Trump would be ‘American Mussolini’ says writer Kennedy


PARIS: Donald Trump has no chance of winning the US presidential election, best-selling US writer Douglas Kennedy has told Agence France-Presse—but if he did, he would be an “American Mussolini.”

“Trump has no chance,” said Kennedy of the Republican candidate in next month’s US presidential election.

But the fact that he was even in the running for the White House was indicative of “the rise of the far right all around the world,” he said in an interview at his home in Paris.

“It’s not just a US phenomenon,” he said, pointing to what he called the “Brexit disaster”, when Britain voted in a referendum in June to pull out of the European Union.

“Donald Trump is misogynist, misanthropic,” said Kennedy. “He has an ego the size of Canada. He has no culture, he never reads.

“Compared to Trump, (former US president) George W. Bush was Chateaubriand,” he quipped, referring to the French 18th century writer and historian.

But he warned: “If he was elected, Trump would be the American Mussolini.”

Kennedy, whose 12 novels include “The Big Picture” and “The Pursuit of Happiness”, said his vote would go to the Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

“She will be a very great president,” he said, denouncing what he said was the misogynistic abuse she had faced.

“There has never been such a gulf between a progressive America turned towards the outside world—as embodied by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama—and the ultra-religious, anti-abortion, pro-family values vision defended by the Republicans,” he said.

Kennedy, 61, has sold millions of copies of his books worldwide, which have been translated into 22 languages. Several have been adapted for the cinema, including “The Woman in the Fifth” which came out in 2011, starring Ethan Hawke.

He divides his time between Britain, Canada, the United States—and France, where he has a large following. AFP


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  1. Yonkers, New York
    08 October 2016

    There are several weighty and highly troubling reasons why America should not elect Republican presidential nominee DONALD TRUMP.


    Why so?

    He is impulsive, impetuous and reckless, in short a LOOSE CANNON, who usually or almost always ACTS FIRST and THINKS only after the damage has been done. Then, out of habit, he APOLOGIZES.

    But imagine a situation where a European or Asian nation–I will not mention which–“gets his goat!”–and he launches the ICBMS with multiple nuclear warheads. Just before those ICBMs hit their target, the “enemy’s” major cities, that enemy had the few minutes to launch its own ICBMS with their multiple nuclear warheads that hit Washington, D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Detroit, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Norfolk, Va, San Diego, Pearl Harbor, Midway, Guam and a few other big cities.

    There would then be nobody who could be held accountable because President Donald Trump will have been vaporized completely, including the whole city of Washington,D.C. and the Congress of course.