Trump depicts United States of Armageddon, but do facts add up?


WASHINGTON, D.C.: To hear Donald Trump tell it, America is a sick, dystopian mess, mired in urban violence, terror threats and other woes that he and only he can fix. But a day after accepting the Republican nomination for president, Trump drew scorn on Friday for his creative or misleading use of facts to paint an ugly national portrait and scare people into voting for him in November. One of those weighing in to disagree with Trump was President Barack Obama, who said the billionaire real estate mogul’s gloomy vision and that of other Republicans at the convention this week “don’t jive with the facts.” The United States of Armageddon, as depicted by Trump, is a place where the homicide rate and deaths of police officers are soaring, tens of thousands of dangerous undocumented immigrants wander the streets and Americans are saddled by a dysfunctional economy and quitting the workforce by the millions.



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