Trillanes wanted me to pin down Binay – Tiu

TIU AT SENATE HEARING Antonio Tiu answers questions from senators during the hearing of the the Senate blue ribbon committee on Wednesday. PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

Antonio Tiu answers questions from senators during the hearing of the the Senate blue ribbon committee on Wednesday. PHOTO BY EDWIN MULI

CHINESE-Filipino businessman Antonio Tiu said Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th had pressured him to pin down Vice President Jejomar Binay and threatened to use various government agencies to go after him and his businesses if he refused.

Tiu added that he and Trillanes had been friends for a long time.
“Simple lang ang mensahe eh, katulad ng natanggap ko na text ng mensahe is kailangan ko idiin si Bise Presidente kapalit ng aking kaligtasan at kaligtasan ng aking mga kompanya. Pag hindi ko ginawa, yun na yung mga text, hindi ako palalagpasin ng mga government agencies tulad ng BIR at ibang mga ahensya pa [Simple was the message, like the text message telling me to pin down the Vice President in exchange for my safety and that of my business firms. If I said no, according to the text messages, I won’t get past government agencies such as the Bureau of Internal Revenue],” Tiu told radio station dzMM in an interview on Wednesday.

He said Trillanes asked him to testify against Binay through emissaries and common friends.

“Ang mga emisaryo puro nangagaling kay Senador Trillanes. Kaibigan po naman talaga natin ‘yan, ilan taon na po tayong nagsasama. Bago po pinaputok yung issue hanggang kagabi (Monday) walang tigil po ang ilang mga common friends namin. Mayroon po kaming ilang common friends na nagsisilbing emisaryo na nagpapadala ng mensahe [All the emissaries were sent by Trillanes. He is really my friend. These emissaries have been relentless in telling me to testify against Binay],” according to Tiu, who has been tagged as the alleged dummy of the Vice President.

Tiu denied an accusation of former Makati City Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado that a vast estate in Rosario, Batangas, is owned by Binay.

“Paulit-ulit ko pong sinasabi na ako po ay hindi dummy. Bakit naman ako magpapagamit sa pulitiko eh P5 billion nga yung total assets, total net worth ng mga companies natin. Tapos magpapagamit tayo as dummy? Anong logic naman dito sa statement na ito [I have repeatedly said I am not a dummy. Why will I let a politician use me when total assets, total net worth of my companies already total P5 billion? Then I will still allow myself to be used as a dummy? What is the logic in that statement]?” he asked.

“Noong eleksyon. personal akong nag-abot ng campaign contribution sa kanya, P150,000, hindi ko lang alam kung dinis-close nya [In the elections, I personally gave Senator Trillanes P150,000 as my campaign contribution. I don’t know if he disclosed it],” Tiu said, apparently referring to the 2010 elections.

A video showing Trillanes praising “his good friend Tony Tiu” is now being circulated on the Internet.

“As you know [this]Tony Tiu is a visionary in the agricultural sector [and former senator Kiko knows him],” the senator said in the video, referring to Francis Pangilinan, now Presidential Assistant for Food Security.

In previous media interviews, Trillanes said he and other government officials attended the inauguration of an agri-tourism park not knowing that the gathering and the property were somehow linked to Binay.

When he appeared at the Senate on Wednesday, Tiu maintained that he is the owner of the huge estate in Batangas province and that he is not a dummy of Binay.

The businessman told members of the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee that he acquired the rights to use the land from its owner, Gregorio Laureano, for P400 million in 2013.

He said his company, Sunchamp Real Estate Development Corp., bought the usufruct rights over the land. Tiu added that he initially paid Laureano P11 million and that his firm will be paying Laureano P446 million on installment basis.

When asked by Sen. Aquilino Pimentel 3rd if he can present a transfer certificate of title (TCT) that could prove his ownership, the businessman explained that the title will be transferred to his name only after he has paid the property in full.

Trillanes, Pimentel and Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano took turns in grilling Tiu to make him admit his connection with Binay.

But the businessman maintained that the Batangas property is owned by his company, Sunchamp, which has been renamed Greenergy Holdings Inc.

After testifying at the Senate, Tiu filed a defamation suit against Trillanes at the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office and sought P5 million in damages.

His lawyer, Czarina Quintanilla, said because of the senator’s allegations that Tiu is Binay’s dummy, the businesses of Tiu had been affected, particularly those that are publicly listed.

“This case is one for damages suffered by Antonio L. Tiu due to various defamatory statements made against him in the media by Trillanes.

Senator Trillanes accused Tiu of being a dummy of Vice President Jejomar Binay. However, this is not true. Tiu is not a dummy. He is a legitimate businessman whose businesses are primarily in the agricultural sector and he enjoys a good reputation,” the lawyer said.

Also on Wednesday, Binay dared Trillanes to a one-on-one debate “any time, any place.”

The Vice President made the challenge during an open forum with members of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas after the signing of a memorandum of understanding of the Home Development Mutual (Pag-IBIG) Fund with KBP.

“I’m willing to debate with Trillanes,” Binay said.

He reiterated that he will not attend the Senate probe of the supposed overpricing of the Makati City Hall Building 2.

Binay said the senators conducting the hearing have prejudged the proceedings.


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  1. mr.trillanes, did you ask mr. tui about the contract to buy and sell the property, because as far as i know,the property will not be under your name until its fully paid off but he should have a legal contract to buy and sell from the seller to the buyer. thanks

  2. To properly determine the rights over a certain property. Accusers to the property which is now supposedly owned by Mr Tiu, the question should be predicated whether the Tax Declaration is registered with Mr, Tiu or any of his legitimate corporation/s. If he can prove that he pays for the tax based on his declaration with the municipality where it is located, then Mr. Tiu is the rightful owner.I read with certainty the message of then senator-candidate Trillanes in one of his political sorties about the achivements of one of his political donors, Mr. Tiu, whom Sen. Trillanes asked to link the VP in his vast landholdings in Batangas. What a sad moment in the history of Philippine politics.

  3. Rudy Fidelino, M.D. on

    Just heard the news that some people have done an “OCULAR INSPECTION” of the Binay property. Did they mean VISUAL INSPECTION?

  4. the moro moro of the senate blue ribbon sub committee is very clear of intentions. how could they ever do this things such as this, taking the time of the senate for legislation, receiving people’s money with the job of no productions. making the people to gaze at the big question mark why legislators becomes rubber stamps. while our people in immediate need of jobs to sustain descent life. our country facing problems that needs immediate solutions like effective transport facilities, Yolanda victims rehabilitations, Bohol earthquakes, maritime containers port congestions, unemployment, maguindanao massacre, vfa abuse, dap and pdap questionable, etc.we demand justice for our taxes.

  5. They are members of the law-making body, look at them, they are the ones breaking the laws and creating disorder. How then, they could influence others to follow the law and order? Leadership is influence – morally upright in all forms.

  6. Tama man o mali, ang tanong, bakit di nila ito inilabas noon mabuti pa ang paniniwala ng tao kay Aquino? Iahat sila wala kang mapipili na mabuti,
    Ang problema ang gamitin mo ang puesto at pundo ng bayan para brasuhin ang lahat upang masunod lang ang nais nila! Mukhang hindi na tama!
    Kung ginamit nila ang oras para sa bayan matutuwa ka pa, nandiyan ang massacre sa Mindanao,ang dap, ang. malapaya, mrt at electricity,hindi na mabilang lalo na ang drugs at krimen at holdapan sa harap ng maraming tao!
    Ito klaseng usapan na ginagawa ng mgaambisyosong senator ay hindi na pinapatulan! Hanggal lamang ang mga taong naniniwala sa mga walang ginawa mabuti sa bayan! Wala akong matanda

  7. vicente baltazar on

    to atty. all cajet ano and atty. kuko payment tell, as lawyers… know that it should be the accusers who has the burden of proof to prove his allegations not for the accused to prove his innocence…butol kun sa bisaya pa o nagbobobobohan. Ang damidaming bilihan ng sasakyan and real estate na di naililipat sa buyer ang tct for various reason at di ito ibig sabihin na dahil di nakapangalan sa kanya ang TCT o OR/CR, hindi na kanya yon.

    to Sen Thrill inis talo… pls repackage yourself…your demeanor in the hearing picture you as opposed to being an officer and a gentleman which you are supposed to be, being a PMAer youself, subscribing to its Code of Honor….the question is…ARE YOU ALRIGHT SIR?

  8. I sincerely believe that Trillanes and Caytano are the attack dog of Mar Roxas and a lot of Pinoy have the same sentiment. If Mar will continuously unleash his dogs and they will be successful in destroying Binay another contender will prop up and will again be ahead of Mar. They have already made a dent on Binay and they stop now. Mar made a huge mistake in attacking Loren Legarda during the 2010 and forget that Binay was also running. Mar will never cash in on dwindling ratings Binay if his dogs does not stop. More voters will be more mad at him and if the next opponent will be an askal people will vote for the dog instead of Mat.

  9. Trillianes, Cayetano et al are serving as “hired prosti” of BS Aquino/Liberal Party. Congress is basically a whorehouse. The Congressmen are lower tiered sinko-singko per shot. The Senators are the “high-end” piso-piso. All are hired per contract basis. Short term (monthly) like the above or long term yearly contracts. They meet in high end 5 star hotels. They consummate the deals in the same places. Binay,there is no doubt is also corrupt. My golly even the lowly key-encoder in a government agency/departments sports smart clothes.
    We need a revolution in this country and we need ethnic cleansing. Not against any race but againts the corrupt – govt officials, businessmen, soldiers & police, clergy, judges/lawyers. They have coalesce into one ethnic group that have been feeding on the blood, sweat and tears of the Masses for so long now. We can start with the President by removing and putting him in jail just like the other three stooges Enrile et al.

  10. Bonifacio Claudio on

    Where is your logic? What you said does not make Tiu a dummy of Binay. The picture the likes of you with Trillanes portray is “Tiu is being pressured to pin down Vice President Jejomar Binay and is being threatened that various government agencies will be used to go after him and his businesses if he refused.” You & Trillanes need HARD EVIDENCE to pin down the VP. Only then will we, the people, be made to believe that “dirty politics” is not in the fore – a mud where politicians wallow in all glory like PIGS and acting in wiggles & talking in oinks suffocating the people with their RUBBISH. We, the people, are waiting for all the dirty politicians to go to jail. Pls correct your logic backed by irrefutable evidence for the good of Inang Bayan.

  11. The claim of Mr. Tiu that he can only have the Transfer Certificate of Title upon full payment of the property is CORRECT. Not even the Absolute Deed of Sale. I know that having purchased a house and lot, and a condominium unit on an installment basis. I know that being a Seller of a House and Lot to be paid by the Buyer on an installment basis.

    Instead, why don’t those extremely agitated and interested dudes ask for a copy of the Contract to Buy and Sell, or equivalent document?

  12. Ang mga katulad ni Trillanes at Cayetano ang mga gusto kong kandidato. Buo ang bilib sa sarili, hindi tumatanaw ng utang na loob at gagamitin ang kapangyarihan, masunod lang ang gusto. Kaya sana tigilan na nila pag-aaksaya ng oras at pera ng bayan. Hindi na si Binay iboboto ko. Sila na….

  13. There seems to be a lot more to this than meets the eye. I do think trillanes is on to something here & now the amlc will be getting involved & all the shady dealings with money undeclared going here & there should come out. We will soon find out if these guys are squeaky clean. Im sure it will be very easy to prove binay hasnt told the whole truth about a lot of things. This i think will be another senator in jail for being dishonest, time will tell.

    • Problem is, in Philippine politics, whose hands is not dirty? It is just a ;matter of whose is the dirtiest and bloodiest. Trllanes portraye himself before as a fighter for what is ;right? That is a lot of bull for people who know him through his skin. And I guess binay is caught in a position where whatever he does, it will be not beneficial to him because the people in power has utilized the media to attack binay’s character. People are fools, so easy to manipulate. They cant even think freely out of their own minds, they tend to listen to people of power or stature. we are still living in the Hispanic era, very sad!

  14. crisostomo, cesar on

    This report is clearly slanted in favor of Mr. Tiu by skipping the fact that the sale was conditional depending on the ability of the seller to present clean title. As a matter of fact, the deed of assignment of rights and conditional sale was not even registered with the Register of Deeds. So how can this reporter truly say that “the businessman explained that the title will be transferred to his name only after the property is paid in full” when, clearly, there is a condition attached to the sale. Besides, it is reckless business decision to bind your company to a future obligation without certainty as to future ownership. In simple terms, the deal exposed the company to unnecessary business risk without certainty as to the happening of a future event. Meanwhile, the 11M is tied up thus seriously affecting Sunchamp’s cash flow. On another note, if the company merely acquired the right to usufruct, what happens to the 3,000 fruit bearing mangos? In usufruct, the buyer owns the fruits. If so, the 6M initial payment in 2013 appears like a fire sale considering the mango trees and vegetables existing at the time of the sale. Surely, this fact raises some eyebrows.

    • please refer to what Mario commented and you will maybe understand how a property is sold under the terms and agreement of installment basis..