Trump denounces illegal immigrants as tensions flare


ANAHEIM, California: Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump stumped Wednesday in California, the US state with the largest Hispanic population, doubling down on his anti-immigration position but assuring that “Mexican people” will vote for him in November. The presumptive Republican nominee took the stage in Anaheim, outside Los Angeles, with police on high alert one day after violence marred a Trump rally in the southwestern state of New Mexico, where anti-Trump protesters hurled rocks and police fired smoke grenades in efforts to rein in the chaos. Dozens of security personnel, including police on horseback maintained control in Anaheim, although some skirmishes broke out between Trump opponents and his backers as protesters chanted expletives about the brash billionaire. At least eight people were arrested. Inside, Trump attacked his likely Democratic general election rival Hillary Clinton and railed against undocumented immigrants stealing US jobs. But he insisted legal immigrants would vote for him in large numbers, despite polls showing they would overwhelmingly favor Clinton.



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