Trump capitalizes on Duterte’s anti-US rants


US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has spoken out on President Rodrigo Duterte’s series of anti-American tirades, with the real estate mogul seizing on the remarks to criticize the Obama administration’s foreign policy.

In an exclusive interview with the Reuters news agency, Trump said Obama was too focused on his golf game to take time to get along with other leaders.

“It’s a horrible thing that the United States is reduced to being thrown out of a country,” Trump told Reuters following Duterte’s repeated pronouncements of ending joint exercises and naval patrols between the US and Philippine militaries.

Trump also took note of Duterte’s bid to strengthen ties with China, with which the Philippines disputes the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

“He probably made a deal with China. Because he left for China and he’s dealing with China and Russia so he probably made a deal with China and Russia,” Trump said.

The Philippines, he pointed out “is one of the truly most important strategic locations anywhere in the world.
“People don’t realize how important strategically the Philippines are.”

In Beijing last week, Duterte announced his “separation” from the US in terms of economic and military cooperation, and later clarified that this meant a separation of foreign policy, not diplomatic ties.

Dueling rallies

Trump and rival Hillary Clinton staged dueling rallies Tuesday in crucial battleground Florida, with the Republican billionaire zeroing in on the Obamacare health overhaul as a job-killing, wallet-busting “monster.”

With just two weeks before the November 8 election, polls showed Democrat Clinton – who is vying to become America’s first female president – dominating nationally and looking for a resounding mandate to govern the bitterly divided country.

Early voting began in Florida on Monday, an urgent reminder that candidates have little time left to make their case in the country’s third most populous state, one with a wide mix of constituencies, including numerous retirees, Latinos and Bible Belt whites.

The Republican nominee, determined to ride out the controversies hobbling his campaign, made a pitch to Florida’s elderly voters by assailing a sharp rise in health insurance premiums expected next year under President Barack Obama’s signature health care reform.


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  1. the phil. president don’t want the philippines as another surrogate battle ground for super nations so he want good diplomatic relation on both side those promoting economic relation on either side a politcally neutral one. he does not want the region to be next middle east situation or the south china sea shipping lane like the strait of hormoz controlled lane for international shipping .it should be enough for china to guarantee for free and safe shipping lane for all international shipper regardless what side. regional island ownership should be settled purely by asian countries by themselves.

  2. All things being equal, Hilary is the obvious better choice to succeed Obama. American’s just won’t trust the affairs of government to someone like Trump.
    On the downside, you will see a continuation of a hawkish foreign policy that has repelled both allies and non-allies. Her Pivot-to-Asia strategy is a failure, with countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos and the Philippines swinging towards China. Even Japan and South Korea are now questioning why they should shoulder the cost of maintaining US troops in their respective countries.
    On economics, Hilary was the author of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is also a failure and which she was forced not to support.

  3. Trump is really smart ..Obama please just resign leave office early do us a favor before other Asian countries decide to leave us..Why could Obama read between the lines and make a public official apology to the people of the Philippines regarding war atrocities committed against the Filipino people and lift the Restrictions on VISA requirements..make it a Reciprocal Visa policy..these first two important steps should have been made.. but we have a novice in the office of America who was elected to lead with no experience whatsoever now we are paying the price all around the world..he leaves with a million dollar a year pension for life and Secret Service protection for life..we are left with his failures.

  4. I agree with Rufino’s opinion. Duterte is not mad at the American people, he is mad at the goverment (Obama, State Dept. ) where they can bully any 3rd world country to get what the US wants. The US has a election next month and Filipinos in the US should know the facts so they can vote the right candidate. Don’t vote just because of your immigration status and think that the Democrats will do their promise of a change of your status. Vote wisely.

  5. The Phil-Am voters are leaning towards Hilary. Clearly Hilary is the duplicate of Obama in terms of foreign relations and demeanor as a president of the United States. It makes sense for the Filipino-American electors to make a second thought about selecting the president of the United States. Since Donald Trump is the master of the “Art of the Deal” it is logical that the deal between the United States and the Philippines could be better settled if Donald Trump is the next President the U.S.A. The Filipino-American votes especially from the swinging States do matter a great deal. Lets keep the relationship between the USA and the Philippines in good shape. I think we must consider that the China and Russian factors are not yet tested. The fact that the president of the Philippines is clearly unpredictable brings no permanent assurance of his foreign policies. It will depend on the actual result within two-year time frame. It would be the Filipinos or the people power that will decide in the future the right allies of the country. I do not believe that Duterte will totally divorce the USA. His argument about the atrocities of the Americans during the Filipino-American war is nothing in magnitude to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; yet Japan and America are now great allies.

    • Yes and that’s the danger..when will the millennials rule Japan and say all American military troops out now..when will North Korea and South Korea finally unite and South Korea as a condition of unity say all American military out..this is the is undeniable nuclear war there is something neither nation could recover from in over 100 years so the choice and options are peace and unity…so this leaves America out of Asia the number one economy in the world will be China that is also undeniable..In America we elect Obamas’ those with no experience in leadership or foreign affairs or business or from military leadership and we wonder why our alliances are falling apart..they think in Capitalist terms but not in harmony with others and that create conflict..