• Truckers to defy 7-hour window in truck ban


    Truckers on Thursday said they will defy the seven-hour window in Manila’s truck ban and set no hours in plying the city streets.

    Abraham Rebao, director of Aduana Business Club, one of the organizations of haulers, said they reached the decision after Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Ejercito Estrada ignored the agreement reached last Wednesday at a meeting of truckers with Cabinet Secretary Rene Almendras.

    “We met last night at Philippine Ports Authority [PPA] headquarters and it was agreed that Mayor Erap will allow 24 hours for export and import trucking,” Rebao told The Manila Times.

    In a Tweet message, Vice Mayor Isko Moreno said it is not true that the daytime window has been shelved.

    “We have a new daytime window, instead of five hours, we extended it to seven hours.

    Effective today, the window hour is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.,” Moreno said.

    Previously trucks were given only until 3 p.m. to use the city roads.

    Moreno said the new window is only for two weeks.

    The truckers want the daytime ban lifted and allow free movement of goods to and from Manila’s ports.

    Rebao, meanwhile clarified that the resumption of trips is only for three days “just so to unclog the congestion at Manila ports” since the strike went into effect Monday.

    On Thursday, the PPA said the congestion at the North Harbor has reached critical level, with shipping containers piling up.

    Malacañang tried to step in last Wednesday to break the impasse between Manila City Hall and the truckers.

    Estrada and Moreno were unfazed by the congestion at the ports.

    As of yesterday, Rebao said some 7,000 trucks are stuck at the ports.


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    1. One question i would like to ask is when the truckers didnt take to the roads for those 3 days was there still congestion on manila roads, if so then it shows trucks arnt the problem. Its cars who are the problem, there is just to many of them for the roads you have plus the total bad driving of almost every single motorist. We all know cars have to stay out of manila for 1 day per week & that day is made using your registration number. Why not make each car stay out of manila for 3 days per week & see if that helps with de congestiong the roads. They should use many ways of encouraging drivers to leave their cars at home & commute as busses take more people & so greatly relieving congestion. I hope they can sort this problem out as i dont think its to difficult to do & if done correctly will help everyone, if you restrict truckers hours it will mean an increase in prices for commodities for everyone. Also by taking cars off the roads & putting on more buses you will create a few more jobs for ordinary people.