Truant Aquino surfaces, confounds the nation


After nearly four days out of the spotlight (some say in hiding), President Benigno Bs. Aquino III finally emerged last Monday, April 4, to attend a public event and perform an official chore.

Many believed that, as has been characteristic of him throughout his presidency, he had disappeared from view because of the tragic events in Kidapawan City, North Cotabato, where three protesting/petitioning farmers were killed and scores of others were wounded by police forces, who were ineptly trying to disperse a farmers’ protest and remove their barricading of a major highway in the province. Aquino hid lest he be blamed for the violence.

Since the tragedy took place, Aquino has not said a word in comment – nothing to the Philippined National Police (PNP), nothing to the farmers and their supporters, and nothing to the public – as a way of communicating to all that he at least knew what had happened and would do his part in resolving the sticky situation.

Significantly, the event that brought the President out of hiding was an official function involving the police and the nation’s firemen at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon city.

He led in the distribution of 144 patrol jeeps and 135 fire trucks to police and fire officials.

You would think that on such an occasion, President Aquino would at least take official note of the events in Kidapawan, and address a few words of concern to the public and police authorities.

But no, instead of saying something to reassure people that he is on top of the situation, he used the QC event to heap unnecessary praise on the police and firemen.

In a speech that bewildered many, he told police and fire officials to be proud of being public servants.

He declared that in the more than five years of his administration, a culture of pride has been fostered among uniformed personnel.

He said: “We are in the period where you can say to the nation with heads held up high: ‘I am a fireman, I am a policeman, I am of service to fellow Filipinos.’ ”

The words grated on the ears of many, as they noted how the police had mercilessly gunned down some of the protesting farmers in Kidapawan. Far from serving their welfare, they inflicted violence on them and heaped misery on their families.

The President’s words were doubly wounding because everyone knows that the farmers were only seeking some relief and support from the government because they and their families were being stricken by hunger, on account of the prolonged drought in Mindanao. And government had plenty of rice to spare right there in Kidapawan.

The President was accompanied to the occasion by Interior and local government Secretary Mel Senen Sarmiento and Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Ricardo Marquez, two officials who have been under public fire because of their insensitivity to the farmers’ distress. These officials pointedly awarded medals to the police troops that took part in the violent dispersal of the protest.

No words could have been more hollow and unconvincing than the President’s speech at the turnover ceremony. He talked once again about his hypocritical and mendacious straight path program.

He declared that under the straight path, there were no shortcuts, no fat commissions and no haste in undertaking programs and projects for the uniformed service.

Yet under the straight path there has been a lot of violence and tragedies, and there has also been a satanic multiplication of smuggling, the unresolved disappearances of thousands of containers from the port area and an endless parade of thievery and waste of public money.

The new patrol jeeps for the country’s police forces would be meaningful, if they would induce our police personnel and officers to be more attentive and caring for the legitimate needs of our people.

They are a slap to the people when they are used to cover up the truancy of the chief executive of the land.


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  1. If I were the President, I should step down so I could have enough time to hide from the people’s grudge and hate altogether to carry him off the Palace. So VP Binay would have the last chance to cleanse himself from the corruption issues hurled against him. And so Poe and Roxas would also have the chance to befriend and give way to Duterte’s destiny to become the new President of the Republic of the Philippines.

  2. Pinakahayop sa lahat ng mga hayop! Grabe sa kapal ng mukha ang gunggong na ito…iba na talaga ang isip nito, may tama na! Sa lahat ng naging palpak na presidente nagkaroon ang Pilipinas ay ito ang pinaka hunghang, una siya then ang nanay niya na nagpabagsak sa Pilipinas…GRABEEEEEEE! Sobra!

    • Ang pinagkaiba niya ay si marcos mismo personally ang nagnanakaw
      Si pnoy dahil bobo sa taktika ay pinaubaya sa mga KKK niya ang pagnanakaw at may commision siya sa bawa’t isa. Wala siyang sinisante sa gabinete niya dahil sumusunod lang sa utos niya ang mga kawatan na ito.Libre COA audit courtesy of Abnoy Aquino

  3. Edong Mapangarap on

    Hello Mr. President, enjoying those fire trucks and toasting with a Prince? boy, you must be really tired about thinking of our nations welfare, those pesky hungry farmers/commies are at it again spoiling your day isnt it? Abaya and Honrado really deserves that slap in the wrist wasnt it? Mar and Grace are clueless on what your real plan is , just continue your blame game and media will do the rest right? Ahh life is so good…besides, your back in civilian life the next few weeks and perhaps ready for same sex marriage or drive that Porsche like crazy(pun intended). Just make sure youre ready packed up with those pink suitcases in case Smartmatic machines goes array and people starts another revolution, okay?

  4. The Houdini of the Philippines, Benignos Simeon C. Aquino III, grandson of a Japanese collaborator, son of a NPA/CPP collaborator. Should one write more?

  5. Malaaz Lang naman talaga! But then it shouldn’t be taken literally because it’s just an isolated case again!

    • ernie del rosario on

      Have we noticed that the word “hallucinating” contains 13 letters ? Kaya pala mag aanim na taong minamalas ang bayan natin dahil yon lang ang ginagawa ni Ngoy all along.

    • Hallucinating. Sa likod ng Malacanang. Doon sa katayan ng brazillian. Please ask around about this locatioin. Gabi gabi raw. Grabe. Kaya laging naghahallucinate.