Trump bashes Clinton as she extends poll lead


    GREEN BAY, United States: White House hopeful Donald Trump branded Hillary Clinton’s operations a “criminal enterprise” Monday (Tuesday in Manila) as he assailed her for creating conditions for a rigged election, and accused US media of wanting to “poison” voters’ minds.

    Trailing in national polls and in key battleground states just three weeks before Election Day November 8, Trump came out swinging on the campaign trail, accusing Clinton of colluding with US authorities to cover up misconduct regarding her private email system and denouncing it as “one of the great miscarriages of justice” in US history.

    Trump, whose campaign has been reeling in the face of lewd comments about women and accusations of sexual assault, has doubled down on claims of massive voter fraud in 2016, despite denials from within his own party.

    And his team has deployed his wife Melania in a media blitz to try to tamp down the furor over the allegations, with interviews airing late Monday on CNN and early Tuesday on Fox News.

    “Those words, they were offensive to me and they were inappropriate. And he apologized to me. And I accept his apology. And we are moving on,” Melania Trump told Fox, in an excerpt released by the network.

    Clinton leads Trump by 12 points, 50 percent to 38 percent, among likely voters nationwide in a four-way contest with third-party candidates, a Monmouth University poll showed.

    Meanwhile, a survey from Quinnipiac University had Clinton leading in several key swing states – Colorado, Florida and Pennsylvania – and tied with Trump in Ohio.

    A CNN poll puts Trump ahead by four points in Ohio, but gives Clinton a slight lead in battlegrounds North Carolina and Nevada.

    Her leads in key states correspond to her advantage of 6.4 percentage points in an average of recent national polls given by RealClearPolitics.


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    1. Clinton leads Trump by 12 points is inaccurate. It is the conspiracy of liberal media that influences the the minds of the voters. The other factors are the billionaires funding the campaign of Hilary and the mudslinging on the credibility of Trump about women. Trumps denies it. The sensible issues are the employment (The blacks and the Latinos have the highest unemployment during Obama’s term.), illegal immigration, weakening US military, performance of Hilary as secretary of state, trade, economy, excessive welfare and handouts, trade deficits, national debts, questionable clintons foundation deals exposed in the news and other nations losing respect to America.

      Just take a look. Every time Donald Trump has a rally, there are more crowds than Hilary’s campaign attendees. The silent voters of Trump have not been reached by the pollsters – the SILENT UNDECIDED VOTERS leaning towards Trump.

      President Andrew Jackson used to say, “The courage of one man makes a majority.” Donald is a fighting man against all odds. He could be the winner as President of the United States of America.