• Why ‘Tripni Kris’ was aborted



    Roving Eye has come across a source that has quite a bit of information about the Kris Aquino-Rhodora Morales controversy, and why the latter decided to discontinue producing “Trip ni Kris,” which aired only once as a block timer on GMA Network in April.

    As written in today’s banner story, Morales was upset over an interview Kris granted to a popular showbiz magazine where she said negative things about the producer. Reports meanwhile came out that Kris was compelled to do so because the producer held a press conference for the show without her.

    According to Roving Eye’s source however, these issues are but a tip of the iceberg with the following juicy details that led to the project’s sudden demise.

    • Kris allegedly requested her producer to employ Armada, a production team noted for doing quality work, but charges a stiff price because its staffers are mostly from the advertising sector. Armada reportedly charged P6 million for six days of work on Trip ni Kris.

    • The source said Kris also asked her producer to hire top makeup artist Juan Sarte to head her glam team while doing out-of-town tapings. Sarte’s services are known to cost a fortune even if all he has to do is powder Kris’ nose or retouch her makeup when she’s perspiring. True enough, Sarte accompanied Kris to every taping so there is no doubt Morales spent a fortune just for her styling along.

    • Allegedly, Kris’ mode of transportation for her tapings was no less by helicopter. And, according to the source, since she refused to share a ride with Morales’ son [Nueva Ecija Councilor Renan Morales] who was briefly linked to her, the production was forced to rent two helicopters each time.

    Aquino with mother-and-son producer Rhodora and Renan Morales PEP.PH PHOTO

    • The source further remembers that how on one occasion, Kris was scheduled to tape in Nueva Ecija, and the helicopter was ready to pick her up. Allegedly, Kris cancelled just two hours before the shoot was scheduled because of skin allergies.

    • Despite the problems encountered in the course of producing Trip ni Kris, the source noted that the lady producer remained cool. She ignored the stress notwithstanding the huge cost of the production. What was important for her was to be able to produce a good show for Kris, but the final straw was the interview she gave where Kris said she felt used by the Moraleses.

    Even with Kris’ apology on social media, it seems final that Morales will no longer produce any succeeding episode of Trip ni Kris, leading the source to ask if the host will be willing to produce the show herself.

    People say Kris has enough money stashed away and can very well finance the show. She still has a lot of endorsements too, so she probably won’t have difficulty looking for sponsors. All that out of the way, there is still one problem the source says is difficult to ignore: “Viewership—is the show going to rate?”

    * * *

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