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globevox20160531Get real protection and performance from the country’s only 100-percent fully synthetic motor oil. Motul guarantees total protection for a car’sengine with its latest line of fully synthetic motor oils; the Multigrade Plus Mineral group 2 base oil in 10W40 viscosity; Multipower Plus semi-synthetic group 3 base oil in 5W40 viscosity; and the CRDi Plus group 4 base in oil which is 100-percent fully synthetic oil.

As an industry pioneer in synthetic oils, Motul oils and lubricants were developed to provide lubrication for modern day sophisticated engines, while assuring fuel savings and automotive efficiency.

The Multigrade Plus Mineral oil has the latest API SN/CF rating for both gasoline and diesel engines and retails for P290 per liter. The Multipower Plus semi-synthetic oil is perfect for gasoline and diesel powered sedans and Asian utility vehicles, and Motul’s anti-deposit and anti-black sludge power help maintains a clean engine, and has properties for anti corrosion, anti-foam properties that protects both the oil and engine from unwanted elements the car accumulates from usage. The Multipower Plus retails for P450 per liter. The CRDi Plus is engineered for Euro 4 and 5 diesel engines and its patented synthetic technology that has been tested in actual conditions to provide ultra low-friction for more horsepower, incredibly smooth and almost no noticeable drop in engine speeds when shifting, and instantaneous engine revs with noticeable gains in horsepower.

Be smart, wise and get exceptional value from Motul’s line of performance tested motor oils. For details on how to improve your car’s performance log on to Motul oil and lubricants are also available in select dealers nationwide.


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