Truckers push for exclusive lane, reject total daytime ban




AN association of truckers on Thursday proposed an exclusive lane for delivery trucks plying in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

Teodorico Gervacio, president of the Integrated North Harbor Truckers Association (INHTA), said that instead of totally banning trucks at daytime, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) should designate a lane which could be used by delivery trucks throughout the day.

“What we are asking is the designation of a truck lane so that truckers will be spared from abuses and at the same time, our drivers will not also be abusive,” Gervacio told reporters.

Under the group’s proposal, the MMDA shall identify truck routes where the lanes will be designated.

He said the truck lane, which is similar to the bus lane, will be a single lane that will start from Port Area in Manila.

“Only a single lane like the bus lane and you should not go out of that lane. As long as the traffic is moving trucks should stay on that lane,” Gervacio said.

There are only two routes–Northern and Southern– in Metro Manila being used by delivery trucks.

Gervacio said only the Northern route is open 24 hours for trucks. The Southern route is closed on certain times because of an ordinance passed by the city of Manila.

He expressed hope that the third route running from C-3 to Katipunan Road in Quezon City all the way to C-5 could also be used by truckers 24 hours.

Gervacio presented the proposal during the consultation with trucker associations and stakeholders called by MMDA.

The MMDA is considering a daytime truck ban in Metro Manila from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

MMDA Assistant General Manager for Operations Emerson Carlos said the trucking association’s proposal is being studied by the agency.




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