Trump: ‘I am the law and order candidate’


WASHINGTON D.C.: Donald Trump proclaimed himself the “law and order candidate” Monday, emphasizing increased threats to police and declaring only he can keep Americans safe in a nation reeling from gun violence. “I am the law and order candidate,” the Republican party’s presumptive presidential nominee said in a speech in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The declaration, reminiscent of remarks made by former president Richard Nixon, came as Trump highlighted recent killings including the horrific shooting deaths of five Dallas officers in a gunman’s sniper-like assault. “The attack on our Dallas police is an attack on our country. Our whole nation is in mourning,” Trump said, as he pledged to “fight” for law enforcement personnel and ensure they have Washington’s full backing. “Without safety we have nothing.” Trump, who veered from his speech on veterans issues to discuss the violence, also stressed that he is the candidate of compassion. “But you can’t have true compassion without providing safety for the citizens of our country,” Trump said. The billionaire political neophyte’s reaction to the latest US events has been closely scrutinized in recent days.



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