be errors in spelling, grammar and smudges when one is writing on a piece of paper. Even when copying from a draft, one is bound to commit some errors and it was the reason why the “snopake” or “white-out” was created to erase errors.

      In the piece of paper shown above, it appears to be error free, it is in an immaculate state that the penmanship looks to be so pristine and probably written by a lady. In my lifetime, I have seen very few men who writes in this manner.

      Can a policeman write in this manner? As suggested, it is very easy to find out from Lascanas whether he indeed wrote this so called journal.

    38. habang maaga pa ay dapat ipa-analyze muna sa mga eksperto yang journal na yan. at bago isalang muli sa senate investigation yang lascanas na yan ay dapat masubukan muna siyang pasulatin sa english ng kanyang biography sa isang buong pahina ng yellow paper. du’n malalaman ang kakayahan ng isip niya na magiging basehan ng mga eksperto.

      • ONE THING MORE, why would Lascanas used yellow papers and not a notebook or ledger? Wasn’t it a divine trap that he had used YELLOW papers to reveal the true color of people behind this script?

    39. I pointed to three early on: ‘Divine trap’, ‘political waterloo’, and ‘sole dominion of human life’. I thought, wow, the guy is a good writer, what was he doing being a lowly policeman and a hired killer.

      • PinPin de Sarapin on

        I wonder why you have all guys to wonder on Mr. Lascanas. To be very honest with you, I know all those terms already when I was in my high school. I was not the best student in the class. All I had were only good teachers in history and the good library. And Mr. Lascanas is a college graduate. Should have I to wonder if he knew well those terms? No!

      • Pinpin, knowing those terms and using these in prose are quite different. It takes the skill of a good writer to use them effectively. That’s why I commented the guy must be a good writer

    40. Thank you bobi. This is our only one opportunity in a liretime to support a president like du30. We will fight this yellow-supported globalists funded every Step of the way.

    41. Rudi Miranda on

      Bobi Tiglao maraming salamat at sumakit ang tiyan ko sa ka bwahaha, sa mga komentaryo ng mga naka basa sa iyong sinulat. What people do just to topple an elected president Digong and controversial gets comedic errors, which you’ve made into a humorous truth at being clumsy, and sad was your swipe at the PCIJ, anong nangyayari sayo Malou, pera? Sleuth editor you are, Bobi.

      • If what Bobi Tiglao is saying is true, then PCIJ should really apologize. But, let’s hear first from PCIJ, and from Arturo Lascanas himself. Mr. Tiglao tries so hard to make his arguments convincing. Some thoughts, though. I beg to disagree that words such as “waterloo”, “disturbed person”, “temper” are such uncommon words “rarely used” in the Philippines. I can assure you even my own students can use these terms as these are common to them. While there may be possibility that the words used in that supposed handwriting by Lascanas may not have been his own (because he might have sought help from someone as to the meaning of or correct usage for those words), Mr. Tiglao might have underestimated Lascanas. First, Lascanas is not a PO3, as Mr. Tiglao writes, but a Senior Police Officer 3. Second, reports say that he actually finished a law degree, although underbar. More to the point. If it turns out the published handwriting is not really Lascanas’, it does not necessarily make his story fake. When he gets to tell his whole tale, we can verify his claims. For example, did those series of murders really happen as he claims? Were those persons he claimed they murdered really real? Were the dates true? Where did the incidents happen? Where the places genuine? Where the circumstances verifiable? Did the supposed instructions by Pres. Duterte for them to kill certain people really happen? How, when, in what manner? We can all of course check on the facts, the corroborating circumstances. Let’s heart it straight from the man, first.

      • Myrna Guarin on

        Correct! I just had a good laugh at those comments from readers. But seriously? I am an English major and an LLB graduate too. I have read and memorized 3 words a day from the dictionary ehen I was younger. But i can only use those words only when it is proper. Ordinary college graduates whose work is not teaching or who is not a writer or a journalist may not be able to speak or write fluently. I have seen policemen write or prepare their investigative reports and they do not use the words used by lascanas. I am very certain the journal was written either by a lawyer or a writer. Hay the things these people do reveal their bad intention – to discredit Du30 and have him impeached.

      • I agree Sir, I’m a mass communication graduate and I had a hard time in my journalism subject. It sounded like D5 heeheh

    42. I agree with you Mr. Tiglao! Speaking from experience…I am a published writer in Thailand but my articles will never make it to print without being proofed read by at least twelve editors. That is a fact so obviously the journal of Lascana which has no erasures and written ready for publication is FAKE. Shame on those who wrote this journal to malign President Duterte. Fight your battle with honesty fools!.

    43. pablo sanchez on

      if it is truly written by lascanas then maybe he can recite it without reading. but the thing is, media nowadays is not like the old days where journalist is reporting with moral responsibility. today’s reporting is now based on what will the network will tell for them to sell to market even if it is fake or misleading for as long as they will profit more.

    44. jack reacher on

      Brilliant analysis .. actually sa interview / interrogation one can see through na if that person speaking is the one who actually wrote the journal..

      No corrections and the smooth flow of writing follows that clear trail of though that only (perhaps) a seasoned writer / novelist can do ..

      thank you

      • Even seasoned writers or novelists would have erasures in their personal journals, too, I’m sure. This one is flawless. I’m actually amazed, haha!

        But seriously, if he does write like that, it should somehow reflect on how he speaks, right?

    45. Jose Samilin on

      There is an urgency to put Lascanas to put him in the witness stand at the Senate hearing, short and sweet, to document perjury on the reversal of previous testimony and the result of forensic writing analysis of the diary. The Senate can terminate the hearing to save cost upon getting adequate basis to convict Lascanas and Matobato on the basis of these two subject matters

    46. with that journal?!?… wow, im now ashamed of making a comment. hiyang hiya ako sa English composition ko. makapag-enroll nga sa school ni lascanas baka mag-improve at mahasa ang pagsusulat ko

    47. Felix B Vargas on

      Very clear and believable analysis Bob! I would have partly believe his “journal” had he used elementary English..more, in the local dialect. Perfect!

    48. Napakahusay mo, Sir Tiglao.. Walang umaga na hindo mo kami nababahginan ng napakaganda mong mga articles. Nice job, sir.

    49. Richard Jugao on

      Maybe just maybe, The Lascanas diary was written by ….EJK Rowling, hahaha!

    50. Mr. Tiglao,thank you. Anyone khows how ew can we forward this to the investigating panel in the Senate so they would at least be aware what Investigative journalism is all aboabout?

    51. Thank you Mr. Tiglao. I am no fond of anybody who become President and a current sitting President this country had. For reason, that I don’t want or as much as I can refuse to put personality into such higher office. I’d rather want and say something after couple of years as I observed how he/she do his/her thing. But there are some Filipinos (individual, groups) that what become of their purpose is to be identified to certain personalities, rightly or wrongly. That they are willing to “sell out” their integrity and dignity. Where are those well-headed, right-minded journalists, media people, are they a “vanishing soul” in this modern day of man’s existence. What happened to Filipinos? the division, ever “crab mentality” and parochial thinking/sentiments mix with modern technologies…become so deplorable, that ordinary Filipinos don’t know what is right or wrong, what is the truth. What happened to us….

      • The world is getting worst my friend. Welcome to information age abused usually by information bringers – the MEDIA: a medium full of demons.

    52. Mr Tiglao exposes the malevolent plot of Trillanes and company with a thorough analysis of the fake journal of Mr. Lascanas. I bet not even Trillanes can write such beautiful prose with the use of a historical allusion “Waterloo”. How I wish they also include the allusion of “Achilles heel”. Mr. Tiglao, I wish you will write more often because I like your prose which is so easy to mind and heart. God bless you.

    53. Subject the journal to paper forensic analysis to determine the time frame when it was written. We won’t be surprised by the results.

    54. Bullseye Mr Tiglao. If Lascanas is really that good that he can write flawless English he could have gone far in his stint with the PNP. The fact that he retired as police officer 3 means he has nothing between hi ears.

    55. Thank you Mr. Tiglao! What a deep analysis you made. You are right in all aspects. In linguistics, the writer of that flawless “journal” could easily be identified by just giving the supposed writer a test, a topic to write on and compare his written work with that of the “journal” entry. One could go into examining his use of prepositions, foregrounding and backgrounding skills, his “language markedness” and the rest of language pragmatics elements. The Police Sergeant will easily be found not the writer.

    56. Excellent commentary sir!! Trillanes, de Lima, the Liberal Party, the oligarch, and most of all the drug lords abd the CIA are moving heaven and earth to bring diwn Duterte. Obvious n obvious kayo mga hudas. Try again next time!

    57. Of course SPO3 Lascanas did not write the Journal. Maybe Leila the Halimaw or one of her lawyers. The written journal is almost perfect as if the writer is an English teacher or a professional . The Institute give credit to Lascanas as a graduate of Law in a University in Davao which is known as a diploma mill, never seeking smart students but accept as many as who will enroll in their institution. The law graduates of their school of law have no record of passing the bar because most of their students are policemen, firemen and other government workers who just wants the degree to brag about. And have the people hear Lascanas speak English? He is speaking “guava” English which do not reflect the way the journal was written. It is too much of an obvious thing that Lascanas cannot write that journal. To destroy this collaborator, we suggest that the lawyers demand that the next investigation will be done English and surely Lascanas will be exposed.

    58. Kevin Gonzalez on

      iba ka talaga sir Tiglao… Idol talaga kita eversince panahon pa ni mam PGMA

    59. The PCIJ just sold themselves out. The journal is obviously fake and the PCIJ obviously did not investigate it.

    60. Ali Mindalano on

      Thank Allah we have journalists like you,keep on writing and sharing your wisdom with your readers!

    61. be careful of traps!

      you only know the person for few months, digong and lascañas were together for decades.

      everyone is being taken for a ride.

      pauwi na si digong papunta pa lang kayo!

      i could be wrong but si trillanes ang ma tko in the end, watch. .

    62. Solidad Monsod I believe is part of the plot because she have diagnosed the President to be mentally disturb, in one of the program of “Unang Hirit”.
      Former Senator Rene Saguisag ,reviving Mabini is surely cooking something, what would he say now about the Pacman being a member of the Senate who ceremoniously administer the kicking out of the Liberal Party in the Senate majority.
      Olalia and other left yellow lap dogs, defending De Lima, with different new name organizations but in actual term
      these organization have no actual member but a few.
      I believe a lot more plotters will emerge as they initiate a Golberg plan with Trillanes as the lead.

    63. Masyadong natatakot itong grupo nila Pnoy. Alalang-alala sila sa pagkakakulong ni DeLima kasi pagtumagal pa ito at pumasok na sa isipan ni Delima na hindi na siya makakalaya, magkakaron ng siya ng deperensya sa pag-iisip at papasok na ang pagka-awa niya sa sarili. Pati na ang pag aalala niya sa mga anak niya na deperensya pa man din yon isa. Dito mababagabag siya at malamang magsasalita na ito at ituturo na niya kung sino talaga ang nasa likod nitong pagdami ng droga sa bayan. Kaya tama si DU30 na mas ligtas si D5 sa loob ng piitan kaysa nasa labas siya. Malaki at dating makapangyarihan itong taong namuno ng proteksyon sa paglaganap ng droga kaya pati ang lagayan pag atras ng testimonya ay kayang tawaran nila ng 100M, paano pa kaya ang ginagastos nila sa enganyo ng mga pinuno ng simbahan katolika at mga pinuno ng katolikong paaralan at isama na dito ang mga local at international na amnesty at human rights organization. Bilyon-bilyon ang kinita ng mga ito sa droga kaya pwede silang gumastos din ng bilyon.

      • Jose Samilin on

        Maraming nilalaman ito at malaki rin losibilidad na makatutuhanan, kaya dapat tutukan ito ng mga autoridad. Baka nga palihim lang na isinasagawa na nila ito. Maraming salamat sa iyong paliwanag, Ms. DAKILA.

    64. Xxx deceptively perpetuate xxx – ang galing nga magsulat yun sarhento dahil swak ang choice of words. Indeed, nagmamadali sila matanggal na agad ang The DeeGong becuase they perceive the eventual triumph of the Bonget Protest. With the ascendacy of Bonget to the VP post, the Yellows know that The DeeGong will just resign to pave the way for a Marcos Regime Part II. That is what the son of the congenital liar fears most and so with the US. I have nothing against Bonget personally. What I fear is a Part II of a Romualdez Rapacity or a Keon Hegemony.

    65. Thank you for your excellent analysis Mr. Tiglao. Maybe, I have been watching too many CSI-type crime procedural dramas on TV, but if this were a proper trial in court (not a Senate hearing), and the journal is presented as evidence, it probably would be sent to a crime lab to test when it was written based on the paper and ink, and whether it was written in one sitting (while being dictated to), or at several times over a long period of time, maybe using different pens (as a real journal writer would do as he records his experiences and reflections from time to time.) Needless to say, I agree with your conclusion that it’s more likely a big fake. It’s so shameful the length that people will go to present Lascanas as a more credible accuser this time, with his journal as added evidence. The people behind Lascanas might find that their case was not helped by a journal; instead the journal would probably insult the sensibilities of any thinking person and further outrage most Filipinos following the Trillanes/Delima saga.

      • Agree! Would love to see the whole “journal.” They just showed 3 pages. So from 2015, his penmanship remained so “perfect.” If the encircled numbers are the pages, you just have to compare page 1 and 65 . :-)

      • Just want to add – has anyone noticed that Delima has also produced handwritten notes to her family that was released to the press today?

      • The simple test would be to let this master sargeant write an essay/prose even of the same event in his journal. It will show if indeed he wrote those.

    66. Leland Sacro on

      I hope the senate reads this article before putting Lascanas in again. Trillanes is not credible.

    67. Ma.teresa pornobi on

      Simula’t sapol puro kasinungalinga na ang pinag gagawa at pinag sasabi ni trillanes at delima..gumagamit sila ng mga taong kwestionable rin ang pagkatao,na sa twing may hearing bumabaliktad sa sinsabi,bakit patuloy pa rin silang binibigyang ng pagkakataong magsalita at pakinggan?mabuti na lng may mga taong mahusay magbusisi,kaya patuloy rin na lumalabas ang katotohanan….dito mo talaga iisipin na may mabuti at masama…Diyos na ang bahala,lalo na kung siya ang may takda..salamat po mr tiglao…sana magamit ang iyong nalaman sa katotohanan..

    68. “Malalim ang hugot” but not likely from doing his police beat… from his own account his life did not have the luxury to pause and ruminate about his endeavors… much more learn how to write poetic prose.

    69. PinPin de Sarapin on

      There might be a help provided to Mr. Lascanas when he was composing his thoughts about his connection to Mr. Du30 when he was a mayor in Davao. I believe that Mr. Lascanas had sacred facts about his connection to many killings in Davao when he was a police there. Some of Lascanas revelations were already confirmed before by Mr. DU30 that he himself was involved in the killing in Davao. Therefore, there is nothing new of his revelation. The only new is the Lascanas’ change of position about his relationship to DU30, which he denied in his under oath face to face revelation to the senate. But I understand Mr. Lascanas, for who would not be scared to DU30? Compared Lascanas to DU30, Lascanas is an ordinary police, who does not possess influence, power, and money to protect himself; he is a Rabit to a Cobra, a deer to a Lion. But like a Rabit or a deer, Mr, Lascanas would want to walk an extra mile to help other to live in a greener scenery of life on this planet. Don’t you think so?

      • An you called President Duterte as “Mr. DU30”. That kinda gave you away yellowtard.

      • Why would Lascanas be scared? He didn’t even die or get hurt in Davao. All of the President’s enemy is alive and kicking. Trillanes, De Lima etc. Not even a single threat to their lives. Saying they are scared of the President is a metaphor. They can say what they want because the President let them to.

      • There might be killing in Davao which Duterte admitted to have participated. But all these killings are in line of duties. Davao was considered a nicaraguay during those days because of the killings of innocent civilians. Even the police and the military are helpless. The communist were already at the gate of Davao just waiting for the right time to crushed the city. Then came Duterte and started to redeemed the city. There were killings of course but after the smoke the city was in order again. have you not ever wonder why no dabaowenos rebolted against Duterte? This was because they are now enjoying peace in the city.

      • Bernabe Lumpay Palomares on

        Pag sure oi, kabutboton ba nimo Sir, out-write kuno. naglisod man gani sa Tagalog , English pa

        Maybe Mr. Lascanas is in for a killing, Why would he Change his loyalty as easy as breaking an egg, specially the relationship between the Mayor and the said Police Officer.You don’t have to ask money from the rear of an Arabian horse but to some moneyed Political parties who is willing to pay a mountain of money to individuals that they can use to topple or discredit the Duterte Administration. I’m sure consultations were made with his former Boss, then money changed hands for Lascanas advantage.

    70. Sayang itong si SPO3 Arturo Lascanas sana lapis na lang ang hinawakan at hindi baril.
      Daig pang sumulat si Mr. Tiglao.

      • hahaha u seemed to be right on that. Lascanas writes better than me. wow ang galing…MAGSINUNGALING! PERO MAS MAGALING SI TRILLING!

    71. I Should’ve Say It…
      The Diary Of A Confessed Liar..

      A Senior Police Officer 3 Like Arthur Lascanas I Believe, Can Not Even Write A Whole Paragraph Without Error.
      His Credibility is Way Beyond His Wrist Watch..

      • emmanuel mallari jr on

        Agree. If ever, they should ask him in English and let hi answer in straight English, as well. I could not believe he is very good in written English, eh hirap na hirap umintindi sa unang hearing sa Senado. He was even questioned by Pacquiao in Visayan dialec kasi hirap umintindi,, tapos may diary na lalabas in straight English…eh di WOW!

    72. Sir pwede po ba kayo lumabas sa mga TV para maliwanagan PCIJ, Media outfits at ang sambayanan na isang malaking peke itong journal na ito, sana one of this day e mapanood ko na kayo sa TV tungkol dito, tulungan naman po natin ang presidente, salamat po

      • But the question is.. Is there a single mainstream media outfit who will even invite “Master” Tiglao to educate the public about this? I doubt.. ‘coz they’re all definitely part of this.

        Great Article Sir!!

    73. Great Article. Thanks for sharing.

      This could be the Waterloo for Trillanes, On the other hand this could be Duterte’s Waterloo. Tiglao provided great insight and analysis on the authenticity and style of Lascanas writing, however he provided no proof that Trillanes “cleverly managed to put the PCIJ brand on his journal”. and Tiglao also insinuated “Maybe Duterte indeed is a mass murderer”.

      Aside from that no actual proof was divulged via his “Investigative Journalism”.

      • you can easily scratch a page if there was inconsistency in the writings. lol

    74. Rolando Hernaez on

      At the Senate hearing if there would be any- Let Lascanas rewrite a paragraph or two or a page of “his own written diary” and we’ll see if indeed he would remember his own writing.

      • Rolando Hernandez, you are a GENIUS….. Let lascanas write a line or two or even let him try to re write what he can remember, in his journal. If it is really his journal he may know deeper part of what he has written……. and try to push him to write spelling of some words…..This is journal is their downfall.

    75. Bilib pa rin ang mga dilaw sa kanilang sarili. At kahit na anong isulat nila ay paniniwalaan ng mga tao.

    76. maraming salamat Mr. Tiglao at naliliwanagan ako at kawawa talaga ang mga taong nagpapagamit kay de lima at trillanes

    77. Well -written article. Plot to unset Duterte will not succeed. If they insist I believe it will be bloody this time.

    78. Ganda ng penmanship ni Sir Lascañas, swabeng swabe ang mga ascenders at descenders. Look, he is even meticulous with his capitalization of proper terms! Muss ein Deutscher sein.

      Let’s ask for old documents written in his hand like logbook entries, police blotter entries, school documents, etc. Let’s see how it compares. Also, let’s have him write an essay on any topic of his choosing live on TV. I’m sure it would be fun to watch.

      They would have had fared well in fooling the people if they had outsourced this fabrication job to the University of Recto folks. Mein Gott, those folks have more common sense and street smarts than our scholar Lascañas.

      • Can we test his English prowess by letting him write a prose or rewrite his statements in his journal during the investigation ? Or give him a prose with wrong grammar and misspelled words for him to correct or explain what he meant by those high words like “divine trap”, “political derby”, etc.

    79. sumu-sulat journals, regularly? pinoy, pulis opiser, utusan’g lumi-ligpit ng tao ng davao city.

      BARIL…hindi lapis ang hawak mga hinayupak!

      kataka-taka…lokokin nila, lelong panot! :-)

    80. noel salaysay on

      Very well dissection of a so-called journal exposing a well-finance coup to topple President Duterte and replace him with Vice-President Robredo; it started with the expose of former Ambassador Goldberg’ plan. The PET better hurry up the canvassing of the ballots on the Vice Presidential protest.

    81. i have a master’s degree in engineering management from one of the best engineering schools in Philippines yet i cannot even write my own journal.

      i wonder how can an enlisted policeman craft such “journal” using words i haven’t even heard of…
      not even my thesis bear such colorful vocabulary.

    82. Rafael Vicente on

      Thank you Mr.Tiglao, journalism would have been my preferred course in college but opted to take Economics..your valued observation in this article was clearly demonstrated and it jitters me to no end how dirty politics is.. and how the profession of journalism has sadly gone along. Saan kami maniniwala?

    83. Wow, your analysis is great, Mr. Tiglao. Actually, I don’t know what to believe anymore but it was like reading a novel and not a diary. My best friend and sister keep diaries and they write events in their lives as if they are just reporting news in English with a little opinion thrown here and there in layman’s language and yet they are wide and voracious readers so their English vocabulary is quite extensive. The choice of words is indeed suspect since I also love to write prose (I am a Lit major) but my language and style pale in comparison to his LOL. I did not vote for Duterte since my conscience preferred MDS despite her health concerns at that time but Duterte was elected so he is now our president. Like you, I also feel that there are forces who want to topple him just like there were forces that wanted to topple Marcos and Erap in the past. It is just a matter of when and Duterte knows it. That is why he kept hinting at it.

    84. Nilo del Mundo on

      It was written by a priest I would hazard a guess

      Another guess laughable would be that trillanes himself couldn’t write as good as Lascañas