Trump, Clinton say on way to lock up their parties’ nominations


NEW YORK CITY: Fresh from resounding wins in New York’s primaries, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump declared they were on the way to locking up their parties’ nominations, and turned Wednesday to the next critical round of presidential campaign contests. In her victory speech, the 68-year-old Clinton shifted her focus to the general election match-up with Republicans, extending an olive branch to Sanders supporters after a tense New York primary. “To all the people that supported Senator Sanders, I believe there’s much more that unites us than divides us,” said Clinton. Sanders, for his part, insisted that he would rebound in the upcoming primaries. “We think we have a path to victory,” the 74-year old Sanders told reporters. The self-declared democratic socialist planned to return to campaign trail Thursday, with stops in Pennsylvania, which plans to hold its vote on April 26 – the same date as elections in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island.


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